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  1. Hi Ray Tried replying to your e mail, but it wouldn't deliver. However, SirWolf has given you the info. In case the site throws a wobbly, the root name is https://www.eta.gov.lk/slvisa/ and you can navigate from there. You want the single entry transit visa which is free (as shown on the list of fees). Simon
  2. The only comment I'd make regarding JB's info, is that the price of the HEX and Paddington to Exeter return, could be a fair bit more than an extra days car hire from Heathrow. The National Rail site is throwing a wobbly at the minute and won't let me check the prices(!), but it might be worth doing a dummy booking for car all the way vs. train and car just to see if there is a significant difference. Simon
  3. Skoobdo has given you practical advice. However, from a cultural point of view, the only place you need to be 'conservative' is when visiting places of worship...obviously mainly mosques in Dubai. Women should have covered arms and legs and a head covering (scarf etc) and to be honest, men should be covered up too. Anywhere else, you can more or less wear what you want. It seemed very odd to be walking round the malls and see ladies in full burka etc (with designer trainers poking out underneath!), alongside girls in shorts and halter neck tops which left little to the imagination! Simon
  4. Hi Steve, It is not easy to get a good photo of the Burj al Arab. On the HOHO, it is surrounded by building/ trees etc and from the Palm monorail, you are quite a long way away and there are lots of tress and lamp posts flashing by which get in the way. I took about 10 photos from the monorail and only got one decent shot. This is from the monorail and these are from the HOHO We didn't do the ferry, so I've no idea what the view from that is like. Hope this helps. Simon
  5. In your cabin Pete, you've really got to hope Paul the plumber doesn't appear with his plunger!! (All this illiteration is making my brain hurt!😁) Simon
  6. As far as I can remember on that trans Pacific cruise, the ‘body’ was kept in the morgue and then removed at the next port of call that had the facilities to repatriate the body, so it might not have happened at the next port if it was a small island, but wait until we got to a sizeable place. Simon
  7. We did a Princess trans pacific about 13 years ago now, (Sydney to LA) and on that 29 day cruise, which admittedly had an older demographic, 6 people died. We were chatting to one guy in his 80's and his attitude was " I can either sit at home and vegitate, or come on a cruise and enjoy myself and if I die, its someone elses problem!" Simon
  8. Wow, who’d have thought floods in a desert! In the UK it’s been raining since September and everywhere is waterlogged. A guy I know grows potatoes for Walkers crisps and they are crying out for spuds, but ‘cos it is so wet, none of the farmers can get machinery on to the fields. Simon
  9. If you look on line, you will find the maps of the routes of the two companies. From memory, they are pretty similar. We picked Big Bus because, as we were there 5 days, they had extra perks in the 5 day ticket, like a side trip to Salaha(sp?), and I think whatever ticket you buy you get a cruise around the marina area included. A lot depends on how long you are in Dubai for. Have a look at their websites and see which deal works for you. We loved Dubai...it’s so clean!!! Just thought, when getting on the top deck of the bus, try and get a seat under the awning...the sun is mighty powerful out there! Simon
  10. Hi Anne We stopped at the HI for the last week of December 2018 and New Years Eve. I actually picked the hotel so we could see the NYE fireworks at Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and Atlantis from the rooftop pool, but when we got there they asked if we wanted to join their rooftop party...for £125 each!!! So we watched the fireworks from the road outside with about 200 locals! Anyway, the hotel is fine...its a Holiday Inn! We got the bed and breakfast deal which worked out really well. Big breakfast in the morning and we normally ate out somewhere in the evening. Its a 200 yd walk from Sharaf DG metro stop (one of the reasons we picked it, as we could go straight there on the metro from the airport) and a 10 minute walk to the Mall of Emirates. In the bottom level of MoE is where the HOHO buses have an interchange between routes. There is the City Sightseeing bus and Big Bus. We picked Big Bus 'cos at the time they had a better deal on a 5 day ticket. As we had the 5 day ticket, we used the bus just for getting around (eg up to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa area). It takes about 10 minutes to get up to Dubai Mall on the HOHO and Big Bus also have a route that goes south to the Marina area. If you decide to use either of the buses, let me know as they pick up at different places in the MoE. The MoE has a food court and a couple of chain restaurants (eg TGIFridays overlooking the ski slope) and we quite often ate there. If you are interested in gardens, you can get the bus from the MoE bus station to the Miracle Gardens...one of our favourite things in Dubai. There are always taxis waiting outside the hotel if you want to go that route, and they are pretty cheap too. A guy took us from Dubai to our next hotel in Abu Dhabi for £56! In conclusion, no problems with the HI and I'd stop there again. If you have any specific questions, ask away. Simon
  11. No dock at Phuket, so she will almost certainly tender in Patong Bay. If you put 7°53'10.05"N, 98°17'20.95"E into Google Earth you can see the two piers. Simon
  12. Can't find any direct flights...best bet is Alicante - LGW for about £120 return and take the train to Southampton. Simon
  13. Last January we used https://www.tourwithlijo.com/ after recommendations on these boards. We did 'Mumbai as a local' and the 'Cochin backwaters' tours...both very good and miles cheaper than similar tours offered by Celeb. Many of us on our roll call went with Lijo and I'd certainly recommend him. Simon
  14. That comes up as an invalid code smokey, but thanks anyway. I've used Jean's to get 5% off. Simon
  15. Get the Picadilly line from LHR. Get out at Hammersmith or Barons Court, then you just have to walk across the platform to get the District line train (no steps!). Get off at Westminster and change to the Jubilee line (disabled access, so should be lifts[elevators]) and go one stop to Waterloo...again disabled access, so should be lifts to street level. Simn
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