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  1. Glad you managed to negotiate our wonderful road system with no major incidents. The west country can be challenging (perhaps you should have tried Porlock Hill!), but much prettier than going up and down the motorways. For future reference, if you are not keen on roundabouts, don't visit Milton Keynes. Its built on a grid system (like many US cities), but instead of traffic lights at each intersection, there is a roundabout. If I remember correctly, there are currently 130 in the town! Of course, you might like to head to Swindon and try the 'magic roundabout' (named after a childrens tv programme). This is 5 mini roundabouts round a central roundabout and because of the way it works, you actually go round the central roundabout the wrong way! All good fun! Simon
  2. sddsddean

    Hotel Singapore

    Connie will dock at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. That said, there is no need to limit yourself to hotels near there. Transport is a breeze, whether its the metro or taxis. We stayed at the Fairmont (10min taxi ride from the cruise centre), which is on top of City Hall metro station, a massive mall with loads of eateries and you can also walk underground to the Suntec Centre (which is another mall) which is where the HOHO buses operate from. We really liked it. City Hall metro is also on the line that serves Changi airport, so thats easy to get to/from too. Simon PS We spent 4 days there...no where near enough time!
  3. You are not going for surgery! Its Saint Pancras.😁 Simon
  4. Thanks for that. They've obviously changed the system since we were last on P&O. Simon
  5. Just printed off our tags for our cruise in Nov. Noticed it says " Do not remove. This label is for embarkation and disembarkation". How does that work? The ship can't know what time I want to get off (as is the case with most passengers). Anyone any experience of this? Don't they do 'disembarkation' tags any more? Simon
  6. Have a look at Lijo Jose's site. He organises trips for cruise ship passengers at all Indian ports and does a trip to Agra. We used him in Mumbai and Cochin this year. Nice bloke and good service...despite having his home wrecked by the Kerala floods in November last year! https://www.tourwithlijo.com/ Simon
  7. We were wondering if her name will be shared by RCI with other lines so she can't go on any cruises. Don't know if they share that info as a matter of course, or only if asked (or does the dreaded Data Protection come into force!). Simon
  8. Let you know in 8 weeks when we're back!! Simon
  9. On top of your head...like everyone else who forgets where they put them!! Simon
  10. Same as. I don't think my wife even owns a handbag! I just go out in the evening with lipstick, tissue, seapass in my pockets. Simon
  11. That's how it reads, but the A34 around Botley is extremely busy at the best of times. I'd allow at least an extra half an hour for queuing into the lane drop. Simon
  12. How was your yachting trip JB? Not too rough I hope 😉. Simon
  13. Yes, that shouldn't be a problem. Walk off starts about 0700, but as long as you are off by 0845, you should be OK. Here is a map https://www.google.com/maps/dir/50.9000384,-1.4139792/National+Express/@50.9025382,-1.4126453,1195m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x0:0x2905675d608e9709!2m2!1d-1.4089322!2d50.9060757!3e2 Just follow the blue dots! When you come out of the port at Dock Gate 8 (between Mayflower Park and the Holiday Inn), turn sharp left through the Holiday Inn car park to cut the corner. Don't forget when booking your tickets to specify which terminal you need at LHR. T5 and T4 have their own stops outside, T3 and T2 will drop you at the Central Bus station, about 10 min walk to the terminals. Simon
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