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  1. First time cruiser so please excuse my lack of knowledge. However, is there a shop/supermarket where you can buy fruit and snacks for your room? Or can you pick things up that are complimentary??
  2. When we booked, we were asked if we wanted specific meal times or flexible. We chose to be flexible. I understand this means we won’t have an assigned table etc each time, but do we just turn up at a time that suits us and hope there’s a table? Or do we have to book each evening? Does this apply to both MDR and speciality? Or is there more flexibility with speciality restaurants? Thank you 🙂
  3. Hi, We have just booked our first cruise so are unsure of what to expect. Apparently, on the last morning, we arrive at the port at 6am. What time are you expected to disembark? We intend to stay on for an extra few nights before flying home. Thank you in advance.
  4. So many wonderful responses - I really appreciate your time, thank you. It’s going to be such an exciting experience for us having never cruised before. I think it may make sense for us to enjoy the complimentary offerings but also have a deal as well so we can try some of the specialities. I think unlimited might be a little too much for us (though I might regret saying that haha).
  5. It’s Anthem of the Seas - what’s your opinion?
  6. Thanks so much for your help and reassurance - I was worried I’d done something wrong.
  7. First time cruiser here 🙂 There seems to be a lot of complimentary food options, so is it really worth the extra money? I know we are all different but I’d love to hear your experiences. We aren’t big drinkers so beverage packages would only need to be basic, but we do love our food. Are the complimentary offerings enough?
  8. Mainly dining packages, but also wanting to look at drinks and internet packages too. Do you think I’m being a bit too keen? 🤣 I did notice that some destinations don’t offer any excursions yet on the calendar so you’re probably right, thinking about it. I’ve never been on a cruise before so I just expected to be able to do everything at once.
  9. I’ve just booked a cruise for the first time in Anthem (well, yesterday). Very excited. However, it keeps saying ‘please try again onboard the ship’. I don’t want to wait until then - I want to add the packages now and have the paid off. Cruise isn’t until October 2022 - is it too early for these options to be added or something? thanks
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