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  1. Best deal for 2021 will pop up somewhere during summer. I expect these deals to be available for booking very soon. In any case, the best thing to do at the moment is to monitor both the market and the news. There might be a good deal on the market, but some bad news on TV.. or the other way around. In order to find the best cruise available, these two have to match. Good news and good deal =D ... unless you want to lose your money and time of cource. As far as Viking goes, I havent heard anything about giving good deals to its passangers lately. Maybe I am wrong?
  2. I think its a right thing to do. People are upset with the situation and their trip is ruined and noone gives a d. about their current situation.If you still ca apply for a refund you better do it now. I dont understand people who keep on waiting till good times.. guys! live your life here and now. Save money now to have a cruise of your dream later. This is how I see it. You may disagree with me or not. Its your life
  3. Well, I am not rushing at all. We canceled our Alaska tour not that long ago and now we are just saving for 2021. Trust me, there will be good deals pretty soon. We are planning on catching such a deal and enjoy our cruise next year. Those of you who has laready cancelled their cruises, please dont rush. You will have plenty of time to decide on the cruise you and save enough money to enjoy with your family. If you plan to cancel, dont hesitate and cancel as soon as possible. Its better to be with cash at the moment
  4. I am glad they raeched the port. Hope everyone is doing alright. I am tired of reading all those posts about people being stuck on board, getting sick and etc. These days I only witness bad news and stories on the streets and on TV. All this cruisers should be parked already and wait till the situation cools down. I only hope it wont last long. The desire to start travelling again is very big
  5. I am sure that 2021 will be the year of cruising cause the damand will be sky high. These people are saving money and next year they will be looking for a place to spend them. Those who had their cruises canceled will go cruising as soon as its available again. Especially with all those fantastic deals for 2021 - people will go insane. 2021 will be the year of cruise industry. Keep your pockets safe
  6. People will keep on booking their 2021 cruises, believe me. 2021 will be the year of cruising that is for sure. The damnd will be the highest in the history of the industry. People will be willing even to overpay in some cases just to go on a cruise. This histeria at the moment is a temporary. Right when things settle down (like they did in China already) the demand will be back and you will feel bad for not booking your 2021 cruise =D
  7. Fester, thank you very much for the review. Very comprehensive and detailed. I liked you note about the balcony. I think for the most people travelling with family, the balcony is a must. We always use it as a place to dry things. Veery rarely we stay there to chill. Also its good when you need some fresh air. In any case, I see you had a great trip. Post such review every time you travel. They are very helpfull
  8. I am still surprised these Alaska cruises are so popular. Whats so special about them? Are they cheap or something? In order to get a nice Alaska cruise you need to travel to CA or Canada and I am not even sure if the west coast of Canada got any ports. In any case, hope these cruises are good and safe. These is all that matters at the moment. Guys, those who travelled, tell us more about those Alaska cruises. Thank you
  9. I cant say that I am a veteran cruiser but if you plan to cancel your cruise, do it. Dont expect people to give you a wrothy piece of advice. If you cancel before hand you can expect to get around 90% (without vat). Also, you may be offered to transfer these money into a gift card, credit points or to make a deposit for a future cruise with their company. There are many cancelation options available these. Pick the one fits you the best
  10. As long as the economy does not suffer maybe such restrictions can be applied for some time. As long as my consitutionla rights are not violated they can make any restrictions they want. I hope it wont grow into a total pandemia and we will be able to safely leave our homes and play with kids. Moreover, this doctor has his own perception of the situation. His views are very medical while we see the situation.. as we see it. Will see how it goes
  11. Ok, so today I saw a few police cars cruising by my house. I heard from neighbours that some of our neighbours just got back from a cruise or a trip or smth. They were told to stay at home and I think the police is making sure that they are staying at home. As far as the rest of the situation goes, everything seems just fine at the moment. I wonder how long more it will last. Kinda tired sitting at home. Need to send kids to school and start working again.
  12. Fiji closed itslef like a week or two ago. Its understandable. I cant imagine how devastating the pandemic would be there if it every occurs. It should be protected by any means. If it means closing it for awhile so be it. I dont understand people who are behaving themselves as if they are in control of the situation. Cancel your cruises and travel somewhere else after getting a refund. The only problem I have with Fiji is that people who already there probably cannot leave the island.. I mean the tourists. This problem should be solved somehow as soon as possible
  13. Never heard of it.. any whould someone request such a refund? I mean all the clauses are listed in the contract when you sign it. If its not there, its not there. Wasting time to get a few bucks back from those port fees and etc its a time waster. Trust me. Even if you manage somehow to actually earn this refund it will take forever to actually get the cash. If I were you, I wouldnt bother. Let it go. Time worths more than money.. especially money that counts a few bucks
  14. Its hard to tell wether its good news or bad. But it certainly good that people do pay attention and take all measures to prevent others from falling ill. People who are on board should also be aware that their cruise may not end at port and that it may take some time before they reach their homes. Its hard times guys, please be ready for any circumstances. Your life and life of others depends on it. Take the matter seriosly. PLEASE
  15. The situation escalted quickly in China and lasted for about 3 months. By mid summer I expect the US to cool down and start working things out just like China. I mean of cource I understand that we are nothing compared to China in terms of social responsibility and strict, very strict legeslations (communist) but due to our technological advancement and patriotism we should fight it off in a short time 😄
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