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  1. A change of ports on a cruise does not count as a trip interruption. The cruise is your trip and unless you were forced to abandon ship, you probably won't be covered, and you have no loss to reimburse anyway. Since you use insuremytrip and Nationwide TRAVEL insurance, you might consider getting Nationwide's CRUISE insurance which is also offered through insuremytrip. It pays a fixed amount (even without you having lost money) PER PERSON for missed ports that are announced once you are already on board ($100 - $250 depending on the level of policy you buy) or itinerary changes that are announced before you board ($500 - $1250 depending on policy level). And it covers excursion fees that are not refunded by the company. I consider it mandatory for cruising during hurricane season.
  2. I don't think they will switch your assigned rooms like that, but they will give you a separate keycard for the suite and the BF a keycard for the balcony. Your S&S will still show you in a balcony and him in a suite, but doesn't hurt to ask.
  3. Non refundable USUALLY just means you won't get your original form of payment back. Each rate code has different terms, so it is hard to tell you definitively without knowing your rate code. Call Carnival and ask to have your deposit changed to a future cruise credit and applied to your current booking.
  4. I have filed several cruise claims and future credits for cruise and airfare are not reimbursed by insurance. My insurance company actually has me still put that on the claim form then the explanation of benefits shows the fare as non payable because of previous reimbursement from the carrier. From what I have seen, if Carnival totally cancels the cruise, they have given a REFUND of your payment, whereas if they modify the cruise (shortened or whatever) and YOU decide to cancel, you get future cruise credit.
  5. I tried going to my local casino and play comparable to how I play on a cruise, and while they would give me a free buffet and several hundred in free play, none ever gets close to giving me three free cruises for 4 days of playing plus $500-1500 in free play on each one. I did get a 4-day hotel and food and show tickets to Vegas and tried the M perks and still never get close to a free cruise. Is there a particular casino I could try that would give better comps? I used to get cash all the time, but now it is mixed. Sometimes cash, sometimes fun chips. Same thing with contests/games. Sometimes fun chips, sometimes cash. I am pretty sure that Carnival started calling ALL <6 day Premier sailings Getaway. Looking at my currently offered Getaway sailings they are only 4 or 5 days. The Premier sailings are all 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15 days. The OPs pictures show he was certainly talking about a Getaway, which doesn't have all the same activities as a 6+ day Premier. Even my offers for those Getaways are far lower freeplay and only free interiors (compared to free balconies/suites) from Premier offers. Whatever they are called Evandbob is spot on. The Premiers have changed alot, maybe to differentiate between Getaways, Premiers, Ultras, and Elites when those new categories were added.
  6. When Irma went through Miami, we were notified 3 days in advance, then the day and the night before, then right after we boarded. As we were watching the hurricane center, Carnival was announcing almost as soon as the hurricane center issued updates. They really do try to notify you as soon as they know.
  7. Carnival AU doesn't charge like Carnival US. My offer for a free balcony + $1000 free play + $400 onboard credit resulted in a total charge to my credit card of $400 Australian dollars. Carnival US free offers itemize taxes and port charges, and gratuities are charged to the room account. Carnival AU just has a single line as Cruise: 200.00 per person that covers everything. Note that all dollar amounts are in Australian dollars. Also note that using a credit card in Australian sometimes incurs a processing fee (this is NOT the same as a foreign transaction fee which my credit card doesn't charge). So when the charge appeared on my credit card statement, it came as $287.10 ($143.55 per person x 2 people) and two $14.20 processing fee charges for a total of $315.50 USD. Oh, and check out the points guy website for good strategies on maximizing points for those Asian markets. They have VERY expensive flights (especially $7000-$15000 business/first class tickets) that can be made very reasonable with smart points transfers. I found "cheap" $900 economy tickets, but was able to get first class tickets for this 22 hour trip for $1,100 in points using his suggestions. Using points for hotel and airfare, plus the "free" cruise is making this a very inexpensive 2 week trip from Ohio to Australia. So far just $315.50 out of pocket.
  8. Carnival actually used to have onboard sales, but that was years ago. I would say there is no chance the price will go down later, and the only discount on wi-fi now is getting the pre-cruise price, which you can get on the day before. Agreed. Use a VPN, with plenty of free ones available. A few sites like CNET and PCMag do reviews of best pay and free VPNs to help you pick one. As an additional note, Windows 10 laptops have a built in mobile hotspot feature (do Internet search for how to set it up). If you need to use more than one device (up to 8 devices) at the same time, they can just share a single connection.
  9. Well, there are pretty much two hotel areas close to the airport with easy highway access. Semorran Blvd. with reasonable rates being about $75-80 a night (depending on time of year) like Courtyard by Marriott Orlando Airport, and McCoy Road about $50-75 like Best Western. I can't think of any that have a layout as you describe. Everything pretty much is one or two buildings. You may have to provide more details of anything you can remember about the place.
  10. To add to what JohninDC said, if you find a good rate but a one-way fee makes it bad, try going through your airline's car rental service or other travel agency (Costco, Walmart, your credit card, booking dot com, amex travel, etc.) as they SOMETIMES waive one-way fees even when the rental company itself doesn't AND have the same or lower rates.
  11. Don't most places charge a fee to use a card? Is it only certain places or pretty much everywhere?
  12. Went on Carnival's tour last year. Some food was good, some wasn't. Highlight for me was the "fruit market." She had a seasoned smoky salt they passed around to put on your fruit. We bought several bags for $1 and use it on everything but fruit. We bought seasoned salt from several other stores, but nothing is like her's. One good that came from that tour was we went outside the gates in search of sauces and found a little stall not far to the left of the gate. Tried all the samples and found some really good sauces, especially the Belizean BBQ sauce that my family goes through so quickly. That place in turn showed us a little food shack about a block from the gate that had a line of locals. They had really good food...far better than anything on the tour. Every stop in Belize now includes a restock of sauces and a trip to the food shack.
  13. Depends on your previous booking promotion. Just call Carnival, assuming you booked directly with them, and ask. Working with your PVP is even better. I have been able to switch rate codes even with restrictive bookings before.
  14. What luggage tags? Oh...I see... VIFP Club luggage tag set (presented once at Diamond level) Guess I better ask where those are.
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