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  1. Lowest would be a sky suite. You’d get the larger room, a butler, access to the Retreat and Luminae. The perks (liquor package, Internet) come with you from your original booking
  2. All you can do is call your TA or Celebrity (if you booked through them) and ask. Expect them to say no because that's what's in the terms and conditions, but you never know if they will allow you to change to another date.
  3. The drinks and prices generally are accurate on the app. It’s the activities and dining rotation that aren’t accurate. One caveat is to make sure the ship is currently sailing in the area you’ll be because ships out of some ports add the gratuity to the base price (eg Australia and other cruises)
  4. Did you go to the Coco Beach club? We are thinking of booking there for our b2b in September for a quiet day. Our 3 day sounds like it will be amazing (sometimes not in a good way) people watching.
  5. They only have so many 8 tops in the dining room and possibly all of those available for pre reservation have been taken. Their IT system isn’t the best. Shoreside is probably correct that your best bet is to go to the maitre’d when you first board to secure the time and number of the reservation you need.
  6. It’s for upper suites. I’ve only seen it for terminal 25 at Port Everglades but it may be used elsewhere. Unfortunately our experience has been that the when we had one of the special drop off signs, security or the port police did care and directed the vehicle to the first open spot. You can either then walk your luggage to the special drop spot or just give it to a porter.
  7. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences on Reflection. We are doing a b2b on September and will be the shortest cruises we’ve ever done. Hopefully you’ll love the Signature suites. We always book those on Reflection and will be in one when we cruise.
  8. I would not use the menus that are currently in the app to plan specialty dinners. The menus that are most likely placeholders and may not actually be that night's menu. They can switch until right before the cruise.
  9. It’s usually 80/20 in my experience, with the 80% of the time the premium items not being included. Typical Celebrity inconsistency. All depends on the server/maitre’d I guess. So don’t be upset if they say no and be amazed if they say yes.
  10. I can answer the 2nd part. Celebrity doesn't do theme nights like that. Occasionally they will hold a white party out on deck for the full moon, but it's not standard across the fleet.
  11. The PJs have to be the most ill fitting garments I've tried on in quite a while. I've stopped asking for them as they end up in the donation pile.
  12. Thanks for the review. For our cruise in September, the Chill Island cabanas are going for $1,300 and the Coco Beach Club over water cabanas are going for $3k. I’m not sure who would be paying that amount. For what you paid, I’d consider renting one, but there’s no way for the prices in my cruise. For folks not sailing in suites, that’s more than the cost of the entire cruise.
  13. We have added a third person to an existing reservation several times without Celebrity repricing the first two. However, the move up program adds another layer of complexity. Also, by the time that the move up bids are accepted and allocated, space for a 3rd may not even be available due to lifeboat capacity of that section.
  14. Most airlines post schedules about 330 days out. I’ve never asked if that’s something they could do. There’s no advantage even if they could. I’d do my research first and then book online or call FBC.
  15. I did it in March on Constellation and really enjoyed it. It’s done family style. In Connie it was held at Le Petit Chef. I’d like it better at Sushi on 5 for better ambiance.
  16. That will give you a sense of menus. But those menus in the app are merely placeholders until right before the cruise. The order will change.
  17. We just got notified yesterday that our March 2025 Summit cruise just changed from Labadee to St. Maarten. So they are now changing through at least the first part of 2025.
  18. The Retreat lounge probably only has a Nespresso machine, not an actual espresso machine. If you asked for one in the Retreat, they would have to go out to another bar to get it, which takes time. I would just go directly to the Martini bar.
  19. No problem. I just noticed it the other day when I was looking around the site. Hope it works.
  20. If you log into the Celebrity website, there is a last cruise section with information about how to request the folio. Folio available by request at CEC@celebrity.com or call 1-844-418-6824.
  21. The app showing the menu timing for June won't be accurate until you board so what you see now may not be the menu timing of that particlar night. If you really need to change an evening, best to do it on board.
  22. It’s not something Celebrity has ever done. Other lines do. But Celebrity does exactly what you remembered.
  23. As long as the flight is after the cruise, the website will let you book it. We’ve done that on both at the beginning and end to arrive early or stay late.
  24. Where do you see this? Celebrity's menus don't show surcharges, only the full price. For those items, the only time you'd have to pay for them in Retreat Class if you didn't have a liquor package.
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