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  1. Thank you Zsqueeze1. i have enjoyed your posts and pics ! We are sorry to miss our March trip but hope to reschedule to November. The doctor told our friend that he should not sail for at least a month and he is a good deal of pain. ( not good for enjoying a cruise). So no Explorer for us this week, and I was all packed...🙁😢😢
  2. Thank you Forgap for coming to my defense. Since we were scheduled to sail on March 12th on the Explorer. I thought I could get an idea of how things were going on the Explorer. I truly am sorry if I upset anyone, it was not my intention. and it was sent prior to the ban on Roll Call info, of which this is not a roll call. But u nfortunately, we are having to postpone and cancel this cruise. Our friends who we planned to sail with have had a medical emergency. We will reschedule when he is better.
  3. Thanks for the hand sanitizer info. The US is going nuts over Coronavirus. We are hoping no one comes on with it or has been exposed, cause we are planning on boarding on Wednesday. We took an offered upgrade and plan on hunkering down in our cabin if needed and let the butler take care of us. Our house in Orlando is ready for us to self quarantine when we get back except for fresh produce ( our daughter can pick that up for us and leave it at the front door). it would be interesting to hear how disembarking in Miami goes. Enjoy the rest of your trip, cause it’s crazy here. Many folks who can are telecommuting, if someone coughs or sneezes near you.... schools are being closed in some states. So far Orlando area is okay but with Disney and Universal it is just a matter of time
  4. Hi! Sounds like a relaxing cruise. We join the Explorer on March 12th. I’m just curious if you have noticed anything being done differently or if it is just general sanitizing that has been stepped up due to Coronavirus? I have noticed that a lot of cabins have opened up in the last day or two. Not sure if that is because folks can’t board due to where the have passports or have traveled from or if they are running scared.
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