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  1. I don't know if you have or did do this, but I ordered the Pixel photo package for around $99.00, which was Carnival's special if we ordered before the cruise. Since our cruise was cancelled 2 days before cruising, will I still be charged for the package, or since I did not cruise, it will not be on my credit card? Just curious.
  2. I live in KC, MO and have never heard of Newegg and Meijer companies that are selling the Carnival gift cards. These stores must just be in certain areas.
  3. OK, for those of you who use "gift cards," to purchase your cruise, how in the world did you get so many to use????? Did you just purchase them at random when you had "extra" money to spend, or did someone else purchase them for you?
  4. Yes, I want to APOLOGIZE to Steve/IAmTrustWorthy, as he did finally come through with the answers I was looking for. It is possible that I didn't explain myself clearly enough to him in my questions, but in the end, which is now, everything between us is fine. 🙂
  5. Yes, I had a feeling that if I "re-booked", to get the FCC and OBC, it would have to be the same people that were going with me, before the cruise was cancelled. Since one of the people cancelled out, and I did pay for everything, I believe in the long run for ME, just getting the money back on my credit card should be fine. I know the 7 of us still want to go, but in the long run, I believe this will be my choice.
  6. Thank you for YOUR responses. At this point, I still have not talked with my PVP, but I think in the long run for us, since I paid for everyone, I think I will just have the money put back on my credit card. I am NOT hoping Carnival or any other cruse line goes out, but for "just in case," I believe this will be the route I take. At least this way, I never expected any OBC, so I'm not losing anything. 🙂
  7. I have a feeling I will get some flack on this, but I'm going to ask if you have "thought" of this. My son was talking with me, and there were 8 of us that were to cruise, so there was a lot of money that went out. Yes, the FCC with the OBC sounds great! But "what if", something comes up where we are not able to do the cruising within the time limit, or if (remember ANYTHING is possible) the cruise line/s go bankrupt??? At least I (I was the one that paid for everything) would have ALL my money back, but not the OBC, which I could live without. As my son said, after all this epidemic is over, cruise lines will probably be "begging" people to cruise again, and having different specials going on. It is just something to THINK about!
  8. I won't go into the details here, but there were 8 of us to cruise, until it as cancelled out. I am going to post a question under "Carnival" that my son had mentioned, of "what" might happened if we decided to take the FCC with the OBC, instead of the FCC. I know the OBC sounds good, but after we were talking, I am doing some different thinking now.
  9. OK, here is my questions. I have a PVP for the first time this year. I see many of you posting that you see the "price drop" after you have made your final payment. Do you find this on your own, or does the PVP notify you of this? Also, someone mentioned about receiving a $200 gift card after cancellation. How did that happen? It looks like there are different loop-holes, but HOW do I find them????
  10. I appreciate ALL your opinions of PVP's. As I said, I had never used one before, so I really didn't know what to "expect" from them! I know when my d-i-l cancelled to be with my granddaughter who is very high risk because of anything, and cancelled about 4 days before our cruise, the PVP said we would NOT get a refund back, but later my d-i-l seen a posting where Carnival would acknowledge any cancellations, and yet, my PVP never called to let me know she was wrong, or that is MY opinion.
  11. I had never used a PVP before, but I had seen where several people were happy with their Carnvial PVP's. Up to this point I have always used a TA when cruising over these past 25 years or so. As you know the Coronaviris is upon us, but we DID NOT cancel our Horizon March 15th cruise, as Carnival cancelled it two days before. Now my PVP never notified me of this cancellation for the 8 of us, but probably figured that we would be watching the news to know what is going on. My question, I'm sure she was busy, but as yet, she has NOT contacted me, one way or another. What is YOUR opinion of what she should have done, since there were 8 of us that booked through her?
  12. Bo1953, thank God, I got some good news. As I have been sick for almost 2 weeks, I have had a struggle "trying" to figure this out. I just heard from the man that I have been dealing with, and told me, even if I had NOT re-booked a flight/cruise as yet, they will hold the funds until I am ready to cruise. Thank you Jesus!!! I just needed something positive to come through for me at this time. Now, my next project is talking with my Carnival PVP, who has NOT contacted me in over two weeks. Yes, I'm sure she is busy, but as my son said, we gave her a lot of money for 8 people, and still has not contacted me.
  13. I'm beginning to see ?????? an answer to my question, which someone else had ask. All I can say it is MONEY in the INSURANCE company's pocket. I would NOT expect the insurance company to reimburse me "IF" I had flown/cruised on the dates specified in the contract that they were covering, but did not, as everything was cancelled out before the 8 of us ever left home.
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