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  1. We are also planning to book the Hampton Waterloo
  2. We normally cruise on Carnival as we live in the southern US. Vaccinated cruisers can get off independently in most ports but many require masks. We have eight cruises booked at present three in 2021. I am with the folks that say we're not getting any younger and know too many that have contracted the disease. We are doing out first cruise out of Southampton Nov 2022
  3. Wow that sounds fun too. So much to do and so little time.
  4. This is a great thread. We just booked our first TA on Carnival Celebration Nov 2022. We like many here have been sailing on many cruises over many years. We will be sailing out of Southampton and plan to spend 8 day touring Scotland and England first.
  5. We are visiting before our Nov 2022 TA on Carnival Celebration. I would like to see the Tower of London
  6. Thanks for the great information.
  7. Is the Hampton Inn on Waterloo a good location?
  8. I was feeling the same way but realize we are around the unvaccinated everyday. We will be fine.
  9. I understand in my 39 cruises on 27 different Carnival ships many have been sold or moved. However all the Magic cruises available to be booked are out of Port Canaveral. That may change but so does life. You can always put enough disclaimers on anything to make a statement true.
  10. Yes, Glory arrived yesterday at the dry dock
  11. They are booking Magic out of Port Canaveral for a very long time so Magic will stay.
  12. We are booked on this cruise. We were told the June 17th is when we will know what our new cabin would be. I suspect that's when you may see it posted.
  13. We book that cruise for 2023. Looks like a great time.
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