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  1. They post points faster than they refund money from a cancelled cruise, for sure!!!
  2. After a vaccine is given it takes about 2 weeks or more for the body to develop its immunity. Then in order to have everyone cruise again it has to be administered to everyone and none of us know how long that will take and what the process will be. Sailing in early November if a vaccine is available in October is wishful thinking IMHO
  3. We are considering a balcony cabin on Emerald deck directly above the shops on the Promenade deck, and wanted to know if there is smoking allowed on that part of the Promenade. We are very sensitive to to it and appriciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you !!
  4. We were booked on Equinox 11 day sailing of New Orleans and Mexico for April 21, 2020. We requested a refund on March 27, 3 days after receiving notification of the cruise being cancelled i called weeks later later requesting a letter for proof of cancellation which I received after a long go around with the rep. Today I called Captains Club and said that it has been 6 weeks and where is mr refund? Found out that they processed it back to credit cards used in 7 payments (I did the deposit and 6 payments). She indicated that the credit card company could take a few days to post. The 30 day thing is BS, plan on 45 and if you have not received it call!! Our friends on the sailing with with us did the same thing and found out there was a problem with their credit card and that’s why they had not received their refund. Had he not called, they never would have known that there was an issue. Glad and to be getting our $$$ back
  5. Well, just off the phone with Captains Club and have never felt like this before. So frustrated!! I received a call regarding an email I had sent asking about the refund process. I mentioned that the letter we got from LPP the president of X said 10 days for taxes and port charges and 30 days for the cruise itself. O.K. I can deal with that time frame and understand it, but when I was told " Well, you have to deal with the "REALNESS" of life", I about lost it!! I couldn't believe my ears, that in this time where we are all going through our lives in a way none of us ever imagined, and to be told that!! Then, he continued to state that LPP was wrong to have said that in the letter that we all received, as she had not spoken to the team that is doing all the refunds. WHAT??? So, now it is more like the end of MAY or early JUNE. Double what!!! What a mess this is, and to be told that by X was the last straw for me. Beyond frustrated and upset. They don't know my financial situation. It is my choice to cancel and ask for a refund vs FCC (might be worthless if they don't survive this). Well, had to express my frustration with X, and as loyal X cruiser. At 30 days as LPP's letter states, if I do not have my refund I will file a dispute with my credit card company and use her letter as proof that I am due my refund!!
  6. Spoke to Celebrity today and not very pleased with the response. I asked for a letter or email indicating that they ad received my request for a full refund on our cancelled cruise. The response was not acceptable to me. " We don't have the capacity to issue a confirmation email or letter to you". WHAT?? Well it is only 2020 and IT just can't figure this out yet GIVE ME A BREAK!! So disappointing that ROYAL can't simply sent a confirmation that they have received your request to either take the 100% refund or the FCC
  7. Took the CASH refund! Being a stock holder, and avid Celebrity cruiser, the concern is what the viability of the cruise industry will be. IF, and that's a BIG if, they don't survive and file for bankruptcy, all bets are off on the 125%, because you then become a creditor and the return could be 25 cents on the dollar. Just my opinion
  8. The "so called cabanas" look more like missile silos and if you are looking for peace and quite you won't find it here. The TV runs non stop and the sound is rather loud. Not worth the money
  9. There are some chairs and tables on the deck , but not on the actual lawn. There is NO food service there unless you get your own and bring it. The only way you get food service is if you PAY for one of the private cabanas. There is the sunset bar at the back and stairs to the Oceanview Cafe for food.
  10. Sorry to to report that our friends were on Silhouette and have had ZERO communication from X !! Thery are in the US and I told them about it reading the boards. They are staying in, but heard nothing. Sad
  11. here you go: Liberia Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCCL) is a global cruise holding company incorporated in Liberia and based in Miami, Florida, US. It is the world's second-largest cruise line operator, after Carnival Corporation & plc. As of March 2009, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Royal Caribbean Cruises - Wikipedia
  12. So sad, and on top of that X is not announcing that any of its ships had anyone that got the virus. WHY be so quite??? INFORM
  13. Celebrity has states that if you have a FCC that was presented to you by Celebrity for what ever reason(we have $600 from onboard issues applied to a cruise that will probably get cancelled) they will reissue that to you with a longer cancellation date for you to use. See below from the X website Q: If guests have a Future Cruise Certificate (FCC) that was applied to a sailing we canceled, will the same Cruise with Confidence guidelines apply when booking their new cruise? A: The previous Future Cruise Credit will be reinstated with the previous amount used with the original expiration date or extend the expiration date to October 31, 2020, whichever is further out. If the FCC would now be expired, it will be extended to October 31, 2020. This FCC must be used, and guests must sail by, October 31, 2020. Once re-activated, it can be combined with the Cruise with Confidence certificate on the new booking.
  14. Well Royal just suspended all sailings for their companies for 30 days effective midnight tonight, so your cruise may have just been cancelled
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