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  1. I have not read all your postings, but this is ME talking about your question. Since I'm not able to "dress up" to the 9's at home, I do it on elegant night. On my last cruise earlier this year, I had bought a beautiful purple dress, or I thought it was. I had only tried it on once, and put it away in my closet. I decided to wear it on one of the elegant nights, and no matter where I walked, people would stop me (I'm a 76 year old woman, where people think I am about 10 years younger), and compliment me on how beautiful my dress and I looked. Am I bragging.................well guess I am. 🙂 As you can guess, I l love dressing up, as it takes "work" to look nice at times. 🙂
  2. I have done inner, window and balcony, as well as the port hole room on many ships. Of all of the different rooms, I like the port hole the best. If you have been on the Carnival Horizon and had a port hole room, can you tell me what deck(s) they are on?
  3. Thank you for your postings. This will give me something to "think" about. :)
  4. I've just started your review. I am in the "thinking" mode of doing the Vista next year, taking my 3 sons and d-i-l's as well as a friend. Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your review. 🙂
  5. Good question. Yes, we have the late seating in the MDR, and they always ask to see our card. I'm thinking it could be so they could "direct" us faster to where our table would be located as well. Yes, we had brunch one day in the dining room, and they did ask what our table # was then. They were just as nice to us then, then at the dinner time, even though they were different waiters waiting on us.
  6. I enjoyed your review. I am in the "thinking" mode of taking my 3 sons and d-i-l's as well as a friend on this ship. I'm trying to figured out the difference between the 6 days with the Horizon, as the Vista has the 7 days, but is about $200 more for an additional day. You did the itinerary I want to do, as I have not been to Ocho Rios Jamaica for over 20 years. I know things are different, but I know with a group of 8 of us, we would be alright there.
  7. If you are referring to the Chef's Table, my son and d-i-l (I took them on their first cruise a couple years ago and she is HOOKED!), just got back from a Carnival cruise a couple weeks ago. They said it was very good, and so impressed with everything they seen, did and ate. Even some foods that would make you "wonder" if you wanted to eat them or not. 🙂
  8. I'm reading your review so far, and enjoying it, as well as the pictures. I am in the "thinking" mode of taking my 3 sons and wives, as well as a friend next year on the Vista, only a different direction. At least this way, I am getting an idea of what the ship looks, has to offer as well. 🙂 Question, I understand the ship has the I-Max Theater. Is there a charge to see movies there?
  9. I just seen this question, so thought I would ask. It looks like we would probably book at least 4 staterooms. Does it have to be more than that to get some type of discount, etc.? Also, I normally (have done it ever since I started cruising years ago, but don't think they "try" (???) to get customers discounts like some TA's do) contact my TA who is not far from me. I have never done it directly through Carnival. My only problem, if we had a problem, I'm so used to calling my TA that is close to where I live, compared to a TA that works for Carnival in whatever state. Just curious. 🙂
  10. We are in the "thinking" mode (8 of us), but it looks like we have narrowed it down to either the Carnival Vista 7 days, or the Carnival Horizon 6 day ship. If you have been on either of these ships within the past year, would you give me YOUR pros and cons of the ship? Also, one day difference, more or less, did it make that much of a difference either way?
  11. Once again, thank you for your responses. I just "announced" or ASK my 3 sons (wives included) if they would like to go on a cruise next year, and their response..........YES!!! So now will be the deciding factor if we will do the Horizon, or another ship. I was really interested in the Skyride, but if it only does 2 people at a time, I can see how it would take a long time.
  12. Thank you for your responses. I spoke with my 3 sons (they did not know that I had planned this cruise for them) and told them on Father's Day! At this point, it looks like we are looking towards Jamaica, as it has been so many years since I have been there. It is possible to "change" my mind, but at this point, that is the way it looks. Since we live in Missouri, we are taking in the flight cost as well.
  13. Oh my, thank you "everyone" for your responses to my question. Actually, since yesterday was "Father's Day," and we were blessed to be with my youngest son and family, I decided to "let the cat out of the bag." 🙂 When all three of my sons were in the kitchen, I ASK them what they thought about going on another cruise (their wives included) next year. They ALL piped in and say, YES!!! Now, with all your responses, this will give me some homework to do. 🙂
  14. Another question. I just Googled the Carnival Horizon Skyride. Is there ONLY 2 bikes to peddle on? If this is the case, no wonder it takes forever for people to ride them.
  15. Oh my, thank you ALL for your information in regard to my questions. In regard to the "Havana" area. Is there an extra charge for being in that area? It almost sounds like an all inclusive in that area. As for the Skyride, is it mainly for young people, or can just about anyone ride it as long as their health is good? Someone said it seems to be closed down for maintenance all the time during cruises. Is that because it is used so much, or why does it always seem to be out of order? If there is anything else to check on the Horizon that I haven't ask about, and you think it is worth checking out, please let me know.
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