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  1. November is typically fog free. Dec-April can be bad at times. It really just depends on how bad the winter is over North America. The cold air from Canada push through and down south to the Gulf of Mexico and eventualy to the East. When they pass through the warm Gulf air moves back over land and this creates the fog. The cold fronts can sometime make it all the down in November but the land is still relatively warm. You should be fine.
  2. 😫 Sooo many of us have lost time on cruises. It's a shame.
  3. Thank you! I've bookmarked this and will use it often. Thank you again!
  4. I was hoping they were opened up so I could follow their protocals etc. Tip Toe through the Tulips - Tiny Tim
  5. Is it open yet? Are cruises taking place yet out of Amsterdam? If thids is not the right place to find this info, can someone direct me or link me? Thank you.
  6. Gotta disagree. We enjoyed Galveston. There is a lot to see & do.
  7. My wife & I are vaccinated. We have a cruise scheduled for July 2022 nd we are excited for the opportunity to cruise again. Even though we are vaccinated we have decided that we will not cruise w/ any cruiselines that mandates the use of masks.
  8. The biggest 'clinical' trial is currently taken place now. Millions have particpated in it.
  9. Actually from the OP. cutting and pasting sections of an email gave all of us bad info.
  10. I meant the media would be reporting a covid break out on a ship. I'm concerned as the next person. But my concern is about the ports we would visit and the unvaccinated people that we come into contact with. As opposed to any non vaccinated cruiser. And no there was nothing sinister or devious in my question to you. I just wanted your thoughts. I will ask no more questions of you. And I truly hope that the question did not bother you.
  11. Agreed. The blue states appear to be a bit more worried & concerned. I'm not sure if it's practical but do you think they could just allow cruise ships to be filled w/ people that flash their IDs from Blue states? That would go around Fla laws but still do the same thing.
  12. OK 10 out 50. Soooo.... let's see. A cruise ship w/ 4500 vaccinated people using the same %.... that would be... 900 people. You're right.... that would be hardly "hit pretty hard". 🤣 😄🤣
  13. Yet they aren't w/ the team. If they were cruisers, they'd be quaratined and the media would be reporting it.
  14. Gotta love it. Weigh those risks/rewards and then go w/ it. We all have choices to make.
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