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  1. On youtube I have seen the view expressed an advantage of cruising is that you can visit locations which are not accessible by other means of transport. Do you feel this is an important advantage of cruising and have you been somewhere you could only access by cruise ship.
  2. When I was in Helsinki and Oslo I saw cruise ships docked in ports right next to these cities which would give passengers direct access to these cities. If large cruise ships stop a fair distance from a destination , do cruise ships make provision eg do they provide transport, stop longer than ships which can dock closer to a destination.
  3. It has been said that an advantage of smaller ships is that they can go directly to ports whilst larger ships have to tender boats to get passengers to a port. Have you been on a ship that was so big it couldn't dock and tender was necessary to get passengers to a destination. Does tendering result in taking longer to get to a stop and reduces the amount of time available at a stop.
  4. Some people may assume that a ship with a large number of passengers will have issues with overcrowding and it is interesting to read this is not always the case. Has anyone been on a ship you felt was overcrowded.
  5. I imagine a crucial advantage for small ships is they can visit more places. Fred Olsen use this as a selling point. Cruise ships have been getting bigger and bigger in recent years but the bigger a ship is, the less places it can stop at.
  6. I have not cruised before and I was thinking of taking a cruise from the UK to Norway and the ship is described as a small ship. I would like to ask people who have cruised do you prefer large or small ships and what in your view are the advantages and disadvantages of large and small ships.
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