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  1. This class of ship is one of the best class at sea. The pool deck has three pools, with the aft pool being adult only. The passenger ratio to open space means it's rarely crowded. The ship is updated and beautiful. Prices are reasonable, food is good, what's not to like! We favor this size of ship, whether it's Carnival, HAL, Princess, etc. We do not like the Royal Caribbean product. Customer service is FAR better on the Carnival product lines in our opinion. We'll be on the legend in December.
  2. I carry on a 6-pack of coke, and refill the bottles from the sink. Place them in the fridge and have plenty of water anytime you need it. On longer cruises I might buy the water a package, but not the short cruise, no need.
  3. I like being able to access my cabin before 1PM.
  4. I think the Legend is a gem in the fleet. There are two pools center ship and one adult pool in the back. The layout is very comfortable and not crowded. It's been updated in dry dock and has a good itinerary. The Magic is nice too, but if I could get an extra day for the same price, I would take Legend in a heartbeat. Tampa is a very uncrowded port, piece of cake in and out. Love the Legend, and we have been on just about everything from HAL, Princess, Carnival and RCCL. We like all ships, from 60,000 ton HAL ships to 230,000 ton RCCI floating Malls. They are all good in their own way. Legend is a great ship in my opinion. We will be on her the week before Christmas.
  5. My suggestion is stay between the center stairs and and the forward stairs. Anything rear of the center stairs runs the risk of greater noise issues. There is very loud and strongly vibrating machinery at or near 2635 and 2632. Further back and you get propeller vibration. I suggest staying between the center and front staircases for best ride and quietest room.
  6. We bring a 6-pack of diet coke. The plastic bottles are very strong and so are the caps. We refill them with water and place them in the cooler. We always had cold water, and took a few bottles everyday in hot ports. The cooler and the bottles worked out really well.
  7. We just got off the Volendam today. Our OV cabin did not have a refrigerator. We brought a small round canvas cooler that we received once as a promotional item when we bought a bucket of beer. It's a nice little cooler. Re placed it on the silver tray for the little ice bucket, and moved the ice bucket. The stewards kept it full of ice every day. We stored water and soda in it. It was better than a fridge, everything was always ice cold. Bring a little cooler.
  8. I was on the ship, and in this picture! We were on the upper balcony.
  9. Care to share some quick points or favorite things to do? We leave tomorrow for our first Panama Canal cruise and we'll visit the same ports.
  10. Sorry, it's a 17 night Panama Canal cruise. We were assigned an inside cabin very far aft, lowest deck. We moved up one deck and moved to mid ship. Now we have cabins above and below us, we are mid ship, and we have a window! We paid $399 p/p for the inside guaranty, and now with the additional $149, we are at $548 p/p. We paid tax and port fees on the original $399, but the additional $149 included taxes and fees. Our original price was due to a casino rate. It was too good to pass up.
  11. We received a call from our travel agent today and were offered an ocean view cabin upgrade from our inside cabin for $149 per person. We accepted.
  12. Congrats on 2675! We booked a Casino rate that was an "N Category" guaranty (Volendam, leaving next week.). We are assigned M1940. We have cabins above us, but I have no idea what's below us. Hoping for good luck, and no noise or major vibrations.
  13. Is dry cleaning included in the $7 Dollar deal? I assume dry cleaning and pressing is a separate charge.
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