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  1. Our April/May cruise for Eastern Europe was canceled ( for the 2nd time) so we decided to re-book it for the 3rd time BUT not til ‘23
  2. We rebooked this cruise for Spring of 2021 HOPEFULLY
  3. Wait & See Booked for an Eastern Europe river cruise April / May Happy that this time we did air & insurance with Viking Question: Does the insurance transfer too ? Guess I just don't want to think about it 🙄
  4. You will know when you get on ! Usually a sea day Blu is really nice Enjoy
  5. Viking Explorer suites and great with the wrap-around deck Large Comfortable and the view is wonderful Nice treat for one's self
  6. We were happy both with and without the Package. Since you can bring whatever you want on board, we enjoyed buying the wines we really love for our Happy Hour The included lunch & dinner wines were good When in the Explorer suite the package was included We were happy with the wine list & liquors Stilll brought local wines because we were in Germany ! and wanted to drink "local"
  7. Yes me thinks you are on the opposite side. there is a little circle diagram = stairway on the deck plan.
  8. The stairs take you to deck 12 in the spa so you do not have to walk in the public area The door leading to the relaxation lounge is at the end of the hallway Once we had the end cabin - right next to the door. Check out the deck plan for 11 & 12 carefully
  9. Yes There is a stairway from the hallway on deck 11 to the Spa area and a door to the lounge at the end of the hall.
  10. Thanks I am looking forward to trying something new.
  11. We are in a RS on Solstice sailing Feb 7th Rec'd an email from the On-shore concierge last week regarding our requests
  12. If you want to shop stores are closed in Germany on Sundays Things pretty much close down during Easter week which can run from Holy Thursday thru Easter Monday
  13. Never ! Have stayed in many cabins with butler unpacking service but never even thought to request it. Can't imagine having someone else unpack and put away my stuff.
  14. It is an individual choice. I love the suites for the space and the perks After 25 yrs of cruising I've been in all classes except for Interior. Prefer having my own space and a door between sleeping and living space is wonderful I'm older - time to spoil me for on one else will 😊 Have a friend who believe me to be a Cabin Snob .
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