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  1. This, watching the Carnival Fascination, made me so SAD. 😞 I was hoping that I would be able to take my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to St. Lucia, as THIS was the ship that was to take us there. I did hear from my PVP wanting me to contact her, but I cannot make any plans until we seen his this virus is going. 😞
  2. Well I don't know what the 7 or 8 of us will do, mainly because of WHEN the virus will be gone, or what we have to do to "travel/cruise." Yes, I know a lot of people do not want to fly, but being in Missouri, it is a long drive to Florida, so time will tell. I was able to check out our insurance coverage (not through Carnival) I had taken out for the flight/cruise, and fortunately we are STILL covered until January 2022.
  3. I did not take out insurance through Carnival, but another company for our flight and cruise. I had been putting it off for a LONG time checking into it, and finally decided to take the bull by the horns and see "if" we would still be covered for another cruise, since the one in March was cancelled because of the virus. Thank God she told me we would be covered until January 2022, so at least money on this, hopefully will not be lost, and we'll be able to cruise next year!
  4. I agree with Jbella101, I had booked 4 rooms through a PVP for the "first" time. I really didn't know if it would work out, as I have, in my many cruises, always used a TA. I knew we had two choices when we were notified that the cruise was cancelled because of the Coronavirus. I had been sick, so I did not contact my PVP, and surprising to me, she contacted me. I told her I didn't want to book anything right now, and wanted ALL my money back on my credit card as I had paid for all 4 rooms. I would say within two or three weeks, I received my money. I did tell her if everything worked out, I would rebook with her. Now whether that had anything with her getting my money to me sooner I don't know, but I hope each and everyone that has not received their money, and did not rebook, get their refund.
  5. Yes, since the virus cancelled our cruise back in March, starting in PR, and now they plan to "scrap" the Fascination, who knows what will happen next. 😞 I have been to PR several times and enjoy the visit, but I had planned on taking my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to visit St. Lucia, the port I fell in love with. Now that this all has happened, I don't know if there will be an itinerary going that direction or not, and if so, what ship? Guess the virus and time will tell!
  6. I know many have responded to your question if we had received a notification telling us when we could get our refund back. My answer is NO. I will try to explain my situation with a few words. I had never booked through a PVP before, but I decided to do it this time. Normally I use a TA where I live. Two days before we were to cruise, I received a notification that our cruise was cancelled. Just a couple days later I got pretty sick, but not from the virus, thank God! I had NOT filled out any form for my credit to come back to me, or called anyone, but my PVP called, wanting to know how I wanted to handle the funds, whether to book (I was so sick, I didn't even want to think about it) another cruise, or just have the 4 rooms that were booked, refund back on my credit card since I paid for all of them, and I said YES. She then told me it would be about 90 days. Probably about two or three weeks went by, and I decided to check and see what was on my credit card, etc. Low and behold, there was ALL of the refund back on my card, I would say within a 3 week period. Now whether me saying that "if" everything turned out alright and I got all my money back, I would book with her, I don't know, but I was very pleased that it was on my credit card that soon.
  7. Yes Babr, once the 4th of July activities are over for me that is what I plan to do to contact the insurance company and see what they say.
  8. Kona wahine, I agree with you about the itinerary and the ports. I have never (I have cruised for over 25 years) been on a cruise where there were 6 ports, and 1 sea day. I do like the ship, but the main reason I wanted to do this itinerary was to take my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to St. Lucia, where I fell in love with this port!
  9. I "guess" I could request from the insurance company I took out the coverage, to put the money back on my credit card. I was told that I could use this money to apply to the next cruise I had planned on taking out on the 7 of us. I wanted to do the cruise next year, but with the virus, I have no clue if this will be possible. Maybe I should contact the insurance company and see what they will say, as I have not spoken to them directly, but someone that works for them told me I could apply the money I put out to be put on on my next cruise.
  10. Ridybar, so you got a full refund back from taking out insurance coverage? What company did you take it out with, just curious?
  11. SFinVA, I agree with you, I don't ever plan to take out Travel Guard again as yet. I just hope the insurance I took out, never used because of the cancellation of the cruise because of the virus, I was told I should be able to use it on my next cruise. I have not booked it as yet, as I'm waiting to see what this virus does. Hopefully we can cruise next year!!!
  12. Yes the death of Cosol is so sad. I did Google, but what I seen, it did not say if they had found who had done it as yet.
  13. I seen this also, and I don't like it. The reason being................there were 7 - 8 of us that were planning on doing the Fascination next year. I just hadn't booked it yet, waiting to see what the virus was going to do, since our March cruise was cancelled with the Horizon. I want to take my family to St. Lucia, so hopefully if they take the Fascination away, there will be another ship going that direction.
  14. At this point, I have NOT contacted "directly" the insurance company, although I did contact the one I took the insurance through. I was advised that I SHOULD be able to use the money I paid for the 7 of us for insurance, when I book again. Hopefully this will be TRUE next year, as I have not rebooked as yet. I agree with SFinVA, it was not my/our fault that the virus came along, and the insurance we took out was NEVER used, as our trip was cancelled before the date we were to go.
  15. Oh, I'm so sorry that Mr. Cosol passed away. He really started something wonderful (did two tours with them) with his touring company, and hopefully who every took over, will do as good a job as he did!
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