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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! We loved Verona, and wished we could have stayed longer. If we get a chance to return, I too will visit the Museo. Robin
  2. I haven't forgotten you, and have been researching like crazy, but have yet to find anything! I'm sure our Uniworld Tour Guide told us about it, but that was in 2013. I'll keep searching, but would be interested to hear if Verona's TI gets back to you. Robin
  3. Yes, you are correct! Here is a full picture of the bridge, and a link to its history. It was a sweltering 90+ degrees the day we visited Verona. https://verona.com/en/verona/ponte-pietra/ You're up next, AnhaltER1960.
  4. You are in the correct country. AFAIK, there is only one river that hosts river cruises.
  5. Name the river, city and what this is. First one gets to post the next pic. This is an excursion city, as a hint.
  6. Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg. Rhine Cruise. Robin
  7. As predicted.....Pfizer has now stated that its vaccine can be stored at more "standard" temperatures. They will be presenting their data to the FDA to get the official recommendation. I feel for those who invested thousands in ultra cold storage. Robin
  8. We have cruised on Avalon once and Uniworld four times. Most of the river cruise lines will include at least once excursion at each stop. Some offer choices, some offer a morning and afternoon one, on some lines they are all included in the price, on others there is a fee. We have done a mix. The QuietVox system does reach quite far, and I am one who wanders and takes photos. Most walking tours only last a couple of hours, so there is time to "do your own thing." If you want a river cruise without included excursions, look at Amadeus or Teeming. Unlike ocean cruises, river cruise itinera
  9. I am fascinated by the split level cabin. RiverCruiseAdvisor sailed in that cabin and posted a lot of pics. It doesn't look possible to see out the window while in bed, but the seating area next to the window is very nice. Robin
  10. Vaccines are often studied in the lab at crazy conditions, and over a more "normal" investigative period, do additional trials under more standard storage conditions. There simply hasn't been time to do this. But, I agree about the hassle. When I completed my application to be a vaccinating site, I told them I didn't have the capacity (nor did I plan to purchase an ultra cold unit) for the Pfizer product. Robin
  11. We were afraid ours might be canceled due to the snow we have gotten this week, but roads were clear by yesterday morning. A little achy and foggy this morning, but none of the side effects that some have reported after the 2nd dose, thankfully. Good luck with yours! Robin
  12. Vaccine #2 received today! Neither snow or ice were going to stop us. Robin
  13. While doctors' offices don't have the ultra-cold storage, any office who gives routine vaccines has a freezer capable of storing the Moderna. Primary care practices have been BEGGING to be sent vaccine. We are the medical homes, we know how to manage vaccines. But, our pleas are falling on deaf ears. Robin
  14. Yes, Cesky Krumlov, while on a Danube cruise. My goal wasn't to make it difficult, just scenic😁 Moving on to CA's picture! Robin
  15. I'll take the wild card. This is a common excursion. Name the city and river you would venture from
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