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  1. That's interesting cruise4kicks. Thanks for posting.
  2. We're not talking Cruise Critic Events here -- we're talking a Princess Event. I've seen signs on different ships stating the event is for Platinum, Elite and Suite passengers. And they ask to see your card as you enter. Those not Platinum or Elite or Suite passengers are politely advised that it is a private event. "No it should not" seems a tad harsh when we're just chatting here.....could always be a different way of doing things.
  3. I could see that. You go to Club 6, see "Closed...." and figure someone/group has the room for a couple of hours and you move on. Should state what/who the party is for.
  4. Good to know -- thank you. It's makes a difference.
  5. I've read that sometimes ginger ale is used in drinks (like say a Moscow Mule for example) and sometimes people have had ginger beer. Does anyone know if ginger beer is actually stocked now a days or if it is still hit and miss? I like ginger beer in Moscow Mules and Dark & Stormy drinks, myself. We'll be on the Royal soon, if that makes a difference. Maybe you need to ask as you order?
  6. Yes, great photos. Thanks for posting!
  7. Thanks everyone. It will be interesting. 🙂
  8. Does anyone have a recent Suite/Elite evening event menu, including food items and drinks, including cost of drinks?
  9. Thanks all. Good responses and we'll be sure to ask around.
  10. I think both sites have their charm. We've always been to the Old Fisherman's Wharf, so thought if we went to the Coast Guard pier it would be a different view/area. I didn't mean to walk between the two -- so didn't mean .7 miles was a short walk but rather a short distance between the two.
  11. Qcruise: They are about .7 miles apart, so just a short walk. Coast Guard pier is that much closer to The Cannery.
  12. Are you able to get fresh squeezed orange juice onboard (all be it for a cost)?
  13. We've have always been tendered at The Old Fisherman's Wharf but recently I've read this year you are tendered to the Coast Guard pier. Has anyone been there recently (in the past couple of months)? Where did the tender boats take you?
  14. hbrote: That's interesting. We haven't seen any bourbon for years. I guess when you make the exchange for any of the provided liquors we could ask Room Service if there is a bourbon offered? How about Canadian Club -- that use to be in the initial setup. Would it be something anyone has requested in the exchange?
  15. Does anyone know the reason Princess stopped offering Bourbon on the initial Elite Mini Bar setup and/or is Bourbon offered in the exchange?
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