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  1. That's the NCL site for yah! LOL. The only Sushi I've found on the Encore is Food Republic. That said, again, I hate the stuff and know nothing about it. Just checking for a friend (daughter).
  2. That's funny. We missed the muster due to NCL's air arrangements in Hawaii and willingly just blew it off at Port Canaveral once. They just kept bugging us until we did something to make up for it (I honestly don't remember if it was a make up session, detention, video, or whatever...)
  3. Yep. The website suggests that there is Wasabi on the Encore, but I can't find any mention of it on the Encore pages.
  4. 🤣 Apparently...........you can!! Stick with me brother, we'll get "there." Ironically, rats seem to have this sixth sense that allows them to always know when I'm joking. With all due respect, you may not be much of a 🐀. 🙂 Pro tip: just check the reactions to my posts. If they're a bunch of rats laughing, it was a joke.
  5. Thanks. For some reason I'm thinking it is co-located with Tepanyaki, but I may have just dreamt that.
  6. Is Wasabi part of another restaurant? I'm on the Encore in October and can't find it listed in the specialty dining options. Thx. (I don't touch sushi but my adult daughter lives on the stuff...)
  7. Actually, it looks like it's a five day land tour in AK and then an economy flight to Seattle to catch the Aug 7 sailing. Economy class flight between Anchorage and Seattle as well as a transfer from the Seattle Airport to the port of Seattle for embarkation
  8. I work for NCL and have just reported this to those in charge. Don't expect this to continue!! (jk - great tip for those with sophisticated drinking habits - is that an oxy moron?)
  9. Hopefully after a few cruises they'll drop the testing and just require the proof of vaccination.
  10. I think you're right. I seem to recall figuring this out too late two cruises ago and having to cancel and rebook the excursions on the ship. Despite the marketing, I believe that many of the popular excursions are essentially unlimited (i.e. the ones that only require an excursion bus).
  11. LOL!!! Good one @HuliHuli A rat keeping track of his/her drinks during a cruise. What's next? Counting calories? 🤣
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