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  1. It will take a little time because you'll see him eveywhere but soon when you go into your kitchen you'll remember him with a smile. We had a beautiful Border Collie, Gemma, and when I left the house she would lay at the front door and wait for me. As she got older and wasn't so sprightly I would rattle the keys to give her time to move away from the door. After she died I still used to do it out of habit and it would upset me, but later It made me smile. It will get better I promise. Please keep posting Vamps, because reading between the lines it seems as if you need to talk. Take care
  2. Me neither but I still have all my own teeth (5 fillings) and a post filling on a front tooth Avril.
  3. I remember them all too well. Terrified the life out of me. Gave me a fear of the dentists for years. Avril
  4. Come on Jean keep up, or has KnowItAll finally got to you😄 Avril
  5. Hence the bunch of daffs😊 Avril
  6. Roger's mostly ok now and sometimes his posts make sense, but KTS is arrogant, reckless and, uncaring about the harmful theories he spreads. You don't think that KTS is the CC name of Donald Tr....... no can't be. Can it ?? 🤔 Avril
  7. That might be of interest to KTS. He's all for natural remedies. Could need a big bunch though considering........😁 Avril
  8. If you truly believe what's said about the vaccines in the US papers, then it doesn't matter at all what anyone else does. Avril
  9. I understand vamps, I really do. I know it was a hard decision and one that I've had to make too, but you know it was the right thing to do for him. Please take care and know that it will get easier. x Avril
  10. When my first great grandchild was was born I said ''David, I'm a great-grandma'' ''I know '' he said ''you always have been'' I've never forgotten that. I suppose it's because we have more time now than when we were parents ourselves, and had much more to do in the day to day running of a home, work and family. We can now concentrate wholly on our grandchildren and great-grandchildren and have already learnt from our past parenting mistakes. I loved being a Mum, but there's nothing quite like being a Grandma, Nanan and Grammy😊 Avril
  11. It's seems as though you've lost your dog. I'm so sorry. Avril
  12. Didn't you have your vaccination in the arm like the rest of us then?😇 Avril
  13. Oh, I don't if that's such a good idea Jean. Medically speaking it's good for you to have really good laugh now and again. Laughter relieves stress and increases the immune cells. All good things regarding covid😊 Avril
  14. My grandaughter, 28 years old and a nurse on a covid ward, contacted it during the first lockdown. her husband and two children were fine. Did I read somewhere that the scientists thought that there were different strains of this virus? Maybe some of us have a natural immunity to it, who knows? It's a new virus and we're all still learning as we go along. They've come a long way 9/10 months already. We just have to do our bit and take care. Avril
  15. It's a strange day for me today. David, our grandson, has finally found a flat in the next village and is in moving in today. I'm so pleased for him, but sad to see him go. He's lived with us for almost 20 years and it will be quiet without him. His mum and younger brother are still here, but Dave is the life and soul of the party and can always bring a smile to my face. On the positive side though, I'm not losing a grandson, I'm gaining the other half of my fridge/freezer😃, and he's only 4 miles away. Yep, strange day. Avril
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