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  1. Yes a nickname...I have given up on it...but thank you for the suggestion...
  2. come on over to the roll call, it has been started, Jan 18, 2023 Patagonia/Glaciers. We have moved over to O, after many cruises with Celeb and a few Viking Ocean. Still have one Viking and one Celebrity, but they will probably be cancelled. Come on over to the roll call and we can chat.
  3. we have an 08/15 and waiting for it to be cancelled any day now...
  4. Yes, I agree to do this trip, we would have to go to BA two days ahead, pay the deviation, have peace of mind, see the sights, relax and board the ship ready for the adventure. It is really a break to talk about something uplifting instead of the gloom and doom of the past year and the continuation into this year. Of course I am keeping in mind to be grateful that we are able to look to the future.
  5. Yes I think starboard is the way to go. Will be booking the most mid ship balcony.
  6. Which side of the ship would you recommend? Port or Starboard? Sailing south from Buenos Aires around horn, north to Santiago, Chile.
  7. I have been mulling this cruise over and for all kinds of reasons, almost decided to let it go...but this has reignited my interest again. .... how wonderful to be able to sail with 8 other couples...you are fortunate....in our circle, no one is interested in cruising , many have bought RVs, summer homes, all kinds of other getaways... would make it much easier to travel with others.... leaving my email in case anyone wishes to say anything that they dont want in print here.... johthomas100z@gmail.com
  8. yes I hear you..... when already spending such an amount, whats another several hundred dollars...for deviation, for hotels, for food..for taxis...etc...better make it another couple of thousand .....and then there is the issue of adding more days to an already long cruise.....
  9. All comments about this itinerary are appreciated. I think we will book it. Some say final pay is in 150 days, will try and augment that. Have not been to Buenos Aires and would have to come in earlier to be there. Think we will skip it, arrive on the day of sailing, although lots of amazing things to see, the cemeteries are works of art. I also know it is taboo to not get to a destination ahead of time. But this is already a 20 day trip, thats enough time away from work. The long flights really bother me. And who knows what it will be like to fly that length o
  10. The itinerary we are considering is 20 days in January of 2023. Love sea days, love all the activities Oceania has to offer. Ice refers to the Glaciers.
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