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  1. Thank you for the clarification on mixed vaccinations. I have decided not to cruise, currently, until all the COVID-19 protocols have been locked down. I didn't intend on starting a "vaxx vs non-vaxx" discussion.
  2. Here is a video via drag and drop. welcomet0nature.mp4
  3. How exactly is Regent going to KNOW that you mixed vaccines? Do they do a blood work or something? Wouldn't one just show proof of one of the two vaccines?
  4. SireDoime

    BOLTing at age 86!.jpg

    I was thinking the very same thing. Seems like something like should require a chest harness.
  5. I had this practice even when in hotels; I even wear flip flops in the showers. I used to live and work in Skid Row Missions, so these precautions were necessary. When I did my first cruise aboard Equinox, my habits did not change: my own soap, shampoo, and flip flops. Though when I got home, I kept the little soap bars (actually discs), and try them out day, and they weren't that bad.
  6. Hmmm, CxC "Always Included" marketing schlock was always a joke to me. It is a shame they are allowed by law to use those words, even though, IN FACT, those words are NOT TRUE - by a long shot. But, I suspect they expect you to read the fine print, so you know what is always included versus what isn't. If you're paying over 10K$ for a suite, I say everything should be included, and absolutely no extra charges should ever show up on your folio. But, alas - no. Of course, if they did include everything then the cruise fare per stateroom guest would just go up accordingly, so we should be grateful.
  7. Totally agree. While Celebrity is a premium, I am learning that true luxury is with the luxury lines like Regent, and the like. Though, a small few say that Regent has been slacking, I'll sail with for the first time in 2022 August, so by then things should be much better.
  8. I don't mind paying four figures, but this has to include everything. The current Retreat package doesn't seem to offer total inclusion; when i say inclusion I mean you do NOT see a folio at the end of the cruise. Read the fine print, they are things you still have to pay for. Pfft! 😤 All Included, my butt! In 2019, I was in a Concierge Class balcony and paid 4700$ for the 7 day W. Carrib cruise. It was my first cruise so I didn't know how I was actually charged. I found out later though: Charged double (200%) for having the audacity to travel alone! That was not charged by the port (I thought it was pricey because it had four ports) Had to PAY for the TINY booze bottles and water in my fridge (which they had the nerve to call a "mini bar") Never considered the time of season, it was summer in June to July Lesson learned, for the amount I should have upgraded to an actual suite, and found a cruise buddy. When I did AquaClass on Infinity I was very disappointed at the room (more so the small balcony), that I wish I had upgraded to a Royal or Sky.
  9. I wish the Suite Guru was more helpful in these situations. The Suite Guru spreadsheets do not allow pictures.
  10. I have actually seen situations where circumstances required accepting a newer agreement than the one you signed previously.
  11. I have decided to wait a bit until I click "Accept" on the Ticket Contract. Besides my cruise is a year away, it can wait. Likely my Regent Consultant will call me before final payment is due with any emerging changes, as she has always done.
  12. It was founded by a group of young people as a way getting Afro gays to travel together. It works, except the pricing is waaaay out on some excursions. They have a South African excursion that's over 5000$ if your traveling single. Their cruises are more popular, but you can only book inside or portal window room. If you want a veranda or suite, you're on your own. But, again it is directed primarily at younger gays, which I find awesome sauce 😆! I wish I could have done something like that when I was in my 20's & 30's!
  13. It's a small speech balloon located below the avatar now. I just noticed today.
  14. Yeah, I have seen their page. I occasionally check this page https://lgbttakeover.com/. But it heavily leans towards millennials (I really should stop using that term).
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