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  1. I have just been notified by my friend (really not a positive reason why), that she is not cruising with me on the 15th of March. 😞 I will be with other family members, but this was to be "our" time to do things together. To say the least, I have gone almost into a tail spin and I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I paid for almost everything (cruise, transportation, hotel, tour, etc.), and she was to pay me back for the cruise. To make the long story short, I talked with Carnival customer service, and because "I" paid for it, I will only get back the taxes, fees, etc. from Carnival. If you have been through this, or know of someone that has, what is the best way to handle this with Carnival, as I have not notified them as yet?
  2. I just discovered your review here on the Horizon which I am enjoying so far, which 7 of us, (was to be eight) will be taking the middle part of March. I may be wrong, but I thought you had planned on going by yourself, and then it looks like your mother joined you, which I think is wonderful. I guess the reason I say this, my friend was to be with me, along with my 3 son/3 d-i-l's, but she BACK OUT just a couple days ago. 😞 To say the least, I have been in a whirlwind, just trying to figured out "if" someone else could take her place, as I am losing quite a bit of my money, and I didn't want to be by myself, but I have had several people tell me I would be fine, so it looks like, even though I have my family, I will find out how it is to be a "solo" person at times. 🙂 When you said you were in Florida, I thought of my dear friend who lives in Clearwater, but she just started a job, or I know she would have gone. I'll look forward to reading more of your review.
  3. Well I'm back again, and I want to say, thank you for a couple of "chuckles" I got while reading these responses, which I needed, and the other advise. I may have never said, but the other 6 that are going are my 3 sons and 3 d-i-l's, so I know I won't have a problem. In fact, GeorgiaMomof4 just mentioned what one of my d-i-l's said a couple days ago. She told me the 3 d-i-l's could take turns staying all night with me. 🙂 Then I told another d-i-l today, and she suggested that her husband (my son, or his twin brother) take turns sleeping with me, as they SNORE, which is true! 🙂 I was out shopping Saturday, and this lady and I got talking, and she knew I was looking at formal gowns, and we started talking about cruising, and I told her about my friend canceling out. She then told me (as many of you have said here), I should go on as a solo, as I will still have my family with me at times. It will be hard for me to do, and I am an outgoing person once I get to know someone, but can be very shy at the same time, but I just may take the plunge! 🙂
  4. Thank you ALL for your responses. Yes there are others that I could ask, but I knew she had been through a lot over the past few years, and wanted to do something good for her. Her explanation to me was that she wasn't feeling up to par. I know her job is a bad situation, but I cannot help in that area. I feel the main reason she doesn't feel or want to go is that she feels she will have to pay me back, and even then, I was paying (flight/cruise/insurance/transportation, etc.) for over half or more, and she had no clue how much I have paid out. I also payed for her passport, as hers had expired. I did let her know not to worry, that I wanted her to go, and not to worry about paying me back!
  5. I have been getting so excited about our upcoming cruise (LOTS of ICE/snow to get away from) the middle part of March. There are 8 of us that are planning on going. My friend and I were to have a room at the end of the ship, as we were not doing the balcony and this is a nice room, like the rest, who are in the middle of the ship. She just notified me that she will probably not be able to go, did not state the reasons. She mentioned about one of my other friends going, but I told her it was too late to ask someone else. Now, if this has ever happened to you, or someone you know, how did you handle it? Yes, I will be with the rest of the group, but I feel so isolated and alone when going back to my room, or not doing something the rest of the group (their younger) might be doing. Please give me your thoughts on this. I understand, even though I paid for her cruise, I will not be reimbursed back, correct?
  6. Thank you for telling me about when starting the Sky Ride on the outside, there is a camera that takes the picture. That would be good. 🙂 I am a picture taker, and as you know, it is much cheaper to take our own, than buy. I know we are planning on buying the package before we cruise of the 5 pictures with canvas for I believe $100. So maybe I will pick this picture as one of the 5. 🙂 Oh yes, the champagne tower was at least 2 stories high. Actually I was about 6 or more steps up from the bottom just to pour the champagne in. Really neat, and a good memory. 🙂
  7. I appreciate ALL the input on this Coronaviris question. As for myself, and the 7 others that are to be with me, we will just take it one day at a time, and when it gets within a couple weeks of our cruising date, we will know more of how the Coronaviris is spreading, or is starting to diminish, which we hope is the case!
  8. Jimbo5544, I am NOT planning on anything happening! I just thought SunNFunCruzer had a good question, "if" someone had been on one of the ships here recently with the Coronaviris, it would be nice to know how the ship handled the situation.
  9. SunNFunCruzer, that is a good request that if anyone on CC cruises within the next 30 days, they post of what or how the ship they are on, is handling the Coronaviris. You said you were leaving on the 15th of March, and we are doing the same. I could be wrong, but I was thinking if it was that bad, Carnival would cancel the cruise, or do something before hand, as I'm sure they don't want a lot of people sick on their ships, as everyone will be in their rooms, and there won't be any "purchasing" of anything on the ship!
  10. So enjoyed the rest of your review. I'm glad you were able to do the Sky Ride, which I really want to do also. My question, "who" took the pictures? I was told that we cannot carry or have anything on us when we ride the Sky Ride? I'm a picture taker, so that is why I am asking. You also said you had "Flaming" Baked Alaska? I am really surprised when you said "flaming." I remember many years ago the waiters/waitresses were walking the isle with the flaming baked Alaska when the ship started moving real bad. To say the least, they stopped the part of "flaming," and only used candles after that. I'm still looking forward for the 8 of us to do the Horizon on the 15th of March, although many of my friends say we shouldn't, because of the Coronaviris. I'm doing a lot of praying as well. 🙂
  11. Thank you ALL for your replies. I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. 🙂 I have been able to see our room on video, and there is a small table, and the way it looks, I believe a chair would fit in there good, so I'll try too remember and ask. If they say no, then I understand that as well.
  12. I have been wondering about this myself, as several of my friends are worried about the 8 of us that will be leaving on carnival the middle part of March. I'm doing a LOT of praying, and I know God expects us to use wisdom as well. I would think that if a certain area we were to be cruising to, was bad, the ship (not that I want it to) would go another direction, and hopefully they would let us know ahead of time, so we could make other plans, as I have already made other reservations.
  13. We are using TripInsuranceStore. At this point I was pretty happy with them, but just received a letter notifying us that they would not cover the Coronaviris. We have about 5 weeks out, so hopefully things will get better in regard to the viris.
  14. I didn't have time to read all your responses, but if you haven't cruised as yet, they are running a photo pkg. deal, if you book it just before cruising. It is 5 8 x 10 photos for I believe $100, which was a pretty good deal. I think a canvas photo comes with it as well.
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