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  1. This will only work for a double cabin, since they allow singles to book these cabins. I don't see a way to make it work for a triple or quad. Also, you need to put the second person in reasonably far ahead of time so that your ship doesn't run out of space for 2nd passenger. Depending upon the ship and the week that it sails, this can even happen before final payment, although it isn't highly likely. If you stay on top of how sold your sailing is, then you shouldn't have an issue.
  2. I have been a part of many roll calls, but this is the first I have heard of a "mailbox drop". When you have a spare moment, would you explain how this worked ? Thanks !
  3. I always view the rate plus obc as one number and compare for price matching that way. So if your rate is 1000 with a 50obc - count that as 950 for comparison. If the rate you are looking at matching is 950 with 50 obc then you are comparing 950 to 900 and the new rate wins 😃 .
  4. Its as easy for your TA to enter a GC as it is a CC. From experience, I can tell you that it is quicker for you to send an email with the numbers than it is with a photo of the card, but that is just if you want to be nice to your TA 😀. Some of my people keep thier GC info in a spreadsheet and they just send me the SS. I copy and paste to make pmts and then update thier SS to show that the GC was used on booking XYZ on 123 date, save and send it back to them.
  5. I'm a TA. I put people on the waiting list for anytime dining, so I know that it exists. I just had one buy FTTF at 7 weeks out from sailing and the next morning they were moved off the wait-list from late to ATD. It seems as if the OP may have booked just after the dining times were finalized. At this point I would just do like others have suggested and make a friendly visit to the MD and explain the situation. I am sure he will do the very best he can to make it work.
  6. We always carry on our own bags. They consist of one 22" Fortis Pro each as well as one mid-sized backpack each along with one 2 bottle wine tote. It is super simple even for people who aren't in the greatest physical shape. On one recent cruise we took one large 29" suitcase instead of the two and it fit through scanners just fine. We prefer the two smaller bags over the one large, but the scanners will work fine with the stated luggage size limits on the carnival website. Don't let porters worry you. I just nicely tell them that I checked the rules and it is fine, thanks. Its no hassle to roll a bag along next to me and the benefits of keeping it with me are many 😃 Checking bags gives me something to worry about and takes control of the timing of my day away from me.
  7. Have something small delivered by the fun shops each day. You can set this up from your carnival account. Cookies, candy, a beach towel, etc...
  8. Agreed . When individuals start being held responsible for their actions, you will see changes. That includes the people who did it, the people who gave the orders and any who covered it up. It would be foolish to ban them from dock in, which would cost every US port a major loss of income. This would affect scores of peoples livelihood from the port itself to suppliers, hoteliers etc etc.
  9. I can see both sides. I have never been wild about spending time with bunches of people. My husband has always been a more-is-merrier people person. His tank is filled in the same environment where mine is quickly emptied. Spending time as a couple over the years, we have found a balance that works for us both. As we get older, my husband has spent much more time on my side of this spectrum and likes it over here 😉so we spend less and less time doing anything but just hanging together in a quiet space. We get a variety of staterooms including insides when the need dictates. When we have an inside, we find quiet spaces to spend our sea days, even if that means waking up earlier than we would like, so save our spot with one of our rear ends 😊. Actually, there are times we have a balcony and still spend a sea day on the serenity deck. We like the occasional people watching on lido or sitting for a few songs at karaoke. We a show or comedy if I find a seat where I'm not buried in people, but in general we sail for the sea and time alone together. With that said, I think the only time we would stay in our cabin the whole week, including meals, would be if we were sick or injured. Unless you were posted in the hallway the whole week you really can't know that they were in thier cabin all week long. A couple kids playing video games for a few hours on a sea day can eat a lot of food (dishes).
  10. There is a little more info here. Looks like she is back in the US. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/crime/2019/03/29/madison-cruise-ship-passenger-facing-gun-charge-cayman-islands/3145338002/
  11. I have two Bostons, and I love them. I would NOT take them on a cruise. I also wouldn't sail on a cruise for/with dogs. * I don't have any issues with service dogs.
  12. The site is outdated and not secure. That is why I have not purchased pillows yet. That and I don't feel like calling the phone number I found on the site LOL
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