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  1. It sounds ridiculous. If you think about it, all ships are big. No matter how big the ship is it still remains big. I have no idea what is behind of such decision. If it was me in the management, I would rather sell all the smaller ships and take those large ones. They are way more profitable
  2. Diversity during cruising is very important. It would be super boring if cruising was only about cruising. I mean sometimes you want to have some action both on aboard and outside the board of the ship. Go somewhere, stay somewhere for a night and then return back to your favorite ship
  3. I read it on some forum lately, it seems to me that instead of just staying in ports and paying fees they decided to keep cruising from SF to LA and back. I wonder how long they will be doing that. In any case, oil is quite cheap this days
  4. It was super hot today, and I heard on the news that viruses die when its hot. I will hope that this is true and manage to leave my local area at last. Tired of sitting at home, cant wait to start cruising again
  5. Are there like special cabins for those who has a service dog? Do they offer dog food on board? I have never actually thought of that. I wonder how dogs are feeling on board the ship and whether they have fellow dogs to play with there
  6. My brother just received his results concerning the COVID-19 thing. He had problmes bearthing but fortunatly it turned out he is alright and its a regular flue. In any case, if you have any similar symptoms do like my brother, please go and check yourself for the virus. You never know how your body will react to it and whether you will be able to survive Wish everyone to be healthy guys !
  7. Nice offers, even though I haven't received them I will certainly check them out. One of the things that I was willing for a long time was to manage a cruise and cover like all the possible places of interest. At least in 1-2 days. Wish everyone an optimistic next week and hope everyone will start making plans very soon
  8. Usually all those special deals are not adjustable and I am not sure whether you will be able to change it or adjust it in any way. But I will agree with Kats, if its something that you are willing to pay additionally it should be allowed. I doubt they want to lose these easy money
  9. Vaccine will not make you worry at all cause no matter where you go and what you do, if you fall ill you will know that there is an antidote that will help you recover. In this matter its always better to know and understand that there is a vaccine around
  10. The usual double cabins are fine to fit three people at once I mean generally they are equipped so that two people and a kid could share one cabin. Not sure about single once thought, they seem to be too small for me anyway even if I decide to cruise all by myself
  11. As I said it earlier, we were aiming at Christmas, but now I am afraid of going anywhere.. especially on Christmas. The worst case scenario would be falling ill with Covid on New Years. No thank you. I would rather stay here in New Jersey, watching boring TV news and just play table top games with my family
  12. I doubt that any of big companies will go bankrupt. The only way out for them is to merge their company with their other daughter companies or even some other bigger companies. An ordinary traveler will notice any changes but the company itself will go though some drastic management redesigns.. well, we will have to live and see it with our own eyes
  13. There was a research proving that its a fake about virus hitting only elderly people. My Uncle was carrying COVID without a single symptom and he is 70. I doubt that you will believe me but if you read the internet and look closer at the statistics you will notice that about 50% of the new cases are young people under 30 years of age
  14. I doubt Europeans and American have learned anything. You will see that after the government announces that everything is over people will forget in a moment all the precautions and will start acting fool again. Its sad but this is how people are. I wish we will get wiser some day.. or at least our kids
  15. Europe is so diverse, I doubt you will find many countries agreeing on this type of regulations which will bring you to one maximum two countries that you will be able to visit. Its a hard topic to discuss really. I would rush going anywhere at the moment. Things are way to complicated and there was no compromise among EU states so far
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