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  1. Thank you, everyone. We'll take in all comments and tips.
  2. Thinking of booking an Alaskan Cruise late in September. Any comments/tips?
  3. Good to know. Thank you Katwoman007!
  4. Thrak: I've got to be the driver, too. No back seat for me! I've never tried the ear patch but do well with the newer, larger ships. Can't remember when I last felt something. Perhaps I'm maturing lol ... 71 yo. 39 cruises under my belt.
  5. nini: I have stayed away from forward since 1995! We sailed on the SS Fair Princess and had a HUGE cabin (use to be a suite when she sailed for another line) all the way forward and facing the bow. No side windows nor balcony -- just windows facing the bow. There was a step up to the bed area, large bathroom and a grand living area. Thought we were something. Cabin C104. 10-day cruise LA down to Mexico. All was fine till we headed north out of Cabo where the seas were getting rough. Boy, oh boy. I wasn't the only one (and The Captain had to cut the speed way back) but I was so sick all the next day and night heading back to LA. Once back we cancelled a booked cruise on her for Sept 1995!! It was our 5th cruise (first 3 were on Royal Viking cruise line and #4 was on the Royal Princess in 1993). We just took #39 cruise on the Royal Princess -- the Royal in 1993 was just 44,000 tons while the 2019 Royal is 142,229! Where were the stabilizers when I needed them?? lol Still love cruising.
  6. I've not had a problem in mid nor mid-aft nor aft, actually. Not a fan of forward, though. It's all good -- you're At Sea 🙂
  7. Thank you, Astro Flyer. That helps me a lot -- I follow just what you are saying.
  8. Has anyone have an opinion regarding a comparison of the motion on Deck 9 vs (say) Deck 15 on the Regal? I realize the seas actually control the motion 🙂 but all things being equal (like sailing north out of Seattle towards Alaska where that first day usually experiences rougher seas) do you feel a lot more motion on Deck 15 vs Deck 9 -- mid-ship? I don't normally experience seasickness but have felt 'something' when sailing north out of Seattle and wondered if that feeling would be the same if on Deck 9 (which we normally book) or if it would be the same on Deck 15.
  9. Thanks, memoak. Makes sense and works for me.
  10. Yehootu: Power to Mom! Thanks all. Trying to decide if this new promotion is worth the added fare.
  11. On the current Princess promotion including the Premier Beverage Package where both passengers have the package -- is it permissible for one to go up and get two coffees at the same time or do you both have to order individually? One could carry both medallions if need be. Not trying to sneak anything ... both have the package ... just one is seated and one gets the coffee. Same with alcohol. Has anyone experienced this?
  12. Does the World Fresh Marketplace change to the Horizon Court for dinner? And is it similar to dinner options in the Horizon Court like on the Royal, etc?
  13. That's interesting cruise4kicks. Thanks for posting.
  14. We're not talking Cruise Critic Events here -- we're talking a Princess Event. I've seen signs on different ships stating the event is for Platinum, Elite and Suite passengers. And they ask to see your card as you enter. Those not Platinum or Elite or Suite passengers are politely advised that it is a private event. "No it should not" seems a tad harsh when we're just chatting here.....could always be a different way of doing things.
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