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  1. Following up as I recently received a response from HAL: "Thank you for reaching out. We’re happy to report that the ordering feature is one that we are currently working on and hope to have implemented in the near future. In regards to the request to chat with Guest Services, currently we have a “contact us” section that allows you to send a message to Guest Services, but it does not allow them to respond to you via the app yet. We have discussed this within the company and are still working on how this would operationally work. So although we haven’t started working on it yet, w
  2. Shot off an email, asking for the best strategy for a Deaf person to place room service calls if this is not possible by texting. See what they come up with! (Rather than complain which got me nowhere but kind friends in Ocean Bar, but it wasn't fun when I was sick and just wanted an order of chicken soup and tea).
  3. Thank you all for your input. Shame about it being passenger-to-passenger only... hmm *returns to the drawing board*
  4. Good choices! Although both of them are old enough to be my parents - ha! I'd go with Anne Hathaway (closer in age, and we can pass for siblings/cousins). Specifically the Princess Diaries era.
  5. Thought of another one. On a ship with a sizable number of Deaf folks. I'm on Deck 4 of the atrium, looking down at the bar area at the foot of the glass elevators. A Deaf person on Deck 1 looks up, and signs "Hey! Love you!" Confused, I thought they were talking to me. I signed back, "Uh... love you too?" Nonplussed, the person waved the air as if to erase what they said, "no, no, not you - I'm talking to my wife! She's two decks above you!" He pointed to a spot above me. I craned my neck and looked up. Sure enough, the wife was signing down to her husba
  6. It's an art form! Have tons of those stories about Deaf/hearing interactions (including on ship too). My favorite ones are when the crew/staff try to kick us out ( er, make that "shuffle us along") of a venue because they needed to close down for the night - but the "Deaf Goodbye" is LONG, and can last for an hour or more. Ie a group of us in a closed-off venue (reserved for happy hour for us - so I guess it is dining related? We had snacks?) and they were trying to shoo us out without being too rude/obvious. Problem? Every time they'd tell one knot to "please exit ven
  7. I'm thrilled to see that the Navigator app has been redone with the option to chat via shipboard texting (something that was missing and sorely needed on my 2017 crossing on the Nieuw Amsterdam). Hopefully that means no more schlepping myself to the Ocean Bar (one deck down from my cabin) to place room service orders? (The in-cabin TTY as part of the ADA kit didn't work, because nobody at Guest Services answered - my guess, nobody turned on the TTY there either, if there was one available). Hence the schlepping around. My question - does the texting app only apply for passenger-to
  8. On a Carnival sailing where we had a group of 30 or so Deaf passengers and six ASL interpreters, a few of us went to the evening show. Knowing how the crowd would snag seats early, the interpreters went even earlier to reserve a group of seats near the front, on one side so we could have good sight-lines of the interpreters when the show started. One woman ignored the "reserved for Deaf" paper signs on the seats and parked herself in the middle of the front row of reserved seats. Deaf folks showed up, and many people will attest to the fact that we are HIGHY visible due to our fly
  9. This was several years ago on a Carnival ship, with a group of 30 Deaf and signers (ie ASL interpreters off-duty, family members, CODAs, etc). We were seated in the dining room, split amongst several tables. 12 of us sat at one window-side table, another 8 across two four-person tables across the main aisle, and another 12 at the table next to the first. Anyone familiar with the Deaf community will understand how conversations are not kept to individual tables, but rather, cross over (as we as signers have the benefit of not needing to shout to be heard across the room). Not being
  10. Found this old post, but cannot respond to that as it has been archived, so this is my next option! Trying to order the photos in the right order, but alas the photos are not showing up. I'm trying to remember the order of the paintings as shown on (the front?) the stairwell of the Nieuw Amsterdam. Hopefully someone can match the right photo to the missing ones in the link: Nieuw Amsterdam paintings by Captain Card. I do have two snapshots I took, but unfortunately the others didn't turn out well. (I'm updating my journal and wanted accuracy in the details,
  11. I saw recently on the book of the faces, that HAL updated its Navigator app, and that it now includes shipboard texting! So excited about that (and glad they listened to feedback from me and probably others for the need of one). My question is: Can one text Guest Services or the room service department? (ie can I text someone "Please bring me tea and cookies to stateroom XXXX?" Or is that still somewhere in the future? What have your experiences been with the texting part on the app?
  12. Loving the colors of the dining room - very Deaf (and low-vision) friendly! Less backlighting from the windows (too much contrast between dark walls and bright windows makes it hard to see signing hands, especially if the friend sits in front of a window, thus the "shadow" is seen - even harder for folks with low vision like me due to RP.). I showed the picture to a few friends (all Deaf) and they exclaimed on how brightly lit it was and how excellent sight lines will be for conversing across the room in sign language! I may have to visit this ship (despite the inferior promenade deck without
  13. Nowadays, it's easy to recognize the QM2 (nobody else looks like her), and then "general" line (ie I can recognize a HAL/Cunard/Disney ship from afar due to the colors of hull/superstructure and funnels). I remember standing on a beach (Cocoa Beach maybe?) in Florida and looking out into the distance. Saw and recognized either the Disney Magic or Wonder right away (hard to miss the Mickey Mouse funnels plus their unique color palette with red, white, black ship colors and yellow lifeboats), followed by two cruise resorts on barges, no idea which line they were with as (short) funn
  14. Correct - they are a yeasty sweet bread/donut roll with a custard filling with bits of fruit (varies, clementines, apricot, etc) with a streusel topping. Best served hot right off the baking tray when they come in from the kitchens. Very light and fluffy, too easy to eat 10 of them! Downed with coffee or orange juice served, especially when they open the bow of the ship and set up a "tent" with the buns and drinks. Nothing better than standing at the railing at 5:30am with a bun in one hand and coffee in the other hand, waiting for the canal to appear in front of you while the sun rises on the
  15. I think ShipGeeks was referring to a response to a post in "Ask a Cruise Question" about great cruise and vacation memories. This is my post about the Panama canal crossing. Allocating more time to read then!
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