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  1. Did not see any of these cabins on M-Class spread sheet. Forward on deck 9 (9002-9025). Seems like noise from exercise area above would be problem? Anyone with personal knowledge?
  2. What's the earliest flight time you can book for return to US from Rome (FCO)?
  3. Thanks for feekback. Let me see if I understand you correctly "Kenya was done on-line while on the ship" and visa for Moz was done by the ship for $50 US?
  4. Thanks for excellent feedback Smooth Sailing
  5. I am reading different things pertaining to VISA before hand or upon arrival. Appears that VISA for Americans at least must be obtained no more than 60 prior to arrival and costs in neighor hood of $160. Will some with recent personal experience please share their information.
  6. Thanks for feedback. I am good on India. Interested in experience based feedback on Seychelles and Africa Countries (Kenya, etc).
  7. Thanks Still like to hear from others with recent travel experience to these countries. Cincyal
  8. Thanks for feedback. $1,000 seems very high, there must be significant "handling" fee. Smooth Sailing
  9. Anyone with recent personal experience with Visas for American Citizens for Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa. Websites seem to give conflicting info. Particularly interested if "upon arrival" visas are option from ship.
  10. I understand limited Wi-Fi ashore, how is it from ship in various ports and while sailing between ports. THANKS
  11. Rangoon is a wonderful stop. See city night and day. Plan on at least 90 minutes from port to the city. Visit trip advisor to get a complete list of most see sights.
  12. Journey will depart for Havana today from Terminal J.
  13. Another vote for Radisson Blu at V & A waterfront. Found area to be very safe and enjoyed the dining and shopping options.
  14. Yes it's very unprofessional and out of character that a cruise line with outstanding reputation for service as done such a poor job with Cuba in general. With only 3 ships, the planning and attention to detail is not that complex. We sail in 50 days, so will be reading posts from January/February cruises very closely. Happy New Year.
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