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  1. Some of these responses were kind of harsh. I guess the rest of you have never had to live paycheck to paycheck, and have never gotten behind on things. Templ I hope you have it figured out. It’s awful that this happened - I doubt you would get much of a refund from them this late, too. Could you borrow money from anyone? best of luck to you
  2. Hi Jamie! We have stayed in several aft balconies (they are our favorite!), including one on our recent Bliss cruise. I think you wont be disappointed with an aft. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the wake! Have a great trip
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and tips!
  4. We have an aft balcony on 2/2 as well! Alyssa, great review, thanks for sharing your experience with us!
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