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  1. We didn't begin cruising until 2010 after our flying days ended, so she's the only Adonia I know. We would have liked the old Adonia then, as we like Oceana. Avril
  2. We were on Adonia in 2015. A beautiful small ship. She's Azamara Pursuit now and moored up in Glasgow at the moment. Avril
  3. Mine's been a real downer of a day. Stuck inside all day because of the rain and then Frank decided to cheer things up by breaking my expensive glass kettle😣. Oh joy. Roll on tomorrow. Avril
  4. If they're in front of your eyes mercury, a trip to Durham is in order I think👓. Or maybe you should take up Morse Code as a hobby😆 Avril
  5. That's because the FCC included an extra 25% as a sweetener. There's always a catch. If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Avril
  6. Thank you Doreen. I'll add that to my list. You never know. Avril
  7. O800 052 3840 0345 355 5111 Try the 0800 one first. My friend had problems with 0345 yesterday even phoning at 9.15. Good luck Avril
  8. Unbelievable 😂. He can't have attended many American history classes. Avril
  9. Or Ontario Canada. There's one in Queens land Australia as well. Long way to go for an eye test though 👓😆 Avril
  10. I was a constant source of embarrassment to my father who use to race bicycles in his youth. My two sisters were fine, but me, No chance. Avril
  11. In that case mercury, you can't spell. You're two -'s short you wrote P--- when it should have been P-----. 😁 Avril
  12. It could encourage your girls if you were to cycle with them. You could always borrow their stabilisers if needed😊. I've never been able to ride a bike. I don't know why. I've tried and tried but could never do it. It could be a sense of balance problem , or maybe I'm just naturally dizzy😏 Avril
  13. I was impressed with the price as well. It'll probably have gone way up by the time we go to book it. Sods law really. I can only hope. Avril
  14. I know, but if you look at the top of the railings were the sun hits them they're the same colour. I did just look at the picture without taking it all in. We'll that's my story and I'm sticking to it😁. I'll stop digging now, the hole's big enough😉 Avril
  15. In that case someone needs to see a doctor, 😂 unless that's your name for lager?😉 Avril
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