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  1. When we last arrived via cruise, the X80 was not yet in operation. Cruisemom is correct in that the walk to the metro is longer than 15 minutes - if memory correctly serves, it took us about 30 minutes walking at a fairly brisk pace. Some in our group opted to purchase bus (#40) tickets at the kiosk and meet us at the metro station - their bus arrived at approximately the same time as we reached the station so taking the bus was a wash in terms of time saved (but very convenient for those that have issues with walking long distances). If the X80 is running when you are there, I believe this would be your best option. If not, the metro is a viable alternative. Info (including port maps) on X80 here: https://www.athenswalkingtours.gr/blog/index.php/2016/06/13/new-bus-line-connection-piraeus-port-to-syntagma-x80-enables-you-to-join-the-athens-walking-tours/ Sounds like the bus might be the easier option since the walk could be quite long to the metro. Thanks for including the link to this info, it was very helpful!
  2. Thanks for the input. Is the Monastiraki station further from the entrance than the Acropolis station? Will need to determine which station is best or if there are main entrances accessible from each. I will be visiting in early Oct, so hopefully it will not be as hot and maybe less crowded. Has anyone visited at that time of year? Are there any other areas of the city a must to see other than the Plaka?
  3. I will be excited to hear what changes are planned! Hopefully in advance of my cruise in Sept 2020.
  4. Doing some preliminary planning for my future Greek Island cruise and am thinking about how best to spend the day in Athens. Google is telling me it is very easy to simply walk from the ship to the Piraeus metro station and take a direct train to the Monastiraki station which would only take about 15 mins and walk from there to the Acropolis. Seems really easy to do via public transport, am I missing anything? I would plan to visit the Acropolis and then spend some time in the surrounding Plaka area before heading back to the ship. Any suggestions or things I should be aware of in my planning? Should I buy advance tickets for the metro and the Acropolis? Would there be an advantage to taking a bus or arranging for a tour either privately or through the cruise line vs just taking the metro on my own? If time allows on my return, would there be anything worth seeing or doing around the port area? The ship will be in port for a full 12 hours, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Lots of questions at this point, so suggestions would be much appreciated as always!
  5. I have read that the Explorer will be going into dry dock sometime during 2020. Does anyone know what type of updates are planned?
  6. Thank you all. I am thinking Valetta will be the choice and settle for Mykonos, Santorini, and Athens for just a taste of Greece.
  7. Hello. I am considering an RCCL 9-day cruise out of Rome on the Rhapsody of the Seas next summer and need to choose between similar itineraries which include Sicily, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, and Naples. The two cruises I am interested in are nearly identical except for one port option. My dilemma is that I cannot choose between a stop in either Chania, Crete which would give me another port in Greece, or Valetta, Malta which I am am sure would offer a very different experience, but perhaps not be focused enough. Not sure which would be the better option with only one day to spend and not looking to venture out from the immediate port areas. Would only Mykonos, Athens and Santorini give me enough of a taste for Greece? Can anyone offer any suggestions or things I should consider to make the best decision?
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