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  1. Nope! US, good to know though! I wish I had a more interesting answer lol the rep I spoke to said "yeah that happens sometimes" and said it looked like the same flight was available at the same price so to just book it again haha no explanation for why, she said she would make a note on the booking in case it happens again, sorry to disappoint!
  2. I was catching up on work today and didn't have a chance but am planning to call them tomorrow morning. FB/Twitter support both said they didn't have access to flight booking information.
  3. That's what it sounds like according to this:
  4. Thanks! We started getting into traveling a few years ago and have done just about everything except a cruise, but it looks like we picked the wrong year to try one out lol Yes it was through Fly2theFun, thanks for the advice. Good question, just checked and not seeing it anywhere on Carnival, when I put the record locator into AA the ticket comes back as cancelled.
  5. We're booked on the Carnival Dream (Galveston, TX) embarking on 8/17. I noticed today while checking prices that the date was no longer appearing; then I got a notification from AA that my flight booked through Carnival had been cancelled. As far as I can tell, that flight is still operating so I think Carnival probably cancelled the flight either because the cruise will be cancelled, or there will be an itinerary change that necessitates a new flight time. Anyone else have insight?
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