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  1. The majority are Italians but there are also quite a lot of Spanish with reservations confirmed. We just have the extra cost of a PCR done 72 hours before boarding.
  2. Is that because you are in the UK? I have a booking on the Grandiosa on the 18th January which is still on. I live in Spain and have to travel to Civitavecchia as Barcelona is not opening for now for cruise ships.
  3. Something similar happened to me. I had booked Yacht Club on Grandiosa from Civitavecchia for 7th December because of the great price. Unfortunately the Covid situation in Spain got worse and it was more than likely not going to be possible to travel in December so I changed the date to January 15th embarking in Barcelona which was more suitable being that I live in Málaga. One day, checking my reservation on the MSC website I noticed they had changed the date to the 17th of January from Genova! This is the worst port for me as the flights are extremely expensive and not direct. I also had bou
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