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  1. Athankfulheart

    Seafood Shack on the Dream?

    I came across this on another forum today.
  2. Athankfulheart

    Here's why Passports & Insurance

    We use a primary pay travel insurance because we aren't big consumers of medical care at present and doing so keeps us from having to deal with our huge deductible on our regular health insurance should we need care while on our trip. I think most if not all "primary" travel policies include advance pay for hospital admissions.
  3. Athankfulheart

    Pressing a suit

    It isn't much at all since it only costs $8 to dry clean a 2pc suit and pressing only is a % of that price. You do have to plan ahead if you don't want to pay "express" charges. I believe but not positive that it is in by 9am and back by 5pm the NEXT day.
  4. Athankfulheart

    What did you learn on your last Carnival cruise?

    We save a couple from the dive in movie and hang onto them til the last night 🙃
  5. Athankfulheart

    Boarding pass

    I was just about to post the same.
  6. Water shoes are a good idea and can be found on Amazon pretty inexpensively at any time of year. Lanyards make a fun stocking stuffer and you can find the perfect design for any style on Amazon. A few years back I got all my guys a new one and found the perfect one for each, from the Whovians to the super hero fan. The hotel room route to keeping Atlantis reasonable is a great suggestion. Our family has been cruising once or twice a year for the past 10 years and done dozens of various excursions. My kids range in age from 11-26 now. Most would tell you that a simple beach day is their favorite.
  7. Athankfulheart

    Belize Goff’s Caye excursion cancelled?

    Goff's Caye hasn't been an option for our Feb sailing. It's possible that they lost a contractor something... I book all mine independently, but watch the carnival excursions for sailing companions who prefer to book that way.
  8. Athankfulheart

    Packing Cubes

    We have been using packing cubes for years now and I love them. We gradually grew our collection in different colors from Ebags (their brand) and all have held up well. Eventually we had a set for each member of the family (2 sm,med,lg) plus a few of the long skinny ones as well. I like that we can set them right into drawers in a hotel or on a ship. I also like that if my bags are "screened" that I know that every single item hasn't been handled and its impossible to make a mess of my bag. We did ziplock bag outfits for years for trips, travel and even camping. At some point my children's outfit began to outgrow the baggies and I began packing in cubes like I used for my husband and I. We generally roll the clothing, but there are certain items that we set atop the rolls. If we have a pitstop night along the way to the port we will pack for that night's clothing in one cube and just take that in to the hotel along with the toiletry bags. We have been packing our family in one Ebags TLS Motherlode convertible backpack each, for years. Over the years our family is getting smaller as half the children are grown adults now, but we still use our packs and cubes. Ebags makes high quality travel gear for reasonable prices.
  9. Athankfulheart

    Packing Cubes

    Another thumbs up from a long-time packing cubes user. I started using them with just my husband and I long ago and eventually moved to packing for our whole family of 10 with them. I do many of the things that others have shared in previous replies. In our family we use a different color/design for each person and we got them all from Ebags. Ordinarily we travel using one TLS Motherlode Weekender Convertible backpack because they fly well by always fitting under the seat. Packing cubes help us fit a tremendous amount of items inside. They have only made 10 different colors over the years and we still have one of each. Their house brand goods last forever ! On occasion and when we are driving to port, my husband and I will toss all our cubes into one spinner case. Nothing in our bags is loose, minus a hoodie/jacket folded in the back pocket of our bags.
  10. Athankfulheart

    Accessing Nest App

    We have used the internet for many things and tried to use it with our Vivint app on the Breeze last year and never got it to work right. I had never had trouble with surfing, facebook and even messenger calls in the past ( including the Breeze) but I never got the Vivint app to work. I wound up going to GS on the 2nd day and asking for a refund because since I had my entire family with me, the only reason I paid for internet on that cruise was to keep an eye on my house and animals.
  11. Athankfulheart

    Room service right after embarkation?

    We almost always order cookies before sail away (while we are unpacking) and I can't remember being turned down once. My vote is call RS and see what happens.
  12. Athankfulheart

    Breeze with kids....

    I have a rule sheet on my laptop, but here is what I remember off the top of my head. We use a buddy system at all times and I only allow independence to children who I know can handle the responsability. I also inspect what I expect. No crossing the ship through "cabin only" decks You in nobodys cabin/nobody in yours When inside cabin, lock the door Order only what you will finish and remember to tip room service Remember your manners including elevators (my kids have been trained at home and know what this entails) Climbing and running only in sports areas Break the check in agreement and hang with mom and dad for 24hrs, which could be akward at times. Double points for making a crabby person smile Sent from my SM-N920V using Forums mobile app
  13. Athankfulheart

    How strict is final payment date...

    Check the trip insurance website because you may still be eligible for the "work reasons" insurance since it is before final pmt. Options will be fewer and cost may be more, but you should still be able to find that option. Then if you need to cancel, you just need evidence that your vacay was approved when you booked but circumstances have changed. Sent from my SM-N920V using Forums mobile app
  14. Athankfulheart

    handicap check in ?

    When I have traveled with a relative in a scooter, she was pulled out of the beginning of the line (along with the others in her cabin) and rerouted around the line. When thinking about it, I cant ever remember sharing the line with anyone in a chair or scooter. It makes sense that they would reroute folks in chairs if the space is tight. Seems like more a logistics concern than "special treatment" . Sent from my SM-N920V using Forums mobile app
  15. Athankfulheart

    Cloud 9 Spa Balcony (Breeze)

    We love spa cabins and stay on deck 11 often. If its the same or less to get that as it is to get a lido deck cabin (plus passes) then we do it every time. We also book our kids cabins up there with our own. I wouldnt like staying in a deck 12 balcony because it is uncovered. The spa management have tramsferred our kids cabin access to friends who were sailing with us in non spa cabin's every time we have asked, so keep in mind that is always worth asking for. We feel a lot less pressure to "get our money worth" when we stay in a spa cabin vs staying elsewhere and buying a couples pass. Also, being so close to the spa, we find that we do use the facility more often. I find that the Tpool is worth the entire price of admission because I like to soak but dont love crowds and chaos. They do not offer to sell you anything when using thermal suites. Actually, I have noticed that the selling is almost non existent nowadays when you do purchase spa treatments, which is a great thing. In the past I just inform them up front that I dont intend to make any additional purchases and I never heard another word about it. Sent from my SM-N920V using Forums mobile app