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  1. Thank you SLOlady. I also call Embark Day as Day 1, etc. It's really just when you turn into the Inside Passage if you are calling on Ketchikan first vs when you turn into the Inside Passage if you are calling on Juneau first. The Princess booklet seems to specifically say Day 2 is Cruising the Pacific Ocean if Juneau is first -- and Day 2 is Cruising the Inside Passage if Ketchikan is first. So, I was thinking you turn in earlier if heading to Ketchikan or else why would they have a different Day 2 description.
  2. SLOLady2014: Out of Seattle is the ones we are currently looking at. The first time we sailed north out of Seattle the first evening and most of Day 2 was quite rocky and I was told that it was pretty normal, as they have to go at a good clip and of course it is northbound. Once entering the Inside Passage it is like bath water 🙂 Second time out of Seattle was still pretty rocky. I was just thinking if that could be avoided (Day 2) is would be nicer for me. By the way -- is SLO for San Luis Obispo?
  3. Thanks cruisingrob21 -- good point. I thank you for your input.
  4. Thank you Istone19. The ones I'm looking at are both out of Seattle. When Juneau is the first port, the Day 2 says "Cruising the Pacific Ocean" and on the one where Ketchikan is the first port of call, Day 2 says "Cruising the Inside Passage". I would rather spend Day 2 inside rather than in the Pacific. Both times we were in Alaska, Juneau was our first port and that first full day was a bit rocky. I just thought if they say "cruising the inside passage" it might mean a possibility of less rocking. I knew it wasn't getting into any port the first day -- but if you enter the Inside Passage earlier when calling on Ketchikan first, I thought it might mean something (seeing as they specifically say "cruising the pacific" vs "cruising the Inside Passage".
  5. neverbeenhere -- haha. I know. Been on 38 cruises! Not my question, actually. I know what it 'can be' going straight up to Juneau with a full day at sea, going north in the ocean. The one I was looking at was going directly into the Inside Passage, therefore skipping that possibility. Looking for someone who has done both and what their comments might be.
  6. We've sailed to Alaska before and always our first port was Juneau (meaning the first full day was 'at sea' and can be rough, going north at a good clip. We see there is an itinerary on The Star where the first port is Ketchikan and you get there the first day in the early morning. That sounds a lot better to me, going into the Inside Passage earlier with less 'at sea' in possibly rough waters. Does anyone have an opinion on this?
  7. I dug mine out (from 3/30-4/6 Mexico on The Royal) and indeed our names were there! We got them at check in (not before) and didn't see/check for names. So, yes your names are on them if you don't order/receive prior to sail away date. Sasha-Mom was right! Just needed to look. 🙂
  8. I think they said I was "Invalid" -- meaning my card didn't match my medallian. But my husband was right behind me and waved on through. He found it amusing that I was invalid haha.
  9. Keith: Perhaps since we received ours at check in and not prior, it wasn't imprinted?
  10. We had our first encounter with the Medallion on the Royal recently. Worked well, didn't receive prior to the cruise, opened the cabin door each and every time, was recognized at specialty coffee stand prior to order, etc. Only comment I would have is you can't tell one from another (me and my husband) and once getting off in port I must of had his and when I went through security (with card and Medallion), I got "flagged" and ushered over to a third security person at a computer who asked me cabin #, etc. He then told me it was 'ok' to get off and when I asked what the problem was -- he just said everything is ok, you can get off. After that, I would double check our Medallions prior to leaving the ship by stepping out of the cabin and touching it to the screen and it would say whose it was. We're both Elite and they looked exactly the same to me. Will they always require both the card and the Medallion when getting off?
  11. The Royal seems to have a permanent home at 92 -- not just a particular busy day. I'm thinking it either needs more space (92 being on the 'end' and/or additional boarding ramps are at 92)? Just curious as to the reason.
  12. Why is Princess using Berth 92 (instead of the commonly used Berth 93) for the Royal Princess? All Royal Princess sail outs will be going out of Berth 92 for the foreseeable future. Why the change for this particular ship?
  13. Sorry for the duplicate -- it was buffering for so long, I canceled and reposted but I guess it posted anyway. 😞
  14. Does anyone know if there is a pretty good stock of cameras at the Photo Gallery shop on board the Royal Princess. This will be our first time on the Royal and on previous cruises it seemed the cameras have been largely replaced with GoPro, etc., and away from point and shoot camera and DSLRs. If cameras are available, what brands do they carry? Thank you.
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