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  1. Thanks for the Live thread. We were on the 8/29 sailing and love following along each week to see what everyone is up to. Can’t wait to get on another ship in 64 days. Hope everyone this next week has an amazing time.
  2. Here are a couple photos from our cruise on 8/29. The dogs name was Shadow and he is retired. He was a beautiful dog….very friendly and he gave us a lot of love when we went up before and after the talk to pet him. The dog and handler come on the ship and leave before it leaves the port so you have to get back on this ship early if you want to see the dog.
  3. I was on last week’s sailing and used the hot tubs in the Hollywood Pool area (indoor pool). Masks were not required and no one had a mask on in the hot tubs or in the pool.
  4. They weren’t on last week’s cruise. I miss the embarkation and photos they take when you get off at the ports. We didn’t take any photos last week because they were only the staged ones around the ship. I like the more candid ones where they don’t put you in funny poses. Saved some money by not having any photos to buy. I did not miss the photographers in the dining room!
  5. Our flight home isn’t until 7:30 tonight so we had time to kill today. We ended up booking the Princess excursion to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. We got dropped off at the airport at 1:30 so it’s turning into a long day but luckily flight is just under 2 hours. We started our day at 6:30 with breakfast in the dining room. We got off the ship around 8:00 and got to the Space Needle at 9:00 when it opened. I’ve never been up in it so I was happy to see the views of the city and of the Majestic Princess. We had about 2 hours at the PP Market and watched the flying fish, went to Starbucks and had lunch while we were there. It was very crowded and I was ready to get back on the bus and get out of there. Looking forward to getting home to see my cat tonight and sleeping in my own bed. I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and hope to sail on the Majestic Princess again as I thought it was a beautiful ship. Our next sailing is B2B on the Sky in November. I’d especially like to thank @4cats4me for setting up this Live thread and sharing your perspective and photos of the cruise. I looked forward to reading your updates everyday! I hope you had smooth travels back to the Bay Area today and maybe we will see you on another cruise in the future. Take care and enjoy your retirement!
  6. We showed up at 11:15 and our boarding time was 11:30 and we went right in.
  7. Our cabin had the hair dryer where you have to hold down the button in order for it to work.
  8. You know your cruise is almost over when it’s Baked Alaska night. 😢
  9. You could definitely add alcohol to it. You’d just need to order it at a bar or with a server. The app doesn’t allow for customization.
  10. Thanks for this information. Haven’t sailed on Royal class ships until this voyage. Our next sailing is on the Sky in November so happy to hear they have a similar pool area on other ships. We will be sailing in the Caribbean so hopefully it will be warm enough to enjoy the Retreat pool on the Sky. I’ve sure loved the Hollywood pool on the Majestic.
  11. The water is a little rough this morning so we are getting bounced around a bit. We have an aft cabin so perhaps this makes for more movement. We’ve never had an aft cabin before. I’m enjoying all the movement. As a child I spent a lot of time on a boat in the CA delta so I’ve always enjoyed the movement on a ship. This is the first movement I’ve felt. The rest of the trip has had really smooth waters. Saw my first kid on the ship yesterday. A young boy who I’m sure was at least 12 years old so probably vaccinated. Haven’t heard of anyone being tested for COVID on the ship this week.
  12. I felt very safe as well. This photo shows the platform you walk along to view the bears. The guides you are with know what they are doing. I would do this tour again in a heartbeat.
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