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  1. And who would go on a cruise like that? And who would pay to be under such conditions? I guess they think someone would.
  2. I didnt specify to where the sailings would be, but it does have to be a Celebrity sailing.
  3. When I see rates of covid begin to significantly come down, I will be much more optimistic.
  4. Just cant imagine any cruise line still being viable if they dont sail in 2021.
  5. I was going to do a tally, but with changes and additions it is too hard to do. So when celebrity actually sails their first cruise, wherever that might be, the person that has chosen the closest date, without going over is the winner. They will need to speak up. The rest of us, will check and congratulate them. The prize you ask? A free cruise of course, but not sure who will give it to them or to where. 😀
  6. Very difficult indeed to make any kind of prediction. Just as I begin to have some hope, it is dashed again, when I see covid on the rise. Without US getting a grip on this, we will not be sailing in the near or far future.
  7. Is this announcement of 90 days instead of 120 on the O website anywhere. We have 2 cruises booked with O but have not gotten any letter.
  8. Oh please dont remove it. I am planning to tally things up in a while.
  9. off my own topic but want to ask ... no crowds, social distancing, but protests are allowed...can anyone explain that one to me... I think the sharp rise in covid is not from beach goers, it is from protesters, the age 20 to 29 seems to confirm that... anyone agree with that, or enlighten me why you think I am wrong..
  10. So what happened to placing a bet on when you will be cruising? At some point I will go through this and make a tally. Would have been good to do this in survey form.
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