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  1. Thanks! I finally heard back from my parents. They said they were too busy having fun to text us haha 🙂
  2. I appreciate the update. Ugh feel so bad for you guys onboard but full refund is good news (and expected). Fingers crossed the person just has a throat infection and not COVID-19 so everyone can enjoy the rest of the cruise.
  3. Thanks for checking! Next time I'll install a GPS tracker on their phone 😉
  4. They bought a SIM card with data. We normally communicate via Messenger or Whatsapp...but still haven't heard from them yet. I guess i shouldn't worry since the ship seems to be doing fine!
  5. Sorry, newbie mistake! I didn't realize there were roll call threads. I already found some that are helpful 🙂
  6. Just wondering if anyone is currently on the Jewel (or know of anyone on the ship). It set sail on March 9 from Dubai. My parents are supposed to be on it right now but I haven't heard from them (they are usually responsive and they promised to text me when they get on the ship). I read on a different forum and some media outlets that Dubai closed its ports to all cruise ships. But i also read from another source that the ports are open...and the Dubai/Oman 7 day itinerary just changed a bit (not stopping in Oman). But I'm not sure how reliable those sources are. I tried calling R
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