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  1. Another rewards question. I will be using my points for OBC. My cruise is May 18, 2019. When should I request them? I don't want to do it too far in advance in case something happens and I have to cancel our cruise, but don't want to wait till the last minute either. Thanks
  2. I'm following this as I too am claustrophobic and interesting to see what people say about it. Also, how many people are in the room with you? We have a party of 5.
  3. Oh....Thanks for the photos. Looks like it will be big enough for a slim adult on that sofa bed. Hopefully!
  4. Symphony of the Seas Ocean View with Large Balcony 1C Says sleeps up to 4 ppl. There will be 3 adults. (Myself, hubby and adult son) Amenities : Two twin beds that convert to a Royal King (this one for hubby and me) a private balcony sitting area with sofa bed. What exactly does the *sofa bed* mean. Does it mean you sleep on the sofa or does it convert to a actual bed? I assume it does, but just wondering where 4 ppl would sleep. Thanks!
  5. These aren't new facts. I'm well aware. Thank you. oh, and I don't consider myself old.
  6. Exactly. I'm not saying it's not reprehensible of the owner, but if I had to pick one it would pee on the foot rather than drunk peoples vomit. There's a whole lot better chance of drunk vomit than dogs a peeing. Wow that sounds like a 12 days of Christmas add on......10 pups-a-peeing; 11 drunks-a-puking...anyway, I digress. Have a good day all. "Don't pee on my foot and tell me it's raining." -Judy Judy
  7. I agree the owner should be in more control of his dog and his attitude, but OMG, it's just pee. I'd rather be peed on by a dog than vomited on in the elevator by some drunk girl just before our dinner reservation. That was fun. :/
  8. If I bid on the crown loft and Grand suite now and not the Jr. suite or Ultra spacious will I still be able to go back if I decide to bid on those later?
  9. I know you can't choose your cabin if your bid is accepted, but I wonder if you bid on the crown lofts will they likely put you in one that over looks the water or the sports court?
  10. So, do you just call Marriott and tell them you're on Royal caribbean ship and looking to purchase a day pass (in our case for 5)?
  11. When I request my onboard credit I have from my Bank of America visa card can I put a certain amount on my reservation number and also some on my son's reservation number for him to use?
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