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  1. Oh yes, I remember the midnight buffets on N.C.L. and on formal night the gala buffet was over the top. I was younger then of course but remember sneaking off to take an after show nap and setting my alarm to get up and eat again. Also no free style dining, you had an assigned table and the same group and waiters everynight. It had its benefits as you were well aquatinted with you table mates by the end of the cruise, no need to start all over every diner with what's your name and where are you from..... each has its pluses and minuses, but I prefer what it has morphed into today. Good memorie
  2. It seems to be a South American thing to not accept anything but perfect bills. They will look them over and any small tear or even folded money will be rejected. I was in Peru and had a stack of what I considered good 100 dollar bills and had trouble finding enough to be considered usable. I was fore warned but didn't take it seriously. Hope you can benefit from my experience.
  3. I booked for January of 2022 of a 20 day South American cruise of 20 days. I picked olife with air as when I booked airline travel was unstable, especially that far out. I just booked my own air this week and get a 1400.00 dollar price reduction per person for air or 2800.00. I looked at cruise only price and took off air and 400 onboard credit and it was the exact amount. So its a wash at least on my particular itinerary. You might come out ahead if you use it on shore excursions , but most of the ones I booked were above the 199.00 price point so I booked 5 that I wanted and got a 25% reduct
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