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  1. Happy New Year to my fellow seamstresses! ❤️❤️❤️
  2. I tried something new today! I used stretch lace to make a pencil skirt. I have never worked with lace, but I had a vision when I saw this one at Hobby Lobby. So, I bought a yard for $5. I lined it with nude swim lining that I had in my stash and did the waist band out of leftover black ponte knit from a previous sew. I still have to hem it, but I am very pleased with the look and fit. The lace is on the heavy side, so the swim lining kept it from being ridiculously heavy. Lisa
  3. What is everyone sewing this month? I finished up the Christmas gifts with bowl cozies that are microwave safe and 11” Christmas Trees. Now it’s on to sewing skirts for my cruise next month. Lisa
  4. This is the free pattern I used for the scarves. I adjusted the pocket size to accommodate large cell phones. There is a video at the bottom that shows how to sew this one and turn it right side out. https://www.patternsforpirates.com/product/free-pocket-infinity-scarf/ Lisa
  5. The alternate fabric is an 8 inch x 8 inch pocket. The scarf is not fully lined.
  6. Exactly that! And I am making them as Christmas gifts. Here are some that I made last weekend. Lisa
  7. Oh yes, the water was cold and the air temperature was around 50 degrees with 15mph wind. Breezy and Chilly. Morning races were in the upper 20's, so really happy we raced at 6:10pm. My clothes were soaked, so once we got the boat put up I stripped down to my sports bra and panties to put on sweats. Brrr...Hannah was a little surprised that I got changed in front of everyone. I was frozen and didn't care. Current project is flannel infinity scarves with 8inch zipper pockets. Yes, I am trying my hand at wovens. 😲 Lisa
  8. Pcur, great job on the top! I did my rowing race on Saturday, so now I have time to sew again. I trained really hard for 6 weeks and we had a personal best time. Hannah and I both happy and pretty sore after racing 5k on the very choppy Tennessee River in Chattanooga. I am wearing the purple shorts I made with fabric I ordered from Mood. The color matched Hannah’s Clemson purple shorts perfectly. I am the one with the number on my back in bow seat. Yes, we race with our backs facing the direction we are going. The person in bow seat of sculling boats is responsible for calling steering commands. Lisa
  9. Thanks! We are Rowing for the Cure this season, so ditching our regular black, red, and yellow uniforms for Pink. I prefer the pink and purple. I will have Walt take pictures when I have everything. Lisa
  10. Thanks Everyone! For the next month I am in full training for The Head of the Hooch Rowing Regatta in Chattanooga, TN, so there will be very little sewing in October. The only thing I need to make are purple rowing shorts. My double partner and I are wearing these shirts this season with purple shorts. Hannah rowed at Clemson, so she is wearing her college shorts. I ordered fabric from Mood to make mine. Oh, we Row for Atomic Rowing in Oak Ridge, TN, the secret city from WWII. Lisa
  11. We had a fantastic cruise and managed to take a few pictures of my creations. We were having so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. Lisa
  12. We found out yesterday evening that we are not going to Bermuda...YAY!!!! I have a tendency to get sea sick, so the thought of dealing with the rough ride to Bermuda was worrisome. We are now going to Princess Cays and Nassau. It will be our first time to Princess' private island and we are there from 7am to 5pm. In Nassau we are staying on the ship and making it a pool day. My outlook is, I am on vacation and this itinerary is still better than a week at the office. Carnival gave us a 25% FCC, which makes me happy. We have 3 cruises booked in the window to use it, so I will apply it to our Carnival Mardi Gras cruise once we get back. Ok, now it's time to finish packing and head to Charleston. I hope y'all have a fabulous week of sewing and post your creations. Y'all inspire me to sew more and more. ❤️ Lisa
  13. Carnival Sunshine, departing September 22nd, is now going to Princess Caye and over-nighting in Nassau. Official per John Heald's post a few minutes ago. Lisa
  14. We are also on the Carnival Sunshine leaving Charleston on Sunday for Bermuda on Wednesday and Thursday. My husband and I are referring to this as our Mystery Cruise. We don't know where we will end up going, but we will have fun no matter what. Thank you for all the updates! 🙂 Lisa
  15. I am off from work tomorrow, so I will be adding a few warmer things to my luggage. I am also throwing snorkeling gear in the trunk. If we find out on Saturday or Sunday morning that we are going to the Caribbean, then I can throw it in the luggage. Apparently, 80% of Bermuda is without power from Humberto. I have a strong feeling that we are not going there. Oh well, Walt and I will have fun wherever we end up. 👍 Lisa
  16. I have done a bunch of diving and snorkeling over the decades, and at a minimum I am wearing a rash guard. I also have worn a full body dive skin. Amazon has some fun ones. When I am out on deck or in the water I am covered up. If I am in the shade of the boat, then I hang out in my cute 2-piece. Lisa
  17. Somehow I managed to make 5 more outfits in the last week for the cruise. I have officially stopped sewing for next 2-3 weeks. We are driving to Charleston on Saturday and board the ship on Sunday. I plan on having Walt take lots of pictures of me in the me-made garments and will post when we get back. We are supposed to be in Bermuda on the 25th and 26th, but we shall see. My fingers are crossed for Bermuda, but I will be happy and stylin' wherever we end up. Happy Sewing, Lisa
  18. I think my issue has been a lack of confidence in my sewing ability when I bought a bunch of the fabric 1-3 years ago. I am a much better seamstress now, and have been using the fabric I have been purchasing this year within a month. So, now I am on a buying hiatus to work my way through some of these gorgeous fabrics that I was too nervous to cut into. The money I am saving can go towards excursions for our January cruise. Once I get through 75% of my stash, I am putting myself on a monthly fabric budget. Lisa
  19. Yay! That is wonderful news! We set sail out of Charleston, SC on September 22nd, so next weekend I will be calling the hotel to make sure that they are operational. City of Charleston is reporting that 95% of power outages will be restored by tomorrow night, so unless there is physical damage to the hotel we are good to go. Initially we booked the cruise that leaves on Monday, September 9th. I changed the date since one of my co-workers has a grand-baby due next week and wanted to take some time off too. I am sooooo glad I moved it out two weeks. Now my fingers are crossed that nothing comes near Charleston for the rest of the month. On to sewing. Nothing exciting this weekend. I am sewing up some pj shorts out of scrap fabrics from older projects. I am trying really hard to put a dent in my fabric stash and not order any new fabric until the stash on my credenza is cleared. Oh boy...self restraint when it comes to fabric????🤣 Have a great weekend! Lisa
  20. And the fourth and final garment from my insane sewing marathon this weekend. Lisa
  21. I created 2 more yesterday and it took all day. I tend to work on a piece for 3 hours and then take an hour break. The pant length romper took the most time to make, but I love it and will sew more. Fabric are both ITY knits from LA Finch Fabrics. As you can tell, I bought all of their tropical prints that were on end of bolt clearance. All garments that I have made in the past 6 weeks have cost between $12 and $20 in high quality fabric. For comparison, the tall pant length rompers I bought from a ready to wear store cost $120 and I still had to do some tailoring on them. The red romper was about $16 for 3 yards of fabric. Lisa
  22. I hope everything works out ok with your condo. Stay safe. Lisa
  23. Weekend Goal: 4 garments in 3 days. I started at 8:30 this morning and finished one and started number 2. Everything I make this weekend is for our cruise in 3 weeks. Lisa
  24. Here is the romper I made last weekend...will be coming on our cruise next month. Lisa
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