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  1. I was just there last week and used Arubus. It was super easy to find and use. The bus station is directly across the street from the pier. You can buy a round trip pass/card (2 trips) for $5 or an all day pass/card for $10 and ride as much as you want. The bus stops are easy to find. I told our driver where we wanted to go and he dropped us off in the exact spot. The #10, 10A, or 10 B buses all go to all of the popular beaches - Eagle, Palm, etc... 10 and 10A go all the way to Arashi and Boca Catalina. You can google Arubus and see the routes.
  2. I'm just back from San Juan on Freedom of the Seas and used Uber several times while we were there. It was cheap, easy, and quick. I know other people have said that Uber is not really available in San Juan, but I had no problems and I don't even use it at Home. When you arrive at the airport you have to use a Taxi. They don't let Uber Pick up at the airport, but you can go back to the airport on Uber. Our Taxi(Toyota Sienna) from the airport to our Hotel (Hyatt House - about a half mile from Pan American Pier) was $24 for four people with 4 big suitcases. The vans/buses charge $10 per person to take you from the Pier to the Airport. Our Uber Trips: Uber XL (Kia Sorrento) from Hyatt House to La Garita, near El Morro, was $6 Uber (Honda HRV) from La Barrachina to Hyatt House was $6.18 Uber XL (Ford Explorer) from Hyatt House to Pan Am Pier, was $5.62 Uber XL(Kia Sedona) from Pan American Pier back to the airport was $16.40
  3. Thanks for the review and pics. It looks beautiful. We will be on Curacao in two weeks. How much was the taxi each way? Do you know if they charge for the trip or per person?
  4. What about people in the MDR that have the soda pkg? How does that work? Do you have to bring the cup or do they know you have it?
  5. Any recommendations on which beach bar to taxi to and spend the day? Is it just same stuff different color chairs or is one better than the other? Are some more fancy and some more wild? There are 9 of us going in mid June - 7 adults and 2 teens. Just looking for a good laid back vibe - good food, drinks, tunes, sun and sand. The last time 4 of us were on St Martin (10 years ago) we rented a Jeep and drove all the way around the island to Maho Beach and back. There was time left, so we stopped at Orient on our way back and just threw our towels down on the beach near the first parking lot we found. We walked up and down the beach stopping at several beach bars along the way. It was a great time. I'm sure 10 years and a hurricane have changed things. Any suggestions or comparisons from one to the other are greatly appreciated!
  6. Has anyone else gotten away with this? Sounds like it is worth a try!
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