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  1. All the western countries did the same basically. I doubt the situation will change in any way in a near future. All we can hope for right now if for massive vaccination or some kind of medicine to fight the disease. There is no other way we can fight it
  2. I can bet that more people died of other factors than of Covid, in my opinion the threat of a regular flue named covid 19 is over exaggerated. People are the ones who are responsible for their safety. Wash your hands, avoid massive groups of people, try to visit your doctor more often and you should be just fine
  3. I doubt they will ease the measures. Maybe in the suburbs and the rest of the UK but not in the major cities or London for example. In any case some other minor restrictions will remain because there was no sign of the pandemic going down
  4. Well, these news are great. I am glad that people are coming back to work. I dont mind how the work will be organized these days but as long as people are out there doing something and getting money for it - it means everything is started coming to normal
  5. Yeah, its always about the weather. We always dress up according to a weather outside, so its better to have a few types of clothing for such an occasion. Usually I always carry a coat with me just in case
  6. The hospitals are totally full with patients and dead people. Doctors cant catch up with the current rising number of patients. No matter what news are out there, you can go and visit a hospital to decide yourself. The situation is very complicated right now
  7. Cruise industry is literally in a very big trouble at the moment. Unless something extraordinary happens, we can speak of its recovery next year, otherwise - I wouldn't really hope for anything special right now. I would say that its even dangerous right now to book anything
  8. I dont really follow the stocks and stuff but I doubt there is any significant movement at the moment. One of the problems is that may major players have left the market already and there isnt really anything intresting to be catching
  9. I would always go for a cabin with a balcony. I dont see a legit reason to choose a regular cabin. I mean you want to have a fresh air in your cabin everyday and make sure the sun hits it from time to time. Moreover, its always fun to watch the see with a drink on a balcony
  10. SilverSea will have a few cruises this year but that is all. These cruises will be very short most likely and I doubt they will have that many people on board.. I even doubt that anyone is willing to board their ships at the moment
  11. In most countries, Spring is like one of those seasons when there are lots of viruses pop up. Moreover, its a period before summer when there may be many changes in terms of navigation. I would be on a watch out
  12. I really hope that your excursions will be there by the time you start your trip. Unfortunately, some restrictions may apply at some very inappropriate time. Moreover, the groups might be limited and some places may be closed for a quarantine
  13. I am not a smoker but I dont remember seeing anyone smoking on board. Maybere there were some special cabins for smokers jjust like in airports but in any case, I think that a person's right to smoke shall be respected as long as he or she does not harm people around
  14. Cunard will be doing alright. Currently the demand is super high and I am sure it wont take long for Conurd to make up for all its losses and be back on track again. Moreover, I am sure they have spent this time working out some new plans for 21-22 so I am sure they are doing alright.. or will be doing alright in a long run
  15. Deluxe drink packages are a waste of money in my opinion. You wouldnt drink that much anyway and having this cheap welcome drink is such a waste. I would rather go to the bar and spend 50-100 bucks but I will drink some nice cocktails and drinks the ship may offer
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