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  1. So this cruise I'm speaking of is the one before the start date of the ship I guess it is done for.
  2. Maybe it's just the way expedia does it when the length of the cruise changes. They didnt do that though when it changed to Miami. I'll give it a day or two then give them a call.
  3. I guess we will see, nothing would surprise me. Good luck to you!
  4. Not really. It came from expedia and says in part.. "With rapidly changing information about coronavirus (COVID-19), we know that you are anxious about your upcoming cruise. Our call centers have been working around the clock to keep up with customer requests, and we are truly sorry if you have experienced the frustration of long wait times.The cruise line has informed us that your cruise has been cancelled. This will be reflected in your 'My Trips' section of our site and on the mobile app.We have worked closely with our cruise line partners to simplify the process for you to select to r
  5. Just got the email that my cruise in October 2021 on the Freedom for 8 days has been cancelled.
  6. Those first cruises will be real booze cruises
  7. Agreed. Like taking veggies to the pizza place, bleh. Dont handle someone's handles veggies then touch the pizza. Have you seen the hygiene habits of some cruisers?
  8. We didn't get an offer, we have hundreds of days on carnival. I was thinking they sent that offer to those less committed to cruising. Itd be nice though. As far as booking, we've stopped rescheduling cruises as there is still so much ship movement that could come. We had a october of 2021 trip cancel due to charter, 4 canceled due to the radiance moving, and 6-8 cancelled this year due to covid. I'm not moving or booking anything else until the ships start sailing. Unless of course they release some great itineraries for 2023-2024...
  9. I'd be ok with them making the cruises 7 days. They'd do am OBC for the day. I have some back to backs booked with 8 and 6 days together. If they let it sit empty overnight I'm gonna need a sleeping bag.
  10. Is it for existing rebooked cruises also?
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