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  1. But why cant you give it to him directly? I mean if we talk about tips I always try to catch the guy and give him/her a few $. I always appreciate other people's work, especially when it comes to my service. I hope everyone could be generious these days
  2. Taking care of yourself is very important these days. Its good that there are people still around you care about you and who can always motivate you to take a better care of yourself. I wish all mothers in the world health
  3. I hate doing or participating in all these casino type events. Its not because I am way to unlucky person, it hurts my brain that I have to deal with this stuff instead of having fun with something real
  4. If you have purchased it as a US citizen or while you were in the US (or used a local credit card), you should have already recieved a notification unless something else has happend or was changed
  5. I never followed the schedule. To me it is all way too cofusing. Usually when I purchase a cruise, I just check on the date a month prior to departure to make sure that everything is going fine
  6. I was thinking about all this year straight lol. I don't really care what ship or company to go with as long as I do go somewhere =D. But again, I dont want to go on some cheap cruise, I want to have an ocean cruise that will take some 7-10 days of my life
  7. I hate all those cheap excursions tah you can do it yourself. And usually they dont even refund you in case something happens. If I were you, I would rather purchase them on spot and avoid any unconditional situations
  8. I think it is possible as the cruise is short and I am sure many people are willing to take for a short vacation and I doubt they will cancel it due to any reason. I think its more of a problem of big cruises
  9. Usually this is more than enough. Last time I had to take two PCR tests just to leave the airport. Its insane how far the restrictions have gone. I hope we manage to overcome it soon
  10. Yeah, I am sure those cruises would have been great. Last year I wanted to cruise to South Asia and enjoy magnificent hotels and beaches but now I am stuck under rain in a city of like a village population. Maybe I make it next year as this one has passed me already
  11. Try not to pay attention to those people. They don't worth your time and patience. When I come along and see such people I try to avoid them even if it costs me some discomfort. My time is more valuable
  12. Usually, if they say that its squeezed and it costs 4$, they squeeze right in front of you. If you didnt see the entire process of squezzeeing I highly doubt that its a fresh juice. I wouldnt pay that much
  13. Well, Autumn is here and rains are falling all day long. Its hard to predict when it will all end but all I know is that I am about to catch a flue. I hate this season with all my heart. In any case, I hope all of you guys have a great time wherever you are
  14. I doubt it will work as some countries have their ow strict restrictions even in regard of vaccinated tourists. I mean, in general, if you think about it - if you are vaccinated - it doesnt mean that you cant infect other people and carry the virus. Moreover, some vaccines are banned in Europe or not yet allowed.
  15. I am not really into sea foods but the grill, especially the sea grill has always got me hyped. I mean, its not a thing that you can eat everyday, and especially when you cruise in the sea, what can be better than some nice sea grill?
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