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  1. $3,000 deposit on a cruise 2 years out? All I can say is "have you learned NOTHING from the last 3 months?"
  2. Flatbush, you are without a doubt the most reliably consistent 100% pro Oceania cheerleader on Cruise Critic. One has to wonder.....meanwhile....still no refund here.
  3. I am afraid the industry will simply tell you to buy travel insurance. $1400 for my wife and I - 12% of our total cruise fare. It was even more expensive if we had purchased it through Oceania. It's probably the most expensive type of insurance you can buy...and the premiums will undoubtedly be climbing after this pandemic. I hate to sound pessimistic, but I was a Risk Manager....I didn't get paid to worry about the things that go right!
  4. Anything can be litigated. Many courts have held waiving your rights to participate in a class action as illegal. What matters is money.....Oceania has our money and they owe us. They did not provide any goods or services for the money paid to them. We are unsecured creditors of the cruise line. NCL getting the $2B in new equity and financing does NOT mean they are going to use it to pay existing unsecured creditors (return of cruise deposits). Should they do so to preserve customer good will? Of course. But until anyone sees the loan agreement you have no idea what the exact terms of the new
  5. Quite serious.....I haven't received any refunds from Oceania yet - there's your damages. Did I say I was going to initiate a class action suit right now? Of course I didn't. Might they happen? You betcha. (BTW, many courts don't view requirements to waive one's rights very favorably.) This is a contractual issue....as of now, Oceania is in violation of the contract between the two of us. I'm not, they are.
  6. Just wondering when the class action lawsuits will commence. Even though the ticket contract states that cruisers waive their right to file class action lawsuits, I doubt this is enforceable. For one thing, the ticket contract says nothing about taking 90 days to pay a refund. I abhor litigation....but the longer customers wait for money they need....the higher the risk that litigation will ensue, it it hasn't already. This has nothing to do with cruise line loyalty, etc....its business.
  7. These are all invalid comparisons. With respect to travel, deposits in fact CAN, and SHOULD be held against a specific purchase. In fact, in many industries deposits are required to be accounted for separately and cannot be taken into income until the service is actually performed. These cruise lines are borderline bankrupt and are having trouble paying back deposits precisely because they "apparently" have converted deposits. One poster some months ago said the cruise industry was required by law to segregate deposits......I have no idea if this is true. If it is, there should be no problem i
  8. Yes, I am. But I can say with conviction I am not a TA or Cruise Line employee....and I will.
  9. I doubt I will ever cruise again after this experience.....but if I do, the industry is going to have to change the way it accounts for pre-payments/deposits. There must be third party escrow management.....that is a dead solid certainty. The risk of conversion - using one's deposit to pay other current expenses - MUST be eliminated. That is a minimum requirement for me to cruise.
  10. As I surmised.....TA's and Cruise Line employees can in fact post to the boards and simply not identity themselves as such. This is why I remain so sketpical of much of what I read on the boards. Much of it, frankly, sounds like excessive and over arching defense of cruise lines taking FOREVER to "process" refunds. Folks, it ain't that hard to do! Taking 90 days to process refunds is "funny business" and simply unbelievable. Now I can sit back and wait for the apologists to weigh in......
  11. Yes, as I stated in my post...there are rules for their participation - I never said there weren't. But I see nothing that says TA's or Cruise Line Employees must identify themselves as such. Please let me know if I am incorrect on this point. My comment has nothing to do with thier limitations of advertising, etc. - I could care less. What I am interested in is knowing which posts might well be biased..for obvious reasons.
  12. I started this board thread....now 60 days after my initial refund for monies paid to Oceania for tours, etc. Still waiting........ Note: Cruise Critic encourages TA's and even employees of the cruise lines to participate in these boards....read the rules....no problem. However, where I believe Cruise Critic falls short is that there is no requirement that TA's and Cruise Line Employees specifically identify themselves to other board members as "biased" posters. There are some that are easily identified....never, ever a negative word about cruising....pretty easy to spot. Cruise C
  13. The US Bankruptcy code prohibits any payments to anyone within 2 weeks of a filing. If no payments are made to Oceania to anyone for 14 days then you can pretty much be assured they are preparing to file bankruptcy. I started this thread and received payment of my cruise cost by claim against Travelex Insurance due to a death in the family. They paid one week AFTER I wrote to their VP of Claims. Travelex is owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet). Still waiting on excursion refunds, etc. from Oceania which I have no belief will be paid.
  14. Our TA says 90 days......not 4-6 weeks. I think that seems to be what most people are posting as well. 90 days.
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