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  1. Listing One Meter Monitor on your resume would certainly make it stand out among the other applicants!!! 😊
  2. This sounds like something from a SNL skit!!! Meter Monitors. LOL!!!! 😂
  3. I am impressed that last year's clothes still fit you after a year of stay at home. My packing for July cruise may be bed sheets aka Toga party as the Covid cooties invaded my closet and shrunk my clothes!!! 😕
  4. I feel the same way. Just don't make wearing a bikini mandatory or I will stay home!! 🏝️ 🛳️
  5. This is from Hilton site. ADDRESS One Bay Street Nassau, Bahamas ARRIVAL TIME Check-in 4:00 PM Check-out 11:00 AM
  6. Thank you! I completed check-in without it and there wasn't a problem.
  7. Another question....Is it mandatory to upload a picture or will they do it at boarding? I have only sailed on Celebrity the last few years and don't recall that being required .
  8. I think I will go with the 90 minutes after landing as well. I am doing a happy dance for sure!!!!! 🏝️🛳️
  9. I am having the same dilemma! I arrive at noon and have reservations on the shuttle. Is the health screening at the Hilton? When I flew to Cayman to catch up with a cruise due to plane issues the airport was quite small and customs quite fast but I don't know the size of this airport. Much larger I assume. I guess I will revert to Eenie meenie miney mo!!
  10. Has anyone with a June sailing on the Adventure received info about check-in procedures, embarkation time, etc? It is getting close!!
  11. , Someday is here! I can finally share the news I have been dreaming about for the last 15 months. Our beautiful Celebrity Edge has been given the green light by the CDC to be the first cruise ship to sail from US waters in more than a year. Words cannot express how great it feels to be able to celebrate this accomplishment with all of you. As we speak, our crew is making their way “home” to us. Our teams are perfecting every last detail onboard. And the ports we visit are gearing up to welcome us back. This would not have been possible without everyone at Celebrity Cruises, our p
  12. Lord willing and the creek don't rise it will be on Adventure in July!!! 🛳️
  13. I am looking into an European cruise in Oct. Sept. Oct and Nov are showing up as available. The Apex and Infinity are the only Celebrity ships in Europe .
  14. I have never used their transfers because I fly in the day before but with the late departure and Covid protocols I am arriving on the day of for cruise. I called RC and asked to book transfers and because I used TA and I was told they had to add the transfers. I booked my own airfare. I do hope this is simple.
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