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  1. I see it more like your flight still gets to Atlanta but instead of a stopover in NYC your stopover is in Poughkeepsie. The flight still starts and ends in the same place but takes a different route to get there. I have stated on other threads about these issues I truly feel for those whose itinerary has been changed but this is part of cruising. Been cruising for many years and always tell people asking about cruises if you want to get to a certain place never book a cruise to get you there. Too many things can happen to change itineraries, at least those impacted have time to change plans. Most often with itinerary changes, weather, medical, mechanical, etc happen while onboard with little or no time to adjust.
  2. Agree with Capt BJ. Your age for the duration of the cruise is whatever it is on the day you board. If you really want to change it you can go to guest services with proof and get a new card. My son turned 18 on a cruise, he wanted to use the teen club so stayed 17 for the duration with a "kids" seapass.
  3. Agree have been cruising for over 30 years and always tell people don't book a cruise if you have your heart set on getting to 1, or 2, special places. Remember you are on a ship, if mechanical issues happen they can't bring another in like a bus or a plane. Weather, ocean conditions and many other things can impact the ability to dock somewhere. Medical emergencies can change the course of a sailing, and I am sure many other things as well. Is it a disappointment absolutely, but it's part of choosing a cruise vacation. With cruises becoming common place many don't understand the risks unfortunately. As for the pizza, yes you still have a full pizza, just one of the slices has a different topping that you don't care for. The only exception is to the sailing where boarding is delayed, in that case one slice has no topping. Does the situation suck, yep, should there be some OBC probably, but cancelling over this to me is too much. Never have had a port cancelled, but came close in the med once when riots were taking place in Athens. We were disappointed when it looked like we wouldn't make it, knew about a week or so beforehand, but had plan b all ready. Fortunately didn't need it.
  4. No life is not easy but just because you have an allergy or some other issue you shouldn't cruise??? If so the ships would be empty. My daughter has cruised and faired very well. She knows the questions to ask and the places to go. However when you get inconsiderate people who go to the gluten free, vegan, etc areas and poke at the food there contaminating it that is just not right. Unfortunately this does make life harder for people like my daughter because no she won't touch it unless she saw it come from the kitchen and can ensured if it's content. We have become a me me me society and very few think of others and how their actions impact anyone else. Very sad commentary on our world.
  5. My daughter has celiac disease. The flour on the fish can set her off, fry the potatoes in the same oil as the fish and she has an issue. She has learnt to ask how fries are cooked before touching any if them. Until she was diagnosed I never would have thought about cross contamination in this context but now do.
  6. To add, while the OP may know the details and only be looking for a simple yes or no answer, others may read this post and not. By adding the additional info those posters could be helping others. Once the OP got their answer no need to keep coming back. Posts on an internet forum seem to have a life of their own and cannot be controlled by one individual poster. This can be good, provides a wider breadth of info, or bad when it goes totally astray.
  7. Thanks for coming back to finish up your story. Wow what an ending, glad you stuck up for yourself to get your vouchers and get on a flight.
  8. If people didn't try to sneak drinks to others or sneak their friends in, or sneak into the lounge themselves this would not be an issue at all. A simple response of my wife got us seats while I got drinks was all he was most likely looking for. I would prefer the question to be asked, nicely of course, and have benefits remain. Too many people looking for exceptions and/or bragging about getting them any more.
  9. Which is what I originally stated and Shmoo commented it didn't work that way on Disney. I added my experience was on Royal and that each line seemed to handle things differently. Bottom line ask the question on the line you are looking at to see what their rules are.
  10. Our experience was on Royal so I guess each line does it different. He was definitely allowed in the teen club for the entire voyage even though he turned 18 a few days in.
  11. Not that i liketo agree with CB, but I am pretty sure they were talking about the night club's which are 18 and over. While they can get in they cannot purchase alcoholic drinks until 21 on US based sailings. Agree, teen clubs are very strict, no one over 17 allowed, however that age is determined as of the first day of the cruise. My son turned 18 during a cruise and was considered a teen the entire voyage. Therefore he could go to the teen club but not night club. If we/he wanted we could switch mid cruise but then he woudnot be allowed in teen club but would be in the night club.
  12. Agree, I can get one of my favorite wines for 9.99 a bottle. Have had wines that are close to 100 and while they are nice, definitely not worth the cost to us. Price has nothing to do with it, it's all about taste.
  13. Maybe not the preferred option but better than switching cabins, is it possible to have cabins switched on the 4/3 sailing? If your cabin is a desirable one maybe that would work? Also make sure to ask for some OBC for the inconvenience thus has cost you. I do hope this all works out for you.
  14. Thanks for sharing, horrible situation with a good outcome. Hope you friend continues with his positive recovery.
  15. And supposedly only those drinks that are on the Diamond list. To answer the original question I would love the discount for Diamond. We find that what we normally drink is not of the Diamond drink list and the timeframe for those drinks does not fit into our schedule well. On sea days we enjoy drinks by the pool, often frozen along with many bottles of water, on port days we usually get a frozen something to take back to the cabin and relax on the balcony (before lounge hours) as well as waters to take off in port. We are usually getting ready during the earlier lounge hours, then head to dinner where we will have wine, don't care for the lounge wine get something else. By the time dinner is over the lounge is winding down so our drinks at the show and on are too late. Add on oj, coffee, and those bottles of water all day and night and it works for us. Could we make it work to have our drinks during the lounge hours, probably, but it's just not for us.
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