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  1. Trying to get recommendations for ground transportation from Houston to Galveston port. cant understand why no response. Are we the only ones who need to get from IAH to Galveston for a cruise. is there a closer airport that we missed?
  2. Do you think Thanksgiving & Xmas sailings will see lower then normal capacity if young children 2-11 are not fully vaccinated?
  3. Looking to see what others have paid for round trip transport to & from IAH to Cruise port? Any recommendations? we have 7 people going in Dec Xmas day on Vista and returning 31st.
  4. Gambling, Hookers & Bourbon, not necessarily in that order.
  5. BTW, once you book with a TA, the cruise line will only deal with YOUR Agent. This is a contractual agreement cruise lines have with TA’s. Your agent is your proxy, advocate and owner of the booking. Best of luck
  6. Cruising is not that important. Staying healthy is. Do what is within your comfort zone.
  7. I perfectly understand that human nature takes over, and caring people such as the OP have good intentions. However, I would never get into a personal conversation with anyone I don't know well enough to to consider friend. Even though service jobs are usually extremely labor intensive, I believe the only help that truly matters is $$$ and a written compliment sent to the cruise line.
  8. That Florida law is BULL💩. And since the Bahamian govt. is not controlled by the U.S. they can do what they want. The Bahamian govt is extremely powerful since the cruise line private islands are mostly owned by them. They pretty much have the cruise lines by the 🎾🏀⚽️⚾️🏐. Not to mention the several hundred million dollar investment underway to revamp the Nassau dock into a state of the art world class facility. So, private industry will do what the US govt cant. Is to force more people to get the vax. And soon enough, kids 2-11 will allowed to be vax as well.
  9. There are conflicting posts on this board about people canceling vs. changing booking. im looking for the best strategy to use when i cancel my Madri Gras cruise fir this weekend. some have posted Carnival allowing only to rebook for a later sail date. While others claim without having insurance, they received a full refund. How are so e folks getting a refund if they choose to cancel last minute? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Does anyone know when this video may have been taken. Im confused because I thought the last Cruise ships disembarked paying guests about 2 weeks ago. This video shows people on passenger balconies. They do not appear to be crew as i noticed a couple of kids on deck as well. please advise. Im very interested https://youtu.be/Ks6w39ZXNOA
  11. I was wondering, to keep the cruise industry going, do you think USA costal cruises will happen. Like NY to Las Vegas or Midwest to California coastline? States like Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Kansas would really benefit from interior US To coastline cruises. What do you think, Because where else can they go if other countries wont let them dock? Thanks
  12. Becoming a TA now? Unless your a sadist I would not advise that. The prep for a colonoscopy would be more enjoyable. At least with the Colonoscopy prep you are only cleaned out from the inside, and everything goes down the drain over a few hours, not slowly over time.
  13. Assuming TA cruises are sailing again. Taking a 1 YO. Who will be going through teething, crying & fevers is completely unfair to both the child and the people on either side. Longer cruises typically attract older clients. You will get lets of snickers and jeers and crooked looks from your fellow passengers. I truly believe taking any child under the age of two that has not been fully immunized into a closed environment where too many people are is close quarters is a recipe for disaster. Even putting aside our current C-19 virus pandemic for a moment. it’s just not worth it. I have three kids myself. And we waited to cruise and don't regret that decision one bit. then it was 5-7 day cruises. Would not start on a 14 day cruise plus the extra time traveling to and from an international port on long haul international flights. Bye...
  14. You wont see a cruise ship leave out of NY or NJ until 2021 at minimum. Its the epicenter of this country’s outbreak. Why increase any chances. However, if the airlines are not flying at normal capacity. That will break the back of the cruise industry as well. time to go back to charter fishing off the keys Again.
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