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  1. Athankfulheart

    Connecting rooms, connecting balconies?

    Some balconies connect but there isn't really a pattern to it. At the travel agent page we can see which cabins connect. Try googling "goccl Carnival breeze deck 2 " and click on the page that says stateroom descriptions. Look for your cabins and see if there is a note about a connecting balcony. It will say " Balcony partition connects to: cabin number"
  2. Athankfulheart

    Cancel or postpone our cruise

    Insurance should reimburse % of non refundable fare. You shouldnt lose much by cancelling if the non refundable portion is $500 ? Wishing you the best outcome.
  3. Athankfulheart

    Question for the Ladies

    I would buy them either day pass to the thermal suites or a weekly pass ( weekly pass can be bought online ahead of time but will show up on the billing section of your statement. Daily pass must be purchased aboard ship). A daily pass is around $40ea. If you felt like they would really enjoy a facial or something then you could add that. I agree with those who say to schedule dinner a bit later in the evening.
  4. Do you happen to have the Fun times from the last sea day ? I can't find it in your review. Thanks for all the helpful information !
  5. Athankfulheart

    Keeping Items Secure At The Beach

    I use a waterproof arm band for lots of excursions so I can travel light. It has been nice using the Cool bag for a beach day because I can enjoy myself in the water without extra stuff around my neck or my arm. I feel confident to go far from my bag for long periods of time without thinking about it. The bright color makes my spot easy to see when I have floated a long way down a very crowded beach or returned from a walk. No bag is going to stop a determined thief with the tools, time and privacy to break in, but what we are going for is deterring the casual opportunist thief. There are additional benefits such as saving your pair of loungers by locking your bag around both. It has prevented us from coming back to find 1 lounger with all our stuff left on it.
  6. Athankfulheart

    Keeping Items Secure At The Beach

    We had a KYSS bag for a few years and I honestly never felt like it was very secure. After a few trips, the top seam started to pull apart, rendering the bag completely unsecured. Since that time I have been using a CoolBag (Gen 2) and am really happy with it ! It is better thought out that the KYSS bag and feels more secure. I have a lime green color but they come in several choices. The Gen 2 has improvements over the gen 1 and I would recommend the 2. https://www.amazon.com/CoolBag-Locking-Anti-Theft-Insulated-Compartment/dp/B074G4MXGB/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1547157380&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=cool+bag+gen+2&psc=1
  7. Athankfulheart

    Any tips on spa cabins

    I was in 11212 on the Breeze this past March and didn't hear a sound all week.
  8. Athankfulheart

    Any tips on spa cabins

    This is exactly what I was going to say.
  9. Athankfulheart

    Amenity points for group on Carnival

    In my experience, the best use of a point is obc. Sometimes its a great deal to buy an extra point. Even though a tote bag is a point, I dont find it worth the $20 value (if you got obc instead) I booked a group last week and bought them an extra point ($14 per cabin) and raised our obc from (4) $75 to (5)$100. BTW, agents have until final pmt to call and lock in your amenity choice.
  10. Athankfulheart

    Why won’t Vista let me have a king size bed?

    The work around. The 2nd ladder would be on the broad side of the other upper and is probably just out of the picture. Just ask when you meet your cabin attendant or leave a note on the bed.
  11. At the agency that I work with, we process CC pmts directly to Carnival either on the web interface , at carnival's agent site or over the phone and we use Amex all the time. Checks would be written to the agency and then paid to Carnival via the agency. If you really want to stay with your agent, I would recommend booking directly with Carnival for your deposit and then calling and transferring your booking to the agent of your choosing.
  12. Athankfulheart

    Cruise Excursions Changed on Carnival.com

    My best guess is that the excursion fell through and its totally not available anymore. I would check back in the coming weeks before considering it a complete loss though.
  13. Athankfulheart

    Last minute cruise

    Personally, I wouldnt wait. They will ramp up thier upgrade offers, move those people out of the cheapest cabins and then sell those lower end cabins again finishing up with locals deals. If you really want to go then Id book now.
  14. Athankfulheart

    Dream Dec 16th - 23rd Rooftop Parking / Mystery Door

    Thanks for the review. I would also have been concerned about the lack of attention to a lone bag or package. I'd be concerned that while not likely, this could be someones test run. The fact that they didnt deal with it doesnt bode well in that case. Id venture to say that odds of someone just leaving their purse behind are low. Its good to hear about the serenity refresher. We havent sailed on the dream since 2014 so Im looking fwd to seeing her in Feb !