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  1. Agreed, get the CDC out of the free market and let companies decide how they want to cater to their customers.
  2. Hopefully this can be the first nail in the coffin of the CDC overreach.
  3. Except, the tyrannical vaxxers are the threat to society as demonstrated here. You take care of you, and everyone can have a good time.
  4. It's a long ship, it should fit. Now, the t-shirts might be a problem...
  5. Was thinking the same thing but along the lines of didn't want to deal with vax vs unvax.
  6. Maybe we have reached a point to expect it and treat it like the flu. Quarantine, maybe in the medical ward, until clear.
  7. Due to the continual challenges to the Odyssey's first sailing and its mythological history, we hereby seek a new name for this floating wonder.
  8. So far, all of the cases have been in persons who were vaccinated. I think you can drop the unvaccinated part. Going forward, there will be cases period.
  9. Does it matter if they're vaxed if positive? If you're a carrier you're a carrier.
  10. Not hurt by the pandemic, but rather the tyrannical emotional zealots.
  11. Problem is, this would put RC into a cruise cancel position and then have to write millions in checks. RCs driver is revenue. They hope to entice everyone possible.
  12. Not much different vaxed or unvaxed.
  13. Absolutely. Would prefer the cruise lines enable "sail at your own risk" with waivers.
  14. How about we quit fretting about what could be and deal with what is. Declining numbers on all fronts for infection and death. Increased natural immunity and herd immunity. Increased vaccination for those desiring to be vaccinated. It should be fairly observable that we have reached a break even point. To strap additional stresses upon travelers does little to promote health and continues to degrade mental wellbeing. COVID more than likely isn't going away and we must, like all others before it, learn to live with it in the background. We can bring up a hundred "what ifs". What if an unvaxed person brings back the virus... What if a vaxed person brings back the virus... What if a vaxed person leads to the death of an unvaxed person due to their unsanitary procedures... But none of that matters. It comes down to being an adult, making wise choices for yourself, and being responsible for said choices. If we look at the science, it is interesting to find that the infectious distribution shows no difference between those that followed CDC recommendations (isolation, masks, etc.) and those that didn't. For cruising, this means continued washing and healthy patterns without segmenting nor isolating cruisers due to opposing choices which both support healthy living.
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