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  1. Looking at M- Class ship deck 2 aft inside. Deck plans show that some of the cabins run parallel to the hall way. The layout of the cabin obviously has to be different than the others Where is the bed located in these?? Any help would be great. Thank you all
  2. Considering Reflection for 2021 and as wondering if anyone knows if there are inside cabins that are larger than others?? I remember back a while ago reading that some were larger but can no longer find that information. Anything you all can provide would be helpful!! Thanks.
  3. Spoke to the CC hostess and she indicated that there are over 1200 CC members on board. Last night they started selling drink cards too!! Bars are NOT crowded at all
  4. Never thought I would see the day, but today was the day ! On Eclipse and the picture below is all around the ship for people without the Beverage Pkg. This was left at our door in error, and was delivered to the correct cabin be me. Guess they aren’t making enough $$$ on this sailing (15 day to Hawaii). The other thing that I find strange, is that they claim not to make enough $$ on Bev Pkg so are adding $14 pp per day if you pick as a perk. Let the feed back begin.....
  5. Received this too. It was only a matter of time that the major travel agencies would start to cover the additional $14 pp add on for the beverage pkg. Glad to see that it is starting to happen.
  6. Called Captains Club to find out about the release date for members and they did not know anything about 2021 sailings let alone when the release for CC members would be.
  7. Out of all of this, the single most interesting thing I see is that X is comparing themselves to NCL and what they charge for a beverage pkg !! NCL?? Really?? True, they are the only other major line that offers a pkg as a perk, but NCL????
  8. Don't forget that you will be cruising the coast and when in port you can make calls and have free internet and calling because for all the ports you are in California, except for the onestop in Mexico, where you can get a calling plan from your wireless provider for about $5 a day If you take the $300 obc it will pay all your tips and leave a bit of money for extras
  9. I remember the days when there were NO perks and we all just paid for our drinks and at the end of the cruise got a printout with all our charges. We all just paid on the back end. Now we pay upfront!
  10. Bottom line for me is that if I want to go and pay the extra $14 pp per day then I will. If I choose to go elsewhere, someone else will pay the $14 and be happy with it. When you fly now, if you want the legroom that you use to have you have to pay extra for what we all use to get in a normal plane ticket cost that wes included in the price. Most people grumble about it, which is fine, but we still fly, and people will still cruise, but might choose to not pay extra. To each his/her own. Figure it out with the bev pkg included and the $14 pp and without and then add the Bev pkg and it will still cost you more than if included with the $14. Just my opinion
  11. Remember, when you get the Beverage PKG as a "PERK" the price is reduced and NOT full price. When you purchase on board you pay FULL PRICE with no reduction, so, it will cost you more onboard
  12. The point of the ad is to get people interested in cruising on X. I think that they missed the point. I love the song, and yes I know what it is about. The song on it's own is fine. The song on an ad campaign?? If I didn't know what Eden was, how the hell am I suppose to know that this is on a ship ?? X is trying to convince me that if I sail with them this is how my "TRIP" will be?? I may have the beverage pkg when I sail, but I have never been on a "TRIP" like that on a ship. The pint is to get people to cruise on X, and I think that they missed that point. The print ads actually show more about "life on board" than the TV ad. A hit and a miss in my opinion.
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