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  1. I went into tui store yesterday afternoon and discussed booking an alternative to my cancelled sailing on discovery and they encouraged me to rebook then and there (or loose £400 'incentive'), when i asked them to hold it for 24 so I could speak to my other half they said I can book any time until 31st March and get the incentive. No mention what so ever about marella cancelling everything! But I did get my refund processed
  2. yep, they were supposed to be docking in Singapore tonight or tomorrow morning (heard different things!) hopefully they havent been denied entry and are just delayed
  3. 'Discoverys current sailing' is now officially cancelled on Tui website. I seriously object to them saying they are in contact with all those affected! I know now is not a time to be moaning about wordings but they certainly haven't been in contact with me. Although from what I have seen, those currently aboard are mostly relatively happy and trying to enjoy what they can of the holiday before they come home.
  4. It really is huge isn't it!? never thought i would see all cruises stopped but i can really see it happening in the coming weeks. what i dont understand is why the panic about cruises? i mean i understand that viruses can spread easily on them, but they can on a plane too and very few countries are closing airports. maybe it is about the media coverage because all the coverage about cruise ships is about how xxx got off and then got diagnosed and now people on board might get it too. you dont hear that xxx got off a plane recently and others on that plane might get i
  5. Yes, the Tui German cruise website says they have cancelled upto Dubai for their equivalent cruise but currently the sailing from Dubai to Crete is expected to take place. It seems the diligent Germans were working yesterday and the lazy UK side of the business wanted the weekend off 🙄 i just hope they will do the right thing as soon as they start work this morning!
  6. I will be waiting for my call from my local Tui store today. i told them to speak to head office when they open and let me know, so we will see. I see on facebook that people currently on board have been on for 5 days and not stopped anywhere, they are currently bobbing near Singapore, same as they were yesterday. It seems as though this morning the Captain announced that the cruise is cancelled and they are trying to arrange to fly passengers home this week (don't know where from, presumably Singapore). I expect Tui will announce this morning that all Discovery itinera
  7. they will likely have catastrophe insurance, so the insurance company may be involved in whether or not they cancel and entire set of itineraries as that is likely to trigger a catastrophe whereas cancelling one or 2 sailings probably wouldn't trigger insurance. catastrophe insurance would payout on anything over e.g. £10m (i work in insurance, but not in this field so i don't know anything for sure but that would be my guess)
  8. they might be allowed to send the current people home from there? who knows! if not, they will have to charter a flight from any port they can get the people off at i guess. i can still see ships in some of the 'closed ports' on the tracker
  9. Neither can I, previous outbreaks the world wasn't so connected as it is now! They must have no choice but to cancel now, but i feel for the poor people on board now who may be going nowhere. i saw a post on Facebook say their parents are on board (didn't specify which ship) but said they have 10/14 days at sea because ports are closed and crew don't know whats going on either.
  10. Just seen on the cruise critic page of closed ports that malaysia is closed to cruise ships; "Malaysia: The country has closed its cruise ports to cruise ships following a decision taken by the Health Ministry and Transport Ministry." Any idea what this means for Discovery? we were due to board in Langkawi on 26th March but I've already asked my local store to call me tomorrow once they speak to head office and am now working on the assumption my cruise will be cancelled 😪
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