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  1. I'm sure the Carnival Sunshine would be a good ship, and it looks "time wise" would be good for my sons, but I'm STILL holding out to go to St. Lucia, if at all possible.
  2. I would LOVE to be cruising on a 14 day, especially in January, because it is so COLD here in KC, MO. 🙂 As I said earlier, it is hard enough for my 3 sons to get off work for a 7 day cruise. Yes, I have a feeling things will be better by 2022, hopefully, but I DON'T want to have to wait until 2022 to cruise, so time will tell. 🙂
  3. Yes, my family LOVES cruising, and I am "thinking" of an All Inclusive in St. Lucia, but I am STILL holding out for Carnival or maybe another cruise line, but not Norwegian. I just love stopping at the ports, and that would make a big difference, so time will tell.
  4. Thank you for your response. Yes, we were going to do the Fascination in March of this year, and what a bummer that is, now that they have got rid of it. I don't believe any of my sons/wives would be able to do the 8 days, as they can barely do the 7. I know Norwegian (I believe) is doing this to St. Lucia. I and a friend were on a brand new ship of the Norwegian, and not only we, but many others were complaining about the ship. We even heard people complaining on the airplane we were on as well. We said we would never go on Norwegian again, unless they give us a free ride!
  5. I KNOW, and I have a feeling there has been no posting here for a long time, but I thought I would throw this question out anyway. We know because of the virus there are no ships headed out anywhere right now. I did see where Carnival was to have 6 ships leaving in December, but that can be cancelled out as well. I don't recall any of the names right now, but I was wondering if "anyone" had read/heard of any Carnival ships going to St. Lucia next year. 8 of us, like many more were headed that way the middle part of March when the virus came along and cancelled our trip. I have been blessed to visit many ports, but I want my grown sons and wives to visit/see St. Lucia as well.
  6. Sorry I didn't have time to post earlier, but I did the mud baths a few years ago. The "reason" I did this was to "prove" to my 3 sons that mom could STILL do things at her OLD age! 🙂 I will say it was an experience, and I'm glad I took the PLUNGE, as the expression goes. There were a LOT of young people at the mud bath, and I thought for a moment I really didn't want to do it, as I would be the ONLY older person, but I did anyway. When you first get in, the water will be hot (sort of like when you hit a pool or ocean, your body has to warm up to that temperature), but my body adjusted to it. I could not believe how all the young people surrounded me, and started taking care of me like a baby, but in a good way! They even helped me get out of the mud bath as well. I did not see anything to use, other than they had spray stands where you could stand under them and wipe/rub the mud off of you. I did not put mud on my face, but on my legs, etc. While I was washing this off, I never had so many people stop and say how PROUD they were that I did take the PLUNGE. This just made it worth while, and you feel so refreshed! 🙂
  7. I have thought about the all inclusive with my youngest son and wife do ing this for themselves, but I "enjoy" stopping at the other ports as well. I really didn't want to stay there for several days, as I have used a good touring company for the two times I went, and they were more than GREAT for the price I paid, and I would have paid more, as it was worth every penny for everything we seen/done!
  8. I hope so! Although I have been to many ports, I have been to St. Lucia twice, and fell in love with it, etc., and NOW I want my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to see what I saw! 🙂
  9. Although I like some "other" cruise lines, and the Fascination is gone forever, I hope that Carnival will eventually come up with a ship going to St. Lucia, when/if it is open, as I prefer Carnival, as that is MY opinion, and I am NOT one of those people that booze or drink! What I'm trying to say is I can have FUN without doing that!
  10. Yes, as some of you posted, I have been blessed at my age of over 70, to have done off/on over 25 some years of cruising. While doing this, I have been on small/medium, and large ships. I do find as some have stated, you can really get to know (this is "IF" you want to) other passengers better, as sometimes keep in touch years later, as well as getting to know the crew better. Someone mentioned the NCL, and I'm sure there are people on here that like that line, but we were on the NCL brand new ship, and to say the least..............I never heard/seen so much complaining about that ship , while we were on the ship, as well as many on the same airline talking about NOT wanting to do it any more! It may be fine now, but when we were on this ship, one thing was that there was very little to do to keep us interested! 😞 Whether I choose to do something or not is MY choice, but I like to be able to HAVE those choices! 🙂
  11. I had never used a PVP until this year, booking for the 8 of us, as I had always used a TA before, even though the TA's company would prefer we use "another" cruise line instead of Carnival, she would help me with info when needed. For the most part, my PVP was pretty good, although sometimes she didn't always get back with me in a certain amount of time, and I "wondered" why/where she was. I will say she did get my money back on my credit card in good time! 🙂
  12. I was able to do the Fascination a couple years ago, and we really liked it, even IF it was an older ship! I was hoping to do it next year, but it looks like this is out. 😞 I want to take my children to St. Lucia, where the Fascination ship went. I know the Covid19 is going on, but I was hoping to do "another" Carnival ship to St. Lucia next year, but I have a feeling there is none lined up at this point.
  13. Yes, I have been to St. Lucia twice, and fell in LOVE with that port/people. I now would like for my 3 sons/3 d-i-l's to see WHY I like St. Lucia so much! Now that the Fascination is gone, I'll have to wait and see if Carnival comes up with another ship going that way, before I check into another cruise line. I'll tell you a funny, I am over 70, but "I" did the "mud bath" in St. Lucia. I never seen so many people that seen me do it, and not knowing me, telling me how proud they were that I took the plunge at my age, as the expression goes!
  14. Yes I know other ships go to St. Lucia, but I would "prefer" doing Carnival when going to St. Lucia, if possible.
  15. I appreciate ALL your replies. I, like a couple others on here, am over the age of 70, but most people think/believe I am about 10 years younger, because of the way I look/act. I'm thankful to God that I am able to do what I do at my age, as many much younger, cannot do it! I have never done an all inclusive before, and my one son and family have done several, and just came back a couple weeks ago. I don't know if St. Lucia (this is the port I want my children to see why I like/enjoy it so much) will be open, but I just may go that route, even though I would prefer a cruise! I know this may seem a little silly, but I am "trying" to do what I can now, as I never know what tomorrow will bring in my life!
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