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  1. Agree. As to the original "rumor" I do wonder if Celebrity floats some of these things to see what reaction it will get. Nobody liked the idea of adding a gratuity to a perk so they took a step back and made it a slightly different $ amount and changed the name. Some still don't like it but many are accepting it without much complaint. Slick marketing if true. Have seen a number of reported rumors on these boards over the years, most never come to fruition so take them all with a grain of salt until I hear it from an official source. Of course it is interesting to see what they are.
  2. Just because someone turns 18 it doesn't mean they change overnight. As has been said here before most kids are still in high school in the US when they turn 18, and therefore want to stick with the kids they are used to being around. This was the case for my son. The bigger change is when kids go to college, some are over 18 while some may still be 17. I get why we place hard lines in the sand for ages, but during the teen years there is such a wide variety of maturity levels it is not so cut and dry, especially when you look at the differences between high school and college.
  3. Not to argue with you but my son turned 18 on a cruise a while back and continued to use the teen club throughout the cruise. Yes, he did go to the club, not just hang out with others. Did this change at some point recently??
  4. I too hope the rules change to where a passport us required to cruise out of the US. We are the only country, I believe, where a passport is not required for such travel. Having said that I can see why the cruise lines are hesitant to let it happen. If you have a family of 4 that does not have passports you have just raised the cost of that cruise by close to $500 In order for them to get passports. For some that extra expense, and time to get the passports for the kids, puts the cruise out of reach which is now a lost customer to the cruise line. One day it will change but I fear it will be a while.
  5. I could be wrong but I believe you can only do it on the website within a certain amount of days of the cruise, I want to say 30 or 60??? Otherwise you have to call.
  6. This was going to be my reply. For mist cruise lines as long as one name remains the same on a reservation the others can be changed.
  7. I actually do agree with your statement, however it does somewhat support what some of us have been saying. The world today is different and the younger generation only has that perspective. The cruise lines know if they want to keep growing and attracting business this is who they need to market to. As consumers we need to decide if the new model is one we want to sail with or not. Personally while we most likely will cruise again, and maybe with Celebrity, it definitely won't be as often as it was in the past. The current product just doesn't warrant it for us and if that puts us in the minority that's fine. Just trying to explain why I feel some are not happy with the direction cruising is going, not saying it shouldn't.
  8. Agree, our first cruise was on Carnival in 1988. The little things included made it so special. We remember our drink bill at the end of the week being less than $100 and no we didn't skimp on drinks, as a matter if fact still have glasses, made from real glass, not plastic, that came with some of those drinks. The difference to me is that when I was that younger demographic cruising was very different than it is today. Most of those the cruise lines are now targeting would not have liked the old style of cruising which many of the long time Celebrity cruisers did. Even though we have been cruising for many years, we are in between the 2 groups. We used to sail Royal as our kids enjoyed what they had to offer. Now that the kids don't sail with us most if the time we had moved over to Celebrity to get back some if that old cruising feel. Unfortunately it's going away there as well. As I said earlier in this thread our next cruise is most likely our last for a while, looking at other vacations as cruising just doesn't bring the same excitement it used to.
  9. I do think you were the base customer for Celebrity a few years back and therefore adding the package as a perk was a good marketing tactic that didn't cost them much if anything at all. However, to increase the number of customers marketing tactics have changed to lure in a younger crowd where the beverage package is a bigger draw. In this case I am assuming the beverage package is beginning to cost them $$ so something has to be done. The newer demographic needed to fill all those new ships is changing the bottom line and unfortunately other changes will need to come because of that.
  10. Agree, our most recent cruise had 2 perks for just under $200 per person, or all 4 including premium beverage package for just over $300. Since we would most likely get the beverage package anyway and pay gratuities this was a no brainer for us. The base price on the cruise doubled at one point without any perks, and recently has dropped below what we paid, just barely, but again without perks. You really need to look at all the options and decide what works best for you. We are starting to become tired of all the games cruise lines are playing and not as excited as we used to be for our next sailing so it may be the last for us for a while. As long as people continue to blindly pay for the things the cruise lines keep adding they will stay and keep adding more. Complaints and talking with your $$ may do something but but seems there are always others waiting in the wings to take your place.
  11. Have seen the same scooters in DC and Nashville. In Nashville there were so many on the sidewalk it almost became dangerous. One night on the way back to our room saw the truck picking them all up at the end of the day. Interesting idea just don't get it, too many issues to me. As always look forward to your live reviews, very much appreciate them, thanks!
  12. As some others have said we don't have a line in the sand, but more of a what will be the final straw. Also, it's got a lot to do with who else is cruising with us. We did Royal for a number of years because that's our kids liked and it worked for us. Now that we are sailing more just the 2 of us have been trying Celebrity. We have also added other types of vacations than cruising and have visited some very nice land locked places. For now we will continue with Royal and Celebrity where we have Diamond and reciprocal Elite status, but are closely watching the prices and cuts to see if that will continue.
  13. A few comments, don't feel like trying to find all posts to quote. Overall I agree with the OP on food. We have always said the apps are the best part of the meals and the quality goes downhill from there. In a way it's good I guess as then I don't eat the desert! It definitely sounds like the room steward was not the best. My DH is not good at putting clothes away when we travel. I used to do it but gave up thinking the clothes would be left where they were. Nope, every time we come back his clothes are folded, kind of, and stacked on the sofa. Have told many don't do it but they still do. Towels, those in the bath did you rehang them after use? I believe there is a sign, saying if hung up they will not be replaced, if you want new ones put on the floor. We don't change towels every day at home so why should I on vacation? Pool towels, while I am not crazy about checking out and exchanging towels it does help with chair hogs. If someone is responsible dollar wise for them they are less likely to leave on an empty lounger. We check them out the first day and exchange for dry ones until the last day. Have been on ships without the checkout process and often see rows and rows of used towels on empty chairs as people are too lazy to return them. Johnny Rockets, maybe times have changed and it wouldn't happen now but the service charge was implemented to keep crowds down. Originally it was free and kids would use it as a hangout. With the service charge that went away. Of course they just keep raising the price so I guess people are paying it. We have one a little over a mile from our house and don't go on land so have no desire to go at sea. Other free food options. As others have said the larger ships have more options, the smaller even less. Robes, if they were important did you ask the cabin steward if you could get them? The answer may have been no but even those who have the status to get them have to ask most times. Chocolates on the pillows have been gone for long time which is fine with us, never cared for them. Sometimes bring some better chocolates for us if we remember. As someone else mentioned a little research could have prepared you the differences you would find. You could have, at that point, adjusted what you brought or at least knew going in so the disappointment would be lessened. Of course you wouldnt have kniwn of the poor steward, but maybe would have known who to talk to in order to address it.
  14. As others have said Royal has been using this process for many years on some of their ships. Have heard of more concerns than actual incidents but this thread shows it can happen unfortunately. I am fine with the process but not with the way it was handled by guest services. That was totally unacceptable and the OP has every right to be upset by it.
  15. I believe the check they are referring to is the purchase of the package if buying not getting as a perk, so if you were paying $50 a day for package they would add $10 a day for the tip. Are you talking about the daily gratuities each person ays per cabuin? If so it has nothing to do with beverage packages, it is for things such as complimentary dining, cabin attendants and support crew. There is a breakdown of who gets what but don't have it handy. As mentioned above if you have a beverage package as a perk the gratuity is included, if you purchase a beverage package the gratuity is added to the purchase price (in some countries it is included in the price such as Australia). In either case tips will not be added as drinks are purchased, of course you are free to add if you want.
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