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  1. That's my perfect cruise, minus the footie though. Sorry🙁. Avril
  2. A good lasting marriage is a partnership. Frank handed me his wage packet(remember those😉) when we were first married, and when I asked what it was for, he told me he was useless dealing with money, so that was my job, and I've been the accountant etc ever since. As you say say Harry, play to our strengths. Avril
  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum Purdey, my sincere condolences to you and your family. I'm pleased you managed a little respite and a chance to recharge before the next busy time begins. I understand how you are feeling and I'm pleased you heeded my advice, I hope it helped a little. Could I please give you one more piece fo advice? Delegate. My thoughts are with you.x Avril
  4. If I say 'You can stuff the octopus bro!' would you take umbrage or suggest sage & onion or chestnut?😆 Sis
  5. You upset no-one. You only have to look at the numbers that 'liked' (agreed with really) my post. Take no noticed, he/she likes to ruffle a few feathers now and again I've noticed. Avril
  6. It looks like an obstacle course. Not what I would want in a leisurely amble. Good for practicing your Salsa moves though. Avril
  7. A very Happy 20th Anniversary Damian and Michelle🥂. Avril
  8. ???? You must have read a different post to me🤫 Avril
  9. Morning bro. Everything still alright in your adopted land? Although I'm grateful for you and your 'friends' kind offer, I'm afraid I must unfortunately decline. Apart from the issues regarding the exporting of fish, 🐙 from the EU to the UK there is also the problem of storage once here, so thanks, but no thanks (I'm no sucker)😉 On the other hand, the arrangment for delivery of a some calamari rings from your local restaurant would be worth a squid or two😁 Take care bro Sis
  10. 😲!! You just keep your hands to yourself young man🤣😉 Avril
  11. I'm not a fussy eater, and can make do when I have to. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's managed to come through a couple of recessions and keep a family well fed, but I would draw the line boiled octopus😬 Avril
  12. I really do hope not Andrew. In this rapid march towards dragging the style of cruising towards the more glamourous party loving set, Aurora and Arcadia are all that P&O have left now in the more quieter laid back cruising style. We are gradually becoming superfluous dinosaurs. Avril
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