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  1. The Saga requirement makes it clear that the crew and staff on board will only be vaccinated "when possible". So on the initial cruises, seems only the paying passengers will be vaccinated - and only those who have received both doses, with the 2nd dose at least 14 days prior to sailing. Which is why testing, masks, social distancing etc., will all still be in place.
  2. One thing with Saga, (unless they have changed it), is that you have not immediately entered into a contract when you pay the deposit - they give you 14 days from the day you receive the paperwork before the binding contract starts.
  3. Saga say that they brought in the revised terms/condition of sailing after a survey of 2,000 customers resulted in 98% saying this is what they wanted. Did they not include people who have already booked cruises for 2021? I would have thought that if they were going to change the existing terms, people with confirmed bookings should have been the first people to ask.
  4. Local GPs have started here as a collective, using a Salvation Army Hall. It is like a smoothly running conveyor belt - in - jab - wait - out. But I am gutted - I read ALL the conspiracy theories. DH had his first Pfizer jab yesterday morning, and we STILL can't get 5G, no matter how much I twiddle his ears.🙄
  5. No. Look beyond the headlines and it is only the paying passengers. Crew and staff will be vaccinated "when possible" - so certainly the initial sailings will have a very high number of unvaccinated people on board. It will not be normal cruising anyway - masks, social distancing, testing - all will still continue.
  6. That is my understanding - people who booked prior to January are entitled to rebook or take a full refund, and there is no obligation to prove whether you have been unable to be vaccinated, or have decided against being vaccinated (although I will have the jab(s), I can understand why some people are wary and prefer to wait a year or so). For new bookings, they have updated their terms and conditions to include mandatory vaccinations for all cruises departing 2021 and 2022, plus anyone who declines to provide proof, answer the questions, or undergo the covid test prior to boarding will b
  7. Saga, and maybe later Fred Olsen, are able to do this because they do not cater for youngsters. I cannot see that they are "leading the way" for all cruise lines, much as they would like us to think that. Making vaccinations mandatory for all passengers on all cruise lines would immediately mean that families with under-18s, and those who are medically unable to have the vaccines currently available, would not be able to cruise, which is probably not the intention of family-oriented cruise lines.
  8. I believe the CEO actually said that it was something that was being looked at and discussed, which got turned into a definitive statement "must be vaccinated" by the media. Attached link from Euronews. https://www.euronews.com/2020/11/24/international-travellers-could-soon-require-covid-19-vaccination-qantas-chief-says
  9. Hate to say this, but the vaccination requirement is in addition to the social distancing and mask wearing (unless exempt) requirements.
  10. This has been widely reported, yet the Quantas website (updated 15th January 2021) makes NO mention of mandatory vaccination at all, either on the main page or in the Coronavirus update section (nothing that I can find, anyway). While countries can stipulate specific vaccines to be able to enter, it is going to be very difficult for any business which caters for all ages, including young children, to start insisting on this.
  11. Wonder if GPs will now start getting telephone calls, "I MUST have my vaccination, I am booked on a cruise...". And then on board, passenger arguments about "Why do I have to wear a mask, I've been vaccinated?" Then one of the numerous un-vaccinated crew/entertainers/guest entertainers/media representatives tests positive and everybody ends up back in quarantine.
  12. 100% of paying passengers. Initially, not crew or entertainers. Expect the Inaugural cruise (and probably a few after that) to have a lot of media on board - I very much doubt they will all be vaccinated.
  13. Yet on Saga holidays (i.e, anything except an ocean cruise) although the same age group applies, you can simply self-declare that you have been vaccinated, and those who are exempt from being vaccinated can still travel. The "reduced numbers" are very close to the capacity they reach under normal sailing conditions. Sailing at just over 80% of maximum capacity is not much of a reduction.
  14. They specify that the 2nd jab must have been at least 14 days before embarking, and proof must be shown. Going by the pace of the rollout round here, there'll be a lot of empty cabins. Interestingly, the holidays page (i.e, everything except ocean cruises) only needs a self declaration, no proof, and people who are exempt from having the vaccination (?) can still go on holiday with Saga - but not on an ocean cruise.
  15. Do we really think that the ships will be sailing in May, or even early June? I think the Inaugural 4th May is going to have a lot of space on board.. Maybe this has been pushed out because of the trading statement due on 26th Jan - they need to keep their shareholders happy about progress being made to resume sailing. I looked at Saga website (updated today) and loved the bit in FAQ about if your (included transport) driver tests positive after they have dropped you off you may still end up in quarantine. The pace of rollout in a lot of areas indicates that the lower age g
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