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  1. I think of it as you only need a passport in an emergency, like you miss the ship for some reason (late, arrested, hospital, etc.) and need to fly out. Copies are worthless when you need a passport. With that in mind, I would rather not have the added worry of getting an emergency passport on top of whatever problem caused me to need it. Especially the times when we took one of my kid's friends, I couldn't imagine the nightmare of trying to get an emergency passport. They weren't allowed to go without a passport. So, passport works as ID everywhere and can keep a bad situation from being worse.
  2. We did the canal partial transit last year twice. It was difficult to sit and watch the whole thing for that many hours at a time. So, we watched the entrance on the first trip, and the exit on the second trip. It was interesting from way up top, but I went to the casino on the exit of the first trip and it was just crazy looking on a lower level to see how close and big the walls were. Head down to the promenade while in the locks and try not to reach out and touch the walls like a little kid! 😄
  3. True it isn't a cocktail party. At the steakhouse bar, they offered a choice of 2 drinks mimosas or orange juice. We just stood there and drank them while they continued to talk and answer questions. But on our tour there was a bartender there who made a shirley temple for one kid and poured the other a Coke. Like most things from ship to ship, I guess it can be pretty random.
  4. You can view points from slots and other machines right on the machine. For table games, you have to ask. Just know they are separate, so 1000 on slots and 500 on tables will not get a card.
  5. Do go to brunch in the MDR on sea days. It is the only time you will see those unique menu items. The flatiron steak is our goto if nothing at dinner seems appealing. The carved meats are usually good. And try some of those weird salads on the buffet. We ignored that some seemed so unlikely to taste edible and just tried a single taste. We found two that were so good we took pictures so we could make them at home. I eat the meatballs from the meatball sub at the deli.
  6. When we traveled with our kids and brought cases of soda, we packed a luggage cart like this in our luggage and used it while boarding. Then put it back in the luggage when done. It weighs 4 pounds because we got the sturdier one knowing we had 5 cases. Your cooler may just be a tad bit bigger, but that rule is so stuff will fit through the scanner. If yours doesn't fit, you have to leave it.
  7. She can get any non-alcoholic drink they have at the bar. The OJ is from concentrate. I will say with almost certainty they will not give a credit towards drinks from the coffee shop.
  8. We have used cabin phone, our cell phones, and the phone at guest services to call a US land line. All are as clear as my home phone. Carnival to my knowledge has no way for someone to call your cabin phone or even the ship directly. Your cell phone will work to send and receive if your plan allows. Call your carrier to make sure your phone is set up and maybe buy one of the packages that cost less per minute.
  9. I said Carnival does at Diamond in response to, "wish Carnival gave a free Steakhouse dinner to its loyal customers!" But your explanation is much better, thank you. My sister works for NCL corporate and offers me lots good deals. Maybe once I retire I will give them a go.
  10. You have to be out of the room by 8:30am. You can leave stuff on hangers but pack everything else in your luggage. Tell your steward you are on a B2B and he/she will bring a luggage cart and put your stuff on and take it to your next room. That next room steward will put it in your new room, but be aware the door will be open while it is being cleaned, so careful with your valuables.
  11. If you end up with different rooms and you don't have priority boarding, you can expect your room will NOT be ready early. The steward for your second room won't have your room on the list for priority, so can't be expected to get it ready early. So, FTTF would have your room early. IF you get a room near your first room and have the same steward, it is possible they could do it for you but you'd have to ask. I will add that you can check with your VIP Planner and ask if they have a reduced deposit available for the second leg so you can secure the same room, although those normally have non-refundable deposits should you end up not taking it.
  12. Carnival does but not until Diamond level.
  13. I remember it well. It was last month. But maybe a little reminder would help them. Have you ever thrust out your lap and said, "Missed a spot!" 😄
  14. I will tell about my experience with Nationwide Cruise insurance. Note, this is their "Cruise" insurance and not the travel insurance. It specifically covers getting you to your cruise, whether the beginning of the cruise or if you miss the ship during a port stop. We had a cruise out of Miami scheduled for Sept 2 when Hurricane Irma took aim at Miami. My Southwest Sept 2 flight to Atlanta on to FLL was cancelled and Southwest let me rebook any available flight for no additional cost. Carnival announced the ship would stay at sea until Sept 5 when the storm was forecast to pass. My new Sept 5 flight through Charleston was then cancelled because of threat to the east coast. Southwest gave me a full refund as a future credit, but all flights to Florida were cancelled. I searched every site and eventually found a single American Air flight to Miami on Sept 5, but only 2 first class seats were available. We booked it (even though the insurance stated it would only pay for flights of equal class or less) and that flight through Atlanta was suspended because the Atlanta airport closed while the storm moved through there. It did eventually open in time for the flight to leave on time. On the connection in Atlanta, there were HUNDREDS of people on standby for that one flight since it was the only one not cancelled. Boy did we feel bad for those people trying to return home. We made it to Miami only to have Carnival announce the ship couldn't make it to port until Sept 6 because the channel had sunken boats that had to be removed. Power was still out in much of the city and streets near the port were flooded, but we found an expensive hotel near the port that had power. We took a taxi there, walked to a restaurant to eat when pretty much everything was closed down. Took an Uber to the port next morning to catch the ship. During all this Carnival had announced the ship wouldn't go to Miami at all and would detour to Cozumel to let people off and just head back for the Sept 9 cruise. We ALMOST flew to Cozumel to meet the ship. I will add in here we were hell bent on making it to the ship because we had a B2B on the Sept 9 cruise, otherwise we probably we have cancelled that 7 day cruise, since it was now only a 3 day. Another big thing was the insurance pays $1,250 if the itinerary is changed before boarding and another $250 if the itinerary is changed after. Carnival did say the ship would still do the final stop in Cozumel as scheduled, but once on board changed it to Nassau. So my insurance claim included all expenses even those I knew weren't covered because the form asked those be shown. Paid: -$1,250 per person for pre-change of itinerary, and $250 per person for post-change of itinerary -Reimbursed the first class tickets even though Southwest had issued a full refund as a future fare credit -Reimbursed the hotel, taxis, Uber, and restaurant including tips -Reimbursed a non-refundable pre-paid excursion through a 3rd party -Reimbursed taxes and exchange fees on the pre-paid rental Denied: -Southwest flight because it was already refunded as a credit -Carnival cruise fare because Carnival pro-rated refund the missed days and fees/taxes -Pre-paid excursions that Carnival refunded -Pre-paid rental car (Sept 2 FLL to MIA) that I paid for with rewards points because no points transactions of any kind are covered The claim checks came exactly 3 weeks after filing. P.S. I will also note that the Nationwide rep walked me through how to word everything and how to put it on the two separate forms (one for trip delay and one for trip interruption). Super customer service from their Tampa office that was also hit by the storm.
  15. They would certainly give you a refund, but it in theory could come in the form of a future cruise voucher. Using a credit card offers coverage. But does travel insurance? When that big hurricane damaged the eastern Carib islands and came through Miami, Southwest canceled my flight and issued a travel credit for a future ticket. My insurance didn't refund my money because I had already been reimbursed. I did end up finding and buying a first-class ticket and they did reimburse me for that, even though the policy says it will only pay for the same class of ticket. I did explain on the form that it was the only flight available and only first class was available. I also found out they would not reimburse stuff bought with points, even if those points have a money value. So, if I use reward points to pay for a prepaid non-refundable rental car, they won't reimburse it.
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