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  1. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Winchester last year (not cruise related) and I noticed they did a 'stay, park and ride' to the cruise port, but I don't know how much it is...just giving you options! Simon
  2. Sorry old man, having trouble following your banter! Simon
  3. If you are planning on visiting several towns and villages for your research, I would think a hire car would be a better bet. Although you can get around major towns by rail, most small towns and villages no longer have stations, often have infrequent bus services and taxi fares can be quite high. Hiring a car would give you a lot more flexibility. JB will be able to give you more info on car hire from Southampton as he lives down that way! Just my thoughts. Simon
  4. There is no direct train from LHR to Southampton. Best (and cheapest) way is to use the National Express coach https://www.nationalexpress.com/en They pick up from outside T5 and T4, but if you use the other terminals you will have a 10 min easy walk to the Central Bus Station (well signposted). The coaches run direct to Southampton Coach station (usually with a stop in Winchester) and take about 2hrs 15mins. Cost is around £15pp, but can be as low £5! The coaches are comfortable and usually have a loo on board and free wifi...luggage is effectively unrestricted, especially if you are travelling with an airline baggage allowance! We normally say book the coach about 2 hrs after your arrival time (to allow for customs etc), but if you were delayed, you can go to the National Express office in the terminal and re book for £5. According to which hotel you are thinking of, you might even be able to walk from the coach station to the hotel...check out google maps. On NE's site your departure is 'London Heathrow T?' and arrival 'Southampton Coach station'. Simon
  5. Holding out hope for our 28th Nov cruise...it might end up being the maiden!! That would pee some people off and make others very happy!!😁 Simon
  6. Glad to hear you got all your refunds back. At least you have an idea of what you want to do next year (or the year after!). We've already cancelled our trip down to the West Country at the end of June, but are holding out hopes for our cruise at the end of November...just have to wait and see. When you start your re planning, hopefully, we will all be here to offer advice etc. Simon
  7. On the bright side, there are now plenty of 'troop' ships available if there's a war! Come on Argies...invade the Falklands if you dare!!😁 Simon
  8. We were with Pete on the Arcadia's (infamous) Northern Lights cruise. I did once describe the weather as 'iffy', but 70mph winds, snow, total overcast and 30 foot seas don't really do 'iffy' justice! Having said that, the ship handled it really well, though about 30 people got off in Tromso and flew home. Hopefully 🤞 our next is on the Iona at the end of November. Who knows, it could end up being the maiden! Simon
  9. Humour?! This is outright animosity, tinged with a bit of respect!!😁 Simon
  10. We are halfway between Northampton and Rugby. Much the same situation as everywhere else regarding shops. I did look at doing food delivery for my 91 year old Mum (who lives about 5 miles away), but as said, no slots available. However, she lives in the same road as the lady who runs the village shop, so she shouldn't starve! We are OK for a few weeks, but my wife is going to brave Tesco Mereway (Northampton) tomorrow...don't know how succesful that will be! I'm still working as I'm owner/driver of an 8 wheel tipper truck. All the building sites are still open and at the moment, looks like they will remain so. Being a driver, no need to self isolate as I'm on my own all day! The big difference is the traffic. With lots of people working from home, the roads are empty (like a school holiday...which it now effectively is!). On Friday I was running between Ardley quarry (near M40 J10) to Silverstone and the A43 was like a Sunday morning, whereas a normal Friday afternoon there are queues everywhere, so every cloud etc. Have to wait and see if we keep going or not...time will tell. Simon
  11. Assuming you haven't gone the 'back, sack and crack' route, Brylcreem might help🤪 Simon
  12. It's all peeeing me and my wife off. Everyone complains about how insurance prices are going through the roof, then you find out stuff like: The truck my insurance has hired for me is £800 +VAT/week, but they are charging the other ins.co. £250 +VAT/day...over double! Oh, and if you are VAT registered (like me) I have to pay the VAT and claim it back, so thats twice as much VAT i've got to pay!! They reckon the bill is £11,000(!). 7k parts (when I know they would be less than 2k) and 4k labour. At £50/hr, thats 80 hrs (or 8 10 hr days), but they say they will have it done in 4 days!!! Someone is making lots of money out of this, and it ain't me!!🤬 Simon PS I once had a whole distribution depot drive into the back of my truck...no one believed me either!
  13. Perhaps all the cruise lines will take the ships up to an anchorage at Scapa Flow, invite the German navy to take pot shots, and hope to recoup some of their losses in a big insurance scam! From what I have learnt in the last couple of weeks as to how insurance companies double costs to their advantage at the drop of a hat (due to a my truck having to be fixed after someone reversed into it!), nothing would surprise me any more! Simon
  14. Yes, the station and ferry are next to each other. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.3088415,-4.6290794,673m/data=!3m1!1e3 The station platform is the long curved white roof and the ferry terminal is the silver building above it...2 minute walk (if that!). Simon
  15. “Oh, and I wasn't meaning it to be a big secret as to our event. 😉 LOL! We're doing Duxford and Bovington for our WWI/WWII loving teenager when we first get to England. I know, 2 things in very opposite directions. But he really wants to see them both. Plus, my husband was stationed up near Duxford if the 80's so he wants to see the area up there. “ Can’t argue with going to Duxford...straight up the M11 and a place I love, but then I’m mad on aeroplanes! However, Bovingdon is a good drive. I would suggest rather than going there, visit the Imperial War Museum in London. Lots of great exhibits. Also, as Duxford is part of the IWM, you might get a deal on going to both...check their website. Simon
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