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  1. I don't have time to read all the responses, and someone may have already mentioned this, but I contacted the "M" or Manager of the dining room about the table size, etc., and I received a reply right back.
  2. Thank you for responding to my question about vendors in Ocho Rios.
  3. Johnin DC, thanks for your input on this.
  4. If you have been to Ocho Rios within the past year, are there any vendors there, and if so, are they close to the port, or is there a certain area that you walk/drive to see the vendors? Sometimes the vendors have articles that their "people" have made, and I like to bring something like that home with me as a reminder of where I have been.
  5. OK, so if I'm understanding this right, if we go to Guest Services, and they are NOT very busy, they might print up our boarding pass or get us check in on SWA? That would be nice, even if it was the "B" section. I remember when Carnival used to take care of our luggage for $20, and we didn't see it until we got to our home airport. Really nice and worth the money.
  6. Mitsugirly, I just checked out your website, and lady you sure have been BUSY! 🙂 I do appreciate ALL the help you have been trying to give to me.
  7. Mitsugirly, thank you for ALL your help on this.
  8. Shipgeeks, thank you for letting me know your experience of SAS. I'm hoping to check into their website, and do the same thing. 🙂
  9. OK, I just went and checked this out again, and it states what I posted earlier. When I looked under Lyft ONLY (yes I have seen where it says $45.00, etc for both Uber and Lyft), and knowing we will need a large vehicle because of the luggage we take, this is what it said. There is a base fare, cost per mile, and the cost per minute (these three items mentioned the actual cost, per item). If there is any cost per mile, base fare or cost per minute on SAS, it would be nice if someone told me this, as being extra to add to the $15 they are charging pp.
  10. Shipgeeks, I see you booked with SAS for your January pick-up. We have booked a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale that is on their list to be picked up. My question/s, did you do the booking through their website, or another way? Once you did this, was it confirmed then, and how? If we book them, we will be using them to take us to Miami Cruise port, and picking us up to take us back to Ft. Lauderdale Airport which they do also.
  11. That you for your replies. I guess, even though I am old enough to know, I'm a little scared to take the plunge, but guess I'll try to do it next week, or shortly thereafter. My son and d-i-l have still not made their arrangements before the cruise as they are in Mexico, so I am waiting to see if they will need transportation or be getting it on their own.
  12. Yes, as someone mentioned, I would rather be EARLY on the ship than running late at that port we are in. 🙂
  13. I have received several responses in regard to SAS, but had never checked in Uber/Lyft until just now. YES, it starts out cheap with the price per vehicle, and for 4 - 6 people. But by the time you get a "large" vehicle to cover the people and luggage, base fare, mileage, minutes, etc. it all adds up. I just figured up the mileage and it was more than any $45, and that was not with the minutes, etc. added on. There is a cancellation fee of $5 too. Since we will be using the SAS or something else, we will be using it twice, and I'm trying to find something that is not expensive. Feel free to give me your pros/cons (even if you have already done it) of any of these services. Since we are not at home, it makes it hard in which service to use that we can depend or rely on.
  14. Thank you for letting me know about Uber and the cost. It didn't say one way or another if it was for the vehicle, or pp. Is there anyway to call Uber, and find out for sure, or it is like SAS where you get the info through the website, and not with a REAL person? For those of you who have used Uber, do I need an app, or can I just call/book through the website? I would prefer to know "ahead" of time the cost, instead of being "surprised" when they tell me the cost when getting out of the vehicle.
  15. Well I'm back again, and I appreciate receiving this "continue" advise in regard to the SAS shuttle. As of yet, and it is 9:29PM I have not heard back from Steve or SAS shuttle, so I may not receive a call. I did check out the prices of Lyft and Uber, and they do run from $40 - $45 for either, pp. Yes I agree, $15 pp is much cheaper than the Lyft/Uber price. Once my youngest son gets his flight booked, I will either book for 4 or 6 of us out of Ft. Lauderdale. My one son is flying out of Miami.
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