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  1. Just decide if it is worth it to you. Definitely a personal decision. A better deal on shorter cruises. What would you use?
  2. Why are about 2/3 of the posts on the RC boards off topic posts attacking others?
  3. Agree with tour thoughts. I see the biggest issue with travel to say Athens or St. Maartin is the rules are changing daily. Today an antigen test, tomorrow proof of full vaccination and tomorrow people who have visited certain countries are banned from entering. New year - lots less stressful Two comments - Level 4 suggests using caution and masking for those fully vaccinated. Big issues is whether travel policies will cover. My old policy from 2020 excludes travel to Level 4 countries. The other is Antarctica. There interestingly have been researchers who were infected. Not s
  4. No. Just 2-3' rolling ocean. Others did get seasick. Have a grandson who got seasick on this only cruise before we were out of the Seattle harbor. Every person and the weather each day is different.
  5. Sofie - about an hour for me to get to Mexico. Stopped going for RX for DW because could get locally either using store $4 pharmacy list or GoodRX app. For those complaining about the list. Conditions in most other countries are different from the US. Vaccine mostly non existent in some 60 countries. Covid rampant in many - India and Brazil for example - with medical facilities limited. Then you have travel restrictions. Leave the Schengen countries (Switzerland and France for example have no border controls. treated as a single country for borders) and there are travel restrict
  6. Looked it about 20 level 4 countries this morning. Almost all were dealing with very high Covid numbers and there are restrictions for people visiting, local lockdowns and likely quarantine issues returning to your home country. Cannot see anything directed at the cruise industry. As said, given a few months and things likely will improve.
  7. We really have no idea until we see the list. There are dozens of island nations that are banning travel and have pretty much avoided the virus. Are those closed nations on a do not travel list? Also things change quickly. Arizona was probably worst for new cases last summer, but today numbers are under 500 a day with many of those corrections to prior months. The problem today in the US as cases are not coming down and in Arizona we have more vaccine than demand. Too many are afraid or refusing to be vaccinated to get this mess stopped. The other issue is travel. Europe hopefu
  8. Not exactly sure what you are trying to say. America is a challenge partly because of our freedom of thought. If told to line up we ask why. Other cultures follow directions almost without any thought. The Covid virus has become infinitely worse because of international travel as the virus mutates. While I agree we could have cruises to and from US ports limited to Americans; travel to multiple countries with passengers from all over the World makes for more Covid variants and infections. And not necessarily on board. The airports, airplanes and travel provide multiple opportunities
  9. The difference is that keeping a secret today with instant information and social media is absolutely impossible. One side or the other will scream it to the masses. Too easy to leak info anonymously. Again am sure some believe the conspiracy stuff.
  10. There has not been a conference in many decades. When I looked it up the WHO seems to have taken over those responsibilities. Some sort of passport will definitely be needed for facilitating international travel. The EU can certainly adopt their own, but hard to imagine airports if those from outside the EU were required to have a negative COVID test on arrival. Would be chaos. I can also see the info being voluntarily attached to a passport or other document. For those who object - they could do a test or stay in their country of residence depending on requirements of each country.
  11. Why do you think it is curious? Seems reading the international editions of a couple papers that they are trying to come up with an electronic means to verify vaccination similar to the old yellow card I still have. Seems logical. Even more logical would be if people could add vaccination details to their drivers license or passport on a voluntary basis. Not hard to set up a website portal to input the data. Easily read by border personnel. Yes, one could enter fake data; but spot checks would make doing that not a good idea - Arizona spot checks about 1% of auto registrations requiring
  12. There are two sticking points to opening. Many areas are still on the middle of huge Covid numbers and travel outside the US as very limited. The second is getting port agreements to accept all sick passengers is difficult to impossible. For example ALASKA has about 160 ICU beds in the entire state according to Johns Hopkins database. How many in Ketchikan? The on board protocols are pretty straight forward. Sure seems the cruiselines did and do want to avoid a repeat of last year's fiasco.
  13. Just FYI, in Arizona the decision was made by our state and county health departments in NOVEMBER - nothing to do with anything from Washington DC - to set up both mass vaccination stations in large metro areas, hospitals and to use parking lots for clinics on smaller cities and local pharmacy in rural areas. Neither Biden or Trump had anything to do with organizing here. In the beginning one mass site in Phoenix was vaccinating over 50K a day. Simply too many people to do in a local Walgreens or a Kroger grocery. They are still doing 5K a day, but vaccine open to all over 16 and lines
  14. I live in a community of 1 million. We have 3 mass vaccination sites. Within about 10 miles for everyone. You can drive thru and be in and out in 45 minutes. You register and get a time slot - usually same if next day now. Some 15 pharmacies have vaccines with a wait time of often 2 - 3 hours to register because of limited space and 1 vaccination station. With no preregistration the local pharmacy lines are currently often a problem Personal choice for everyone. Just answering your question. Do agree on a few weeks mass vaccination stations will be gone
  15. Have 4 grandsons in universities. All 4 are requiring proof of vaccination unless a student is only taking classes on line and does NOT come to campus. The only issue with requiring a vaccine passport was availability of vaccines. In the US this not longer applies. French President Macron stated this morning on Meet the Press that then EU is finalizing their vaccine passport and had been in discussion with the US about proof of vaccination for US citizens. No proof then a negative test every time a border is crossed. Similar discussion on requirements for non essential travel
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