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  1. It all depends on how many kids are in the clubs, however it is usually easier to move kids down then up. I would definitely ask but be prepared for the answer to possibly be no or let's try it for a day and go from there. Good luck!
  2. Every safe we have ever used on a ship you have had to enter a code or swipe a card to LOCK the safe, then use the same method to open it, basically resetting the entry method each time the safe is opened. If someone on the ship overrode whatever to open it, then how did they close it with the same information the OP used? If they used any other method than what the OP did they would have known the next time they attempted to open the safe. I truly believe the item was erroneously left in the safe or never put back and fell at some point where they did not notice it.
  3. Agree with others here. Sad for the OP that they cannot find their jewelry but doubt it was the cabin steward stealing it. How many posts have been on CC with people finding things left in the cabin by previous occupants especially in the safe. Unless you shine a light in the safe or run your hands all over the bott9m it's very easy to miss something. I can't count the number of times I put something somewhere safe and then forgot where that was only to find it days or weeks later. Hoping that your jewelry turns up soon. Thanks for the reminder to keep track of items when on vacation.
  4. Congrats!! I was another that stayed at the same company almost 35 years. Unfortunately don't see this longevity in the younger generation.
  5. https://www.cruzely.com/heres-how-much-money-cruise-ships-make-off-every-passenger-infographic/ Can't verify what's in this article but if true interesting. Uses Royal as example showing where they make $298 profit on average from each passenger. This number is includes cabin, average $1116, and onboard spend, average $444. So if onboard spend is down, easy to not make that profit. Looked and didn't this posted before if it was sorry.
  6. Our last time in Cozumel we did Nachi as opposed to the other AIs hoping to avoid kids, was just DH and I. Minutes after we got there 2 families with small kids showed up and were seated just down from us. Fortunately the kids were all very well behaved and it was a non issue, but we did have a few anxious moments. All you parents don't take it the wrong way, have raised my kids, also have grandkids now which we adore, and like seeing them enjoy themselves but at times prefer a non kid environment. Since Nachi doesn't have all the bells and whistles had assumed/hoped it would be a quieter more relaxing adult day. If we had had kids in the hot tubs like you did we probably would have done an "excuse me, trying to get to the adult only bar" loud enough for the parents to hear. It is a shame that a few have to ruin it for the rest. BTW, thanks for the great live report. Much appreciate it, looks like you are having a great time. A few years ago took our 19 year old on the bar hop, he had some sleeping it off to do that night as well!
  7. My understanding is 2 bottles per cabin where at least 1 of those in the cabin is 21 or older. Splitting up parents is often done to allow 4 bottles to be brought onboard.
  8. First of all the original post never asked if a package was worth it or not, only if it was required, you are the one that brought the judgement into the post. Second, yes I am defensive when someone incorrectly insinuates I have a drinking problem just because I choose to buy a drink package. You don't know me or anything about me. Just so tired of every time a drink package question is asked the judgement comes out from someone. While on vacation if I have 3 or 4 drinks over 8 or more hours each day for a week, but go home and don't drink anything for weeks, does that make me an alcoholic??? Sorry but I don't think so and as you can see many here also feel the same.
  9. Oh please stop. We get the drinks package on all our cruises and are no where close to having a drinking problem. We have gotten the package for as low as $39 a day. With some of the drinks we prefer being close to the limit that's about 3 drinks a day plus a few bottles of water. I drink enough in bottled water to cover at least a third of the cost if not more. The packages are not just alcohol. To the OP, no you do not need to buy any type of drink package, and if you drink 2 alcoholic drinks during the entire cruise it definitely would not make sense for you. If you like non alcoholic frozen drinks or sodas, specialty coffees, etc there are other packages for those that may save you money, but again no need to purchase anything at all.
  10. If you are a US citizen on a closed loop cruise to the carribean from the US without stops in Cuba, where a 6 month valid passport is required, you will be fine. We booked a fairly last minute cruise to the Bahamas in January. Pulled out our passports to do online check in and realized they expired in March. We did get a warning during on line check in about the 6 month recommendation so just in case we brought our birth certificates with us. At check in on day of cruise handed over our passports. No one batted an eye, the birth certificates never came out. Since you can sail on your itinerary without a passport at all, if you are nervous about it just bring the alternate docs, but chances are you won't need them. Have heard of people having issues if they need to leave a cruise early and can't get a direct flight back to the US, but only you can decide if that's a concern for you. For us it wasn't.
  11. Some of the things we look at are How far away from the ship will the tour be going, the further away the more likely to use ship tours. An example here is Cozumel going to see the ruins on the mainland. These are notorious for being late. Can I get the tour on my own or must I use the ship. Sometimes the cruise lines book up all available spaces with certain vendors. If it's really an excursion you want there are not a lot of options. Reputation of vendors. Can I find a local vendor with good reviews, usecruise critic and trip advisor. Most places you can find reputable vendors. Of course cost. We do a combination of ship tours, private tours and DIY. They all have their own pros and cons but with a little research you can find what works best for you. Oh and to add, the cruise line guarantees they will get you back to the ship, but not necessarily that same day. There have been a few times when a ship needed to leave port, rare yes but has happened. In this case they will get you to the next port.
  12. Yep, you need to check out for each day before adding the next. Since they are all $0 no CC needed, pain but dies go fairly quickly.
  13. In most places under 16 does not need a photo ID. Other ID could include birth certificate or for outside US there are others can't remember the official names for.
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