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  1. "I like it but no similar examples $25 glass and $90 bottles." At Sip, there are four Cognacs over $25 and four under: Hennessy VS $13, Henessy XO $65, Courvoisier VS $15, Courvoisier VSOP $21, Courvoisier XO $45, Remy Martin Louis XIII $395, Remy Martin VSOP $19, Remy Martin XO $77. Also at Sip, there are two Champagnes by the glass over $25 and two under: Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut $21, Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Rose $25, Veuve Cliquot Rose $29, Dom Perignon 2008 $65. All still wines by the glass are under $25, except for a Newton Cab which i
  2. And... this sailing is cancelled. Bummer. My next try will be for a November sailing.
  3. It really is feeling like a pipe dream, isn't it?
  4. Those new itineraries look nice. I would love to give both a try when this Covid nonsense is resolved.
  5. Stuff like that won't begin to become available until 45 days out, which is when VV says they send out materials for your cruise. I've been wondering about dinner reservations also. While all the restaurants look lovely, it just seems like certain spots like The Wake are going to have massive demand which will make it harder to get in. Is it first come first served? Can a person make more than one reservation there if they want to, or will they limit you to one visit only to make availability for others? RockStar cabins seem to have earlier booking privileges than Sail
  6. I am booked for May 9 -14, which is the first cruise currently scheduled.
  7. I believe the pricing difference (among voyages of similar duration) is due to varying landing costs at different ports of call. After following this closely for a while, it seems the Mexico itineraries are less expensive for this reason, while other Caribbean destinations (especially the ones furthest East) are higher.
  8. timf2001, You are correct. Thanks for pointing this out; I did not intend to misspeak. My original reservations made in 2020 took advantage of the "Half Off All Deposits Offer" and required only 10% deposits. I forgot this was the case when I made my post. My most recent reservations were made during their current "2021 Wave Offer" and required 20% deposits. They have been running promotion after promotion (understandably), which kind of makes you wonder what new offer will crop up as soon as the current offer expires February 9th. For anyone who wants to
  9. Yeah, I can only imagine the stress for Branson and their management. What a time to start a cruise line! Their current sale on new bookings (10% discount + up to $400 Sailor Loot through February 9th) is all about raising cash fast. Ditto for the BarTab promotion ($400 in future credit for $300 payment today through February 9th). The earliest sailings are cheaper but require full payment immediately. If they discount too much more, they make it harder to raise prices later (as well as damaging the upscale image they are going for by turning it into a cut-rate line). I
  10. This is the Roll Call for Scarlett Lady's "Dominican Daze" sailing for November 26 - December 1, 2021. Happy to say hello to any fellow sailors!
  11. This is the Roll Call for the (currently) first scheduled VV Scarlett Lady sailing for 2021, "Riviera Maya" May 9 - 14, 2021. Barring any additional cancellations, this should be an extra fun celebration as Virgin Voyages will finally be getting the party started after so many delays! I'm a 50 year old first-time cruiser from Connecticut. I decided to rebook for this sailing after my earlier reservations were cancelled. I'm planning on going solo and I'm booked in an upgraded Sea Terrace cabin on Deck 14. I also have a second voyage booked for November in a RockStar Sweet Aft Suit
  12. It's starting to sound like there are quite a few up-charges that, while possible to avoid, many will end up getting hit for. Up-charges like: Streaming WiFi (who knows if the complimentary wifi is decent enough, but there is a premium WiFi to purchase); drinks (obviously the alcoholic ones, but also specialty coffees, fresh juices, mocktails, etc); "Treat yourself" menu items like the $70 Grand Plateau & $65 Tomahawk Steak dishes at the Wake; ice cream & other non-included food like caviar at Sip; service charges for food delivered to cabins (only RockStar cabins get free food deliver
  13. I think its annoying that Bar Tab and Sailor Loot is separate. Why not just have one credit system? If I have $300 worth of Bar Tab (the minimum amount you can buy), I can only use that on drink orders. So the example would be, if I ordered a glass of champagne and some caviar at Sip, my Bar Tab is deducted only for the glass of champagne, but I would still need to have additional Sailor Loot or a credit card to pay for the caviar portion. It can't all just come off of the $300 bar tab. That's ridiculous and an unnecessary complication.
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