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  1. My 19 April cruise cancelled 30 March and I got my Cheers refund middle of May. A few days later I got my excursions refunded. I still did not get port fees/taxes refunded the last time I checked. I haven't decided about FCC vs. refund for cruise yet.
  2. I would argue that the right to peacefully assemble includes socializing. The constitution was written to limit the government, not the people. The same amendment (I) of the constitution that acknowledges the right to assemble and petition the government for grievances is the same one that prohibits the government from denying the free exercise of religion. Finding it hard to understand how government has been able to rationalize the different responses.
  3. Holy Cow, those are expensive! They don't have any + strengths either. I got my +3.0 at Amazon for $50. They work great, took them diving to just over 100 feet multiple times. I saw ones for nearsighted (the negative (-) strengths) for about the same but can't attest to the quality.
  4. I believe this is the sentence Dinglebert was referring to when commenting about your assumptions. People may have voted with different assumptions since the question does not state "part time". I voted No but later said that my vote would change depending on the actual rules (would only wear one for embarkation/debarkation - I don't do elevators anyway so doesn't matter for me there). At least I think it was this thread, they should merge the two RCI mask threads!
  5. I thought the non medical masks were for protecting others, not yourself?
  6. Lower strength would have been better stated! They have 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 as well. You can also get it different for each eye but that may take longer (though seems we have time!). From my experience with increasing hyperopia for decades, those lower strengths will help to see in that mid range without affecting your other distance vision by much. Sometimes it takes a bit of adjustment. Folks are pretty good about answering any questions you may have on Amazon.
  7. That doesn't sound like a relaxing vacation if I'm constantly worrying about mask handling. Effectiveness aside, cruising is not essential. If you are high risk or worried then you shouldn't go on a cruise (or restaurant, or beach...). I won't cruise if I have to wear a mask outside of embarkation/debarkation. I'll only wear one then if I am required to.
  8. Are you only snorkeling or are you diving? For snorkeling I would say it doesn't matter too much. I probably have a stronger rx for hyperopia than you (+3.0) and have no problems with snorkeling but I find that without an rx I was having a hard time reading the gauges for diving. I bought an over the counter mask at Amazon ($50) that works great. They have lower settings that should not affect your distance vision too much. You should be able to find it with this search at Amazon: Scuba Black Dive Mask FARSIGHTED Prescription RX Optical Full Lenses. See if anyone has your issues or you can ask a question if not.
  9. Thanks, that's good to know. I haven't really explored the whole spa experience. Might have to do that next time. 🤞
  10. I guess I'm weird too! I love a body massage but cannot stand having my face massaged. I was really surprised how unpleasant it was to me. WRT to spa services, I can get nice massages here at home so focus on getting out in the sun and water. I wouldn't mind a sauna/steam though. Are they really expensive to use?
  11. It’s one thing to wear a mask at a grocery store, pharmacy, etc. Those are places that may be necessary for a vulnerable person to be. Plus, you don’t wear it for long periods at a time and shouldn’t have a need to take your mask off and on multiple times. If you are vulnerable, or nervous, then you should not be at the beach, restaurant, or on a cruise. If you have a family member that’s vulnerable then you and your family member will have to decide whether you will be able to see each other before a quarantine period if the non-vulnerable person ventures out into the world.
  12. Yes, why have they done that!? Not just there, can't get heavy cream for my coffee. I only have one cup a day but I can't enjoy it without heavy cream. Wondering if I would be allowed to bring my own on? In response to the OP, I really miss Guy's Burgers and escargot. Just don't see escargot that often when not on a cruise ship!
  13. I wonder where Gen X is? Many Gen X'ers' kids have grown up so wouldn't fit with Families. Also curious if it is different for other cruise lines.
  14. I wonder, though, if asymptomatic folks have a lower viral load so less likely to spread it. Would be interesting to know the stats on that. If that were the case, if they had regular temperature screenings maybe that would catch folks as the viral load gets higher. They could use those thermal cameras to be less invasive (after the initial individual screenings to get on board).
  15. There are other contagious illnesses that temperature screening could prevent getting on board as well. Even if it’s only a reduction of the number with contagious diseases, that would help. Particularly those illnesses that require a high viral load.
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