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  1. Have attempted to book a 7 day trip in September. Any body else getting this error message ? 500 WE APOLOGIZE BUT AN UNEXPECTED ERROR HAS OCCURRED. PLEASE TRY AGAIN OR CLICK HERE TO GO BACK TO HOMEPAGE.
  2. Benita, You say your" FCC came through immediatly," Where did you see it ? Sue
  3. Patty, The reason for my double post is, I was going to respond & then changed my mind, seemed pointless.
  4. Hi Cricket, Im a Brit & I havent & just wondered whether you received the port taxes refund from our "Flying Dutchman" trip ?
  5. Please find below the response I have received from Crystal Cruises: Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to accelerate the timeline for this refund. It is a port tax refund from an affected sailing rather than a cancellation refund and as Guest Relations advised they are still working through them. We can only refund it to the guest once we have it from Crystal in the USA and last week they advised it would be sent to us in a few weeks time. Once we receive it we then need to allow time for our accounts department to process it. As you can imagine, at such an unprecedented time, in order to keep track of things we can only make outgoing payments once the money is in from head office. These refunds are received in a bulk list and our accounts department then need to sort through them and assign them to each booking and from there work through processing the refund payments. Please let *******know that we will endeavour to get her refund back to her as soon as we can but these things have to go through certain procedures and it is not as simple as clicking a refund button.
  6. Hi, Not a Canadian, a Brit & still waiting . Went through my old paperwork & found the letter Captain Nenad on 8th Feb had delivered to our staterooms part of which said ; "Please note that all port charges will be refunded to the original form of payment" On 23rd April my TA finally got back to & informed me they had been advised by Crystal that the refunds. were still being processed & will be sent to them within the next few weeks & there accounts Dept will need time to process it once they receive the money. Now Im not suggesting that "my refund is the most important " however this has so far taken 82 days ! Im not holding my breath 🙂
  7. Hi Rob, Do you mind sharing what the $ amount was. Live in the UK & not sure whether its worth chasing my TA regarding this Sue
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