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  1. I'm on Regal Princess in early December as a redeployment for the delayed Discovery Princess. So Princess may have had to take Regal off the website for a bit and then show up with the new itineraries. That would explain both Regal crusintoddler see it coming off the website and you see Oct/Nov itineraries a bit later.
  2. My 2021 Dec 9 Itinerary was changed from Discovery Princess to Regal Princess. I'm OK with that. I do have to check with my cruisin' buddy and see what happened to our rooms. We had two that were close enough (same deck, 5 or 6 rooms apart, she needed more wheelchair accessible room for her mom.)
  3. OP here. Our standard was Oceanview, not Interior. We have scheduled a cruise for late 2021 on a boat that doesn't exist yet (Discovery Princess) and we booked a minisuite. We were going to go to at least Balcony, but we decided first time back we wanted a bit more in case we had to shelter-in-place or whatever happens. That probably means more time between cruises, but that's where we are at the moment. Plus, we might fall in love with the bigger room. Maybe not. We'll find out.
  4. Assuming you actually had a cruising budget, would you rather go a little more often and get a smaller (possibly interior stateroom) cabin or would you prefer to go a little less frequently but have more amenities (say, up to mini-suite level or so.) Does the uncertainty of our current circumstance play into your decisions? I'll report my preference in a comment in the thread because I don't want to influence the conversation.
  5. This is why I love smaller (~2500 passenger) boats. When I go cruising on this size ship, I lose weight as I am walking around a lot and using the stairs a majority of the time. That's doable on a spread of usable decks that goes from say, 3 to 11 or 12. Once you get into a larger spread on a larger boat, it's a problem. I'm assuming that if and when I start cruising again (booked for late 2021 on a ship that doesn't exist yet), I will be even more careful about elevator usage. My goal would be to use elevators only when carrying bags.
  6. Take the old beater phone out of the drawer, charge it, don't put a SIMM card in it, turn on WIFI, download app. I may do this just because I don't like spurious apps on my active phone. After the cruise, I would reset the old beater phone and put it back in the drawer.
  7. I was able to watch it using a VPN connected to a Canadian server. Very interesting, and seemingly quite Canadian in not blaming someone or screaming or whatever. Well presented.
  8. The judge is making a great play here. She knows that she has more leverage now than she had before when the ships were operational and flowing in and out of American waters with people on board. This is great. I hope, but don't assume, that Carnival takes this ruling to heart kind of like Volkswagen did with Dieselgate. VW bit the bullet and dumped diesel and went headlong into electric. We can hope that Carnival would bite the bullet and be the cleanest cruise line in the world. Not likely, though.
  9. Given current stated restrictions on excursions - only in cruise line approved groups, fully chaperoned, no wandering off - bicycles are probably a non-starter for the foreseeable future. Even for lines that do allow under normal circumstances.
  10. I'm booked on the cruise just prior to that one, arriving back in Port Everglades that morning, so I too hope that it is delivered on time. I knew that delay was a possibility, but the price for a mini-suite was outrageously good, so we are taking a flyer on this cruise - with fully refundable fare. We should have a good idea if this cruise is on schedule by the time we have to make first payment past deposit. If it's not on schedule, we'll pull the plug. This is our first cruise scheduled post-pandemic. In the past, ocean view with no balcony was good enough. We're not
  11. One would have to assume that as the Medallion system is touchless and contactless, it will be integrated into any COVID-19 cruising. I have seen some articles that state that these types of technologies could be used for shipboard contact tracing if a positive case is found. My impression is that these devices will become mandatory.
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