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  1. This is where I have an issue, whether he actually put his head or Chloe out the window, being that close and bending over like he did I don't see how he didn't feel the breeze, or even just nitice a difference in the air to know the window was open. She did not need to be out the window to fall thru it, toddlers squirm and reach for things all the time which is why you don't put them anywhere near such a potential hazard. I fear for the days we won't be able to get anywhere near the edge of a ship due to silly lawsuits such as this one. Unfortunately we live in a society where very few take responsibility for themselves and need to be told things could be dangerous.
  2. There have been a few posts about the 2 day cruises lately, one had a number of replies. Anyway, we did the 2 night Silhouette cruise last year. Can't remember exactly the activities but there were quite a few. As to evenings, we had only guest entertainers, different both nights, no production shows. It definitely was not a normal Celebrity type cruise, lots more groups out to enjoy themselves on our sailing.
  3. I believe there is a cutoff, ie 4 days left in the cruise, to purchase a package, you can't get just the last day or 2.
  4. My last comment on this, there is a big difference, at least to me, in placing blame on the grandfather, he made an unintentional mistake costing his granddaughters life, and accusing the grandfather of intentionally dropping her. I agree Royal is not to blame and the ships are safe as designed for toddlers, kids, etc and I don't remember seeing anyone on this thread feeling differently.
  5. I did not say definitively but that I find it very hard to believe. On the other hand, no I will not go back and find it, at least one said they believe it was intentional. Yes there are bad people in this world but we do lve in an innocent proven guilty world. I have seen nothing in any report except for a doting grandfather who made a horrible mistake. If there was any indication of anything else I don't believe the family would be standing behind him. Put yourself in this families shoes, would you want people on the internet accusing, and yes people are here, of intentionally harming a child within your family. It took me a number of times seeing here before commenting. Yes it is the internet, but we are talking about a small child's death, in my opinion (and yes I realize other don't care about that necessarily) it is not right to be making such accusations with NO evidence that is the case.
  6. https://nypost.com/2020/01/19/video-shows-grandfather-dangle-chloe-wiegand-before-fatal-fall-on-cruise-ship/ This is one if the articles that references the 13 cameras. Not saying I agree with the attorneys at all. Agree they are just grabbing at straws trying to come up with anything at this point, time to let it all go and drop this silly lawsuit.
  7. For all those on this thread that are insinuating that in any way this was an intentional act by the GF, I strongly disagree and really dislike seeing such accusations. While I do believe the GF is solely responsible for this child's death I find it very hard to believe there was anything intentional here. I was one of those who said maybe heat got to him, after all he appears to be a larger man from Indiana and this incident happened in July in San Juan. I am not sure when they arrived in San Juan but they may not have been used to the heat and humidity, hey I live in the south and it still gets to me certain days. There are so many reasons why this could have happened including just plain poor judgement but we will most likely never know why. I am not even sure the GF knows what happened, I am sure he has blocked a lot of it out as many do in such situations. Honestly there is no reason for any of us to know, other than curiosity, and rightfully so since none of us are involved personally. Hopefully we do find that Royal is cleared 100% of wrongdoing but I fear it will end up settled somehow and we will never hear. I do realize this hits some harder than others, I have grandkids of my own around her age, but maybe it's time for some here to step back away from this thread. So far it's been mostly a friendly discussion, let's keep it that way so it doesn't get locked or deleted. One other comment that I have not seen mentioned, it appears the family/attorney is saying there are 13 security cameras in the area of the ship where this happened. They are saying the one released is a deceiving angle and want the rest to show a different story. Not sure how they would but seems they continue to grasp at straws in their defense. Afraid this isn't going anywhere soon.
  8. I wonder if the heat was getting to the GF. You can see him squat down before going over to the window. Was he sticking his head out to find a breeze to cool off? Did he pick up the granddaughter because he wanted the fresh air instead if squatting down by her? I am pretty sure we will never know what truly happened that day. Not sure the GF really knows either and since he's the only family member that was there it all just leads to speculation. Bottom line is a child is no longer here and the family is hurting. I hope they can see through their grief to realize Royal is not responsible in any way and by keep pushing this lawsuit it only makes them look money hungry. Hopefully this is all over shortly and we can all move on.
  9. We were on Silhouette in November, our express pass did not show the beverage package until about a month prior to the cruise. It was a perk, not purchased separately. My opinion, if you are within a month of sailing and don't have it I would call, otherwise if it's earlier wait until closer to sailing to be concerned.
  10. I remember a few years back sailing out of southern California, no food was allowed outside until we were a certain distance from port. Had something to do with fruit flies if I remember correctly. Our usually routine was to get seats by the pool and then grab lunch from the buffet and eat by the pool. We couldn't on that cruise. So yes California dies have some different rules than other states.
  11. We did the 2 day on Silhouette, out of Ft Lauderdale, last year and yes it was different than your normal cruise but a good option if you live close. The first night we did see many overly intoxicated individuals, along with a bachelorette group a few cabins down from us having a grand time. The second night seemed to be a bit more sedate, guess they were still recovering from night 1. For our cruise the beverage packages were full price and none were included in the fare but many did purchase. The entertainment was all special acts, none on the regular production shows. We were in concierge and are elite, the only perk we used wax lunch the first day, no wine in cabin, etc. Would I do it again, absolutely but only if I lived close or was extending another cruise.
  12. Equate the helicopter to a lifeboat, there are only so many seats and far less than the beds available on the ship. Quite often people are unable to book more than 2 in a cabin even though there are beds for more because lifeboat capacity has been maxed out, nothing to do with age of anyone but just overall capacity. Cruising has many different "rules" than other vacations that many do not realize. Maybe a cruise isn't the best choice right now for your family, only you can decide that.
  13. I have a work associate who was stopped at the airport in the US before a trip to Europe because their passport was not valid for the 6 months so yes they do check. They were not allowed to board the plane.
  14. So excited to see another of your great reviews, we were on a similar itinerary on Silhouette in early November and missing it, all except the extreme hot weather. We enjoyed many drinks up at the sunset bar with Ansel and his crew and of coursevtime at the Martini Bar when we could find a seat! Enjoy your trip will be following along.
  15. We officially docked at 8 am a few weeks ago and easily made it to the 8:30 tour for anyone concerned.
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