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  1. Thank you. I'll wait and see what Celebrity offers in terms of rebooking/FCC/refund, but with a bit of luck, I hope to join you on the Summit in Sept. 2022.
  2. I was booked on a Sept. '21 New England/Canada cruise. Despite living in Boston, I've never been east of Toronto in Canada. I was really looking forward to Halifax (especially given the connection between Boston and Halifax) and Quebec City. I do understand why Canada would do this...just sad that I won't be cruising this September. 😢
  3. Registration link for the upcoming Alaska webinar and 50 PUPs on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/6444444770865504525
  4. While I appreciate the newsfeed writer's optimism, I'm sure this isn't going to stop people who want to argue about their "rights" to not wear a mask.
  5. Based on the past webinar sign-ups, it'll be easy if you're one of the first to get the email and immediately go and sign up. If you're not one of the first, then very difficult...I think all the spots for the last webinar filled in less than 15 minutes.
  6. Just received an email stating that email invite and registration for the next "virtual loyalty event" will start tomorrow at 3pm Eastern. Dear EvoUSA, We’re thrilled to share that our next virtual loyalty event hosted by President & CEO, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo will be announced tomorrow! You will receive an invitation via email at 3pm EST with all the details including where and when we’ll be virtually traveling and who will be joining us. And there will be Power Up Points involved too, of course. These events fill up quickly and space is limited so make sure to registe
  7. The press release did say "[t]he sale of Azamara is not expected to have a material impact on Royal Caribbean Group's future financial results" which suggests there wasn't a significant net profit (or loss) from the line. @Bruin Stevementioned this in the other Azamara sale thread, but it's also unclear what debt/liabilities Sycamore is assuming on the sale.
  8. I do wonder how Sycamore (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sycamore_Partners) is actually planning to run Azamara. They primarily own retailers and related brands, notably clothing-related and Staples. Other than the fact that they're consumer-facing non-staple businesses, I don't really see the similarity to their existing businesses.
  9. While sad, especially since I can't imagine reciprocal statuses lasting, I think it can make sense given their brand positioning and immediate need for cash. The sale is supposed to go through pretty quickly. This gives a lot more leeway to market Celebrity as anything between nicer mass-market/mega-ships (Royal Caribbean) and luxury (Silversea).
  10. My questionnaire link is broken (goes to an error page) for the latest offer. Latest PUP Offer (20 points): A new year is upon us, and after a particularly tough 2020, many are entering 2021 with a restored sense of purpose and new goals for the future. Here at Celebrity, our #1 New Year’s Resolution is to return to service safely so we can open up the world again for our members. Tell us your top 2021 resolution by January 17, 2021 and earn 20 Power Up Points.* STEP 1 Complete Questionnaire STEP 2 Post on Social STE
  11. I think she would have definitely benefited from a headset (or earbuds), and I agree live closed captioning would be helpful. Overall, though, I enjoyed the webinar.
  12. Everything looks okay on my end. I see both the slides and live speaker as appropriate.
  13. The audio so far is off to a much better start than the Oct. webinar.
  14. I think it ends up being pick any two cruises that are currently listed on the Celebrity website. Maybe they'll use it for gauging demand (or maybe targeted marketing?), but I don't think it's checking at all if you've already booked the cruises you indicated in the wish list. I don't think it checks to see if you've even entered the correct ship and sail date.
  15. New activity today for 20 PUPs: Browse our sailings and create your holiday wish list by telling us which cruises interest you the most. Choose your top two cruises and then click the “Make My Wish List” link below. Share the ships, sail dates and destinations with us by December 8th to earn 20 Power Up Points. Wish List Link/Submission Form: https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=a4b456927599dbac2aab9a7b697761947ccd9970306de4be701ec92781a2f5bd0e57ad834dd299b3ae6aec62663443b7842ad57847439feeb87813daa38406878e136998cf4749e561af9dfb9e62f88f5e8bb474b15c0f5fb
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