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  1. On Wikipedia there's nothing about Tim Gunn designing, though he as chief creative officer for Liz Claibourne, but I suspect that has to do with approving not designing. I was happy with the final four. From the very beginning Sebastian has been my favorite, but who knows? I've been a bit miffed with the person who didn't make it several times over the season. BTW, her line is called "Grind and Glaze" if you want to check out her stuff.
  2. Saw a pin/necklace for the save the Bees cause that featured honeycomb. Using that shape as a design motif could have been nice. But they wouldn't have liked it no matter.
  3. I was miffed by the judges dismissal of Garo Sparo's bee cause. If bees disappear we all die, because they pollinate our food (and the food of the animals we eat). Granted, I didn't care for his dress design and his shirt communicated nothing, but his cause is every bit as valid as the others. No bees, it doesn't matter about discrimination in any form. Now, if he'd gone with something representing fruit/grain/veggies they might have gotten it.
  4. The winner should give Christian a big hug for insisting he quit messing with muslin and drape his fabric.
  5. I used to sew quite a bit; made many of my clothes in high school and college, sewed all the curtains for my first house, made my bellydance costumers (no patterns for the last two). But then came decades of not sewing and now I have a hard time just getting the tension set right. ha ha
  6. I want to go on record as really liking the Bravo changes. The workroom/sewing area is so much more creative, open and inspiring. Before it looked like the blandest hotel meeting room ever. But it's nothing compared to the "waiting area," where safe designers hang. It's like someone's home hosting a casual party and it encourages interaction instead of each designer sitting glumly on a couch. I was a bit concerned about Christian at first (because I love him) but he is keeping it real for sure now. It seems like he spends more time in the workroom than Tim did. We're seeing more of his very solid critiques (in two rounds), and I like that he's around when the models are there. I LOVED when he called out the three designers lounging over a meal. I remember his season -- he as always first to finish then he'd go "visiting" the other designers (which was probably annoying but showed his curiosity -- he was only 21). That man has a phenomenal work ethic. I like that there are various sized models. I like that the models are identified and talked about. I like that we see the bit where everyone is still doing final snips and stitches before the show. I like that the models stay on the runway for the up-close looks and the judges aren't as handsy (like Zac Posen) with them. I like that when the workroom looks like a real workroom, with stuff everywhere, when the losing designer goes in to "pack." I don't know who wan on the decision making team, but they made solid changes. As to streetwear, when Jamall explained his look I immediately flashed on a velvet hoodie with slashed Elizabethan-style sleeves and that beautiful print puffing through the slashes and lining the hood. Now that would have been lux streetwear. Wish I could design. I'd make it for myself. ha ha
  7. I agree as well. A complete mess. Not knowing when this was taped, it could have been an unexpected cold snap. Judging from the freshness of the yellow leaves it looked like early fall. Fall used to be my favorite time to camp; crisp in the morning, warm in the day. They might have had everything scheduled/paid for/set up and no backup plan. I'm holding that as an excuse, because otherwise there is none. I really thought the winning look would be the losing look. ha ha ha
  8. I loved all four collections (all stars)and was really happy with the winner. Dimitri's comment afterwards was rather snippy, but as my DH pointed out, he might have talked for 30 minutes and they pulled the most unflattering quote. I'm still an episode behind on PR back on Bravo. But there was a super WOW dress in the second episode. So glad it won but what is amazing is that he did so much more for his team. A real whiz!
  9. I haven't watched the second episode yet but I, too, noticed we only saw (I think) two critiques by Christian. Figure that's due to the big introduction process in the first episode. I was very excited by Christian's inclusion as he IS a designer as opposed to a dean/educator. Gunn had great mentoring skills but in the last few seasons his recommendations were often at odds with what the judges liked. Christian is more tightly involved. Did notice they said about Christian, "He'll be your mentor this season." Hmmm... Thrilled about the diversity in the models. Love the new workroom. BTW, I read somewhere (here?) the Tim and Heidi are doing some sort of PR variation for another network (Amazon? Netflix?).
  10. I am very confused about Edge dining. 1. Which venues are included (no up charge)? 2. What (if anything) is the difference between the four MDRs? 3. If I have "select dining" do I have to make reservations for MDRs? Can't I just walk up? We are traveling with another couple and want to dine together. Also, I would prefer not to have pre-set dining times without knowing daily activities. Thanks in advance.
  11. Here's a fun link. Have we seen some designs like these on Project Runway? https://www.boredpanda.com/weird-clothing-items-on-sale/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic&fbclid=IwAR2fmMoJSAwv5Kws8u-SVwAyWH0GyqrZ-LKfOYFbFOgnes1xBp7NmjBoMWA
  12. All good to know! Noticed no one posted anything to avoid. The first thing a fellow passenger on an Azamara cruise said was, "Don't eat the onion rings. They're terrible." Of course we had to try them after that (they're simple pub grub, after all). And, they were truly terrible. Turns out the cooks pre-fry them and then re-fry when someone orders. The result is breading that has a lot in common with concrete. LOL.
  13. Thanks to all! Do you know if they offer smoked salmon at breakfast?
  14. Are there any dishes that Celebrity is particularly known for? We're sailing the Eclipse soon if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  15. That is both hysterical and awful! Thanks to all for the info!
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