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  1. No I have not and I I reply to the posts that interest me
  2. Yes it will be the happiest 100th birthday ever! What do you mean about my screen name?
  3. I have 7 (total) and with the rate at which I cruise I am only 38 years away from being elite.
  4. Do you mean that they cruise lines can ask all who board for proof of vaccine, other than FL residents?
  5. Ahh, so you call Celebrity directly and do not use a TA, or so it sounds?
  6. How does one renegotiate their cruise deal?
  7. I wonder if they will require proof of vaccine?
  8. Wow thanks, I will try this, just need to remember my password from 5 years ago. Also I should have been more clear, the updates I get come to my Yahoo email.
  9. If by FB you mean cancelling a FaceBook account, my experience is it is by design virtually impossible. I have not used FB since Sept 2016, deleted the app and all my information yet I still get the so and so has just checked in to xxx restaurant (and I am pretty sure while there they posted a pic of the most incredible burger ever produced at Applebee's) or has updated their profile or posted a new picture/selfie. So annoying.
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