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  1. Sounds like you are happy and also a gambler (I'm not). Dare I ask if you bought directly through X or a TA. Since all the perks you mentioned come from X , I don't see any from a TA. I am surprised that yougot 3 perks for just a 4 or 5 night cruise though. I assume you are not in a suite? Anyway a sweet deal (pun INTENDED).
  2. I respectfull disagree with MPK. Until this week I have found EVERY TA's OBC refundable. As I always tell my friends - unless yourTA is your brother, cousin or other relative, it pays to shop. IMHO you should ALWAYS get a quote and then use the "Compete" site to find others. I am not recommending a particular agency (not allowed here on CC) but you will get at least 7 or 8 quotes from established agencies and my guess is MOST will offer refundable credits in addition to the ones the cruise lines are offering which - of course - are always non-refundable.
  3. Woody. Watch those OBCs when booking on BoArd. For even a Balconyy 12 night you only get $50 now and usually deposit NOT refundable. It used to pay to book but no more, OBCs got small. I use the compete site and have 15 bids and choose one. I can usually get what X offers plus about $500 OBC on a $5000 balcony and even get PPd gratuities BTW RCI treats the Refundable OBCs different than X. Just one more "hoop".
  4. Denny: Just to clarify. The NOn-refundable one used first. THEN refundable. If any refundable still left - always for me. it will go back on the credit card X has on file. As to Woody's question - you ASK the TA before booking how much is nonrefundable and how much is refundable. Anythingfrom X (like taking the $300 OBC as a perk - or an on board booking OBC is always NOn-Refundable. MOST (but not all from a TA is refundable this as I said the major TA I checked with gives you the OBC but it's NOT refundable. Simple to ask Any agent BEFORE you put deposit down. They better know or find another TA. While here and discussing X - the NON-refundable OBC from X can be used at tables in the casino but can't be cashed in. You get special chips that you use and any wins are given to you in "cashable" chips. I usually have a $100 or so left in NON-refundable OBC and use for $100 in "marked" chips at the casino. I then find a regular gambler at one of my meals and offer them to the person at a 10% discount. They are gambling anyway and are usually happy to do it. So I lose $10 but don't need to spend the $100.
  5. On our last X cruiose the accounts on the TV screen showed the refundable and non refundable OBCs separate and any charges (like dinner) were charged FIRST to the non-refundableOBC.
  6. I just wanted to share I surprise I got yesterday. I always use the compete site to get quotes. As we all (should) know the price for a particular category on a particular ship on a particular sailing is always the same no matter the agency. And on X there perks are offered by X. But the difference is the OBC the TA gives you OVER what the cruise line does. EVERY agency I've used has always BOUGHT the credit from the cruise line and so it has been "refundable" if unused. (sometimes you need to request but always refundable). Since we often choose perks like PPD gratuities and Classic Drink Pkg - and never use ships shore excursions - we net the extra OBC to figure our cruise cost. Yesterday I got a quote from a MAJOR TA (can't give name) and learned the $650 OBC was not refundable. I then asked another of the 6 TAs who quoted me and they said they had same policy. It was an AGENCY policy. They are the only ones. So, even if they were giving me a higher OBC the fact that it was NON refundable lost them the booking. So advice when getting quotes. ALWAYS ask up front if it its a non-refundable or "refundable: OBC. Oh yeah. The BIG agency has fine print saying the non refundable OBC "cannot be use for gratuities or in the Casino".
  7. Thanks all. Ill stock with classic. But noticed on the summit list that quite a few reds exceed then$15. Max for even premium. But I'm really on the cruise for the destinations so things will be fine. Ibwascjust surprised that none of the mostvasked questions via Google us: where can I find the wine price list.
  8. I know but it gives me an idea of how many wines are $9 or under. Interesting that on the list above there are no MERLOTs. Good to see that not a lot of Calif ones. I did a google search on some reds and they sell for $8.99 to as high as $12.00 bottle on line. You can tell that X is not breaking the bank. MOST of my drinking is cappucino and lattes and I know I can get with skim milk at a bar or in dining room. The "Machine" in Captains club doesn't offer that. (and I can add liquor too with my Classic Bev Pkg) Also, unlike RCI the Captains Club HH is only till 7:30 and I sometimes want a drink at the show. But this does show me a sample of what's being offered and how many (or few) are covered in the Premium Beverage Package (See how many wines are between $9 and $15 - cap for Premium)
  9. This has to be the hardest info to discover. Celebrity only lists "examples" (Merlot, Cabernet, etc on their Beverage package flyer. I know the classic package is good for wines up to $9,00 glass. The prices are on the wine list for MDR and some bars, but I can't find a scan. It's a popular question and I'd REALLY appreciate it - others would too - if someone could scan it or take a jpg of it when on a Celebrity Ship.
  10. I can't believe how HARD it is to find a WINE LIST with prices from Celebrity. We are on the Reflection in October and I found this thread. So far I have not seen a scan of any menu with the wine (vineyard, country) given showing the prices so I can see which ones are $9/glass or under. I've only see the sales flyer that lists the "varietal" but that's it. I hope someone reading this will have the info soon. We are not connoisseurs and don't drink enough to upgrade the Classic package we got as a bonus. Thanks!
  11. Oh boy! We are boarding the Serenade next week for Arctic. And I just saw your post.Per his Linked in profile he JUST joined RCI in January 2019. At least our cruise is not dependent on the CD. Too cold for pool events and entertainment just so-so. I got the list. Thanks for heads up Casey
  12. Cinnbon - you might want to start with Trip Advisor (Cruise Critic's parent company) to look for local tours. Also www.toursbylocals.com. I'm one of those who is not anxious to have RCI take a large cut and have groups of 30 trying to tour together. I will tell you that the HOHO bus really filled one of our days. But that's just MY opinion. I like tourism money to stay "local"
  13. PAKathy: Where are you in suburb? I'm in Queen Village. Anyway, here is link to my Playlist of all 25 days including 2 days in St. Petersburg. We used All Tours and loved them. Our guide Alex was amazing. The buses had room too. If you put together your own group on Cruise Critic you might even get more room. And there is a Discount for Cruise Critic members. Contact Anya and mention me. DO NOT book through Viator or other site if using All. With Alla you only pay (with credit card) after the first day of tour (if on a 2 day tour). Hope this helps!
  14. Well we are retired and so the 12 days was perfect. If you go to my YT Channel and look at the playlist for the St. Persburg you will see Copenhagen, Tallin, Stockholm and Helsinki videos. In at leasdt two of those were used the HOHO bus which actually picks you up at port. We did not go to Berlin. I would have loved to. Was there in the 1980s.
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