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  1. I was told that we couldn't cancel our pre-aid gratuities if it was within 90 days of sailing. Is this not correct? Have others been successful?
  2. We received an email from Carnival that stated our itinerary change. I believe I read somewhere that GT is re-opening in November but on a limited capacity so maybe the cruise lines are alternating days?
  3. Our Nov cruise had Grand Turk and Amber Cove. GT was replaced with Nassau. Day 1 - leave Miami Day 2 - Nassau Day 3 - Princess Cays Day 4 - Sea day Day 5 - Amber Cove Day 6 - Sea Day Day 7 - Arrive in Miami
  4. I thought the same thing but we have cruise booked in Nov and another in April. I don't have any casino or drink offers but the VIFP rates are super low. I found a short cruise (3-5 days) for less than $90 per person. The port fees/taxes were more than the room rate/gratuities. 😲
  5. I don't know if we are going to see any better deals than what is out there right now. They are struggling to fill (the reduced capacity) of some of these ships. I would go ahead and book it now.
  6. V_V


    I hope you guys come back and post about your experience!! We are on it next month!!
  7. Yay!! Hope you have a great time!! We are still 38 days out.
  8. We were notified on September 2nd for a port change on our November cruise (Grand Turks closed). The itinerary changes only mentioned November. I would imagine you should be notified soon for your December cruise. Have you checked your SPAM folder?
  9. Maybe it was a hiccup because I was able to go through the steps of booking a Jan 2022 cruise from Charleston.
  10. The Freedom doesn't leave until this weekend.
  11. How exciting!! We are still 44 days out over here.
  12. I'm not sure if we are on the same Nov cruise or not....if it makes a difference to anyone with experience, our itinerary changed. Our sea days are now Wednesday and Friday (boarding the ship on Sunday).
  13. Can anyone recommend vegetarian friendly food choices in Nassau? Or did anyone at least notice if there were some options available?
  14. A couple days ago both cabins in our group received a refund of $14. We did not receive any email explanation as to why we received this refund. We are certainly not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Just curious as to why we would have received a refund from Carnival. Did anyone else receive something similar? Any thoughts as to why? There was a change in ports (Grand Turk was replaced with Nassau) - do you think that could be it?
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